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Odometer Not Working But Speedometer Works: Why It Happens To Your Car?

November 9, 2023

Odometer not working but speedometer works when a vehicle’s instrument cluster displays the wrong mileage, but the digital speed indicator is accurate. The odometer and the speedometer are essential components of any automobile. Although they have completely different functionalities and goals, people still confuse these two instruments. If you know how to use the data collected from the odometer and speedometer, it can bring you numerous advantages. This will help you keep your auto well-maintained, keep track of your services, and also reduce the overall expenses. Therefore, you should know how to distinguish between these two and use all the crucial information in your favor.

What Is the Difference Between An Odometer and A Speedometer

Both the odometer and speedometer are necessary elements for cars. Their proper functioning often determines the accuracy of the data your vehicle is showing you. Sometimes, digital odometer not working but speedometer works, which can be the cause for a number of reasons in cars. However, before we go into the depths of this issue, we must first determine the difference between them.
The speedometer is probably a familiar device to you. It is placed on the panel in front of the driver and shows you the speed of the car. Of course, these numbers are constantly changing as your vehicle’s speed changes. Accordingly, the information given by the speedometer is variable, and every time, it starts counting from the beginning.
As for the odometer, it measures the distance traveled by the automobiles. It displays the measured information in kilometers or miles. Therefore, it has nothing to do with the speed of the car and should not be confused with the speedometer. It should also be noted that the measured distance is not deleted from the system, and each time, the traveled distance is added to the old data. Thus, the odometer always shows you the final total mileage.

Odometer Not Working But Speedometer Works: What Are The Common Causes of Malfunction In Modern VehiclesOdometer Not Working But Speedometer Works: What Are The Most Typical Reasons Why Modern Vehicles Break Down?

Now that you know the difference between an odometer and a speedometer, let’s consider when this can happen.

  • Faulty Odometer Gears: Mechanical gears inside a car’s display panel are frequently used to operate odometers. These moving parts can get worn or broken over time. This usually leads the odometer to fail. Once this occurs, your car continues to indicate your speed correctly, but no miles or kilometers will be accumulated on the odometer. Read about how to fix broken odometer in the previous blog.
  • Damaged cables: Odometers are connected to the panel with a flexible and high-quality cable. Once they are damaged or lose the necessary connection, the odometer will stop working properly. The odometer won’t show any miles, but the speedometer will continue operating as usual.
  • Digital Odometer Malfunction: Most modern automobiles are equipped with digital odometers. Admittedly, this makes them less vulnerable to physical damage, although a technical fault may be detected. In such cases, your car’s digital odometer not working but speedometer works. Can digital odometers be tempered?- Read the guide.
  • Automobile Odometer Fraud: This certainly interferes with the operation of the odometer and causes a number of problems. However, this does not damage the speedometer. Thus, odometer fraud can be one of the reasons that prevents your odometer from working, although the speedometer continues to work.

Can Odometer Issues Cause Speedometer Malfunctioning?

Correct operation of the system largely determines the functioning of the odometer. As you have already seen, many circumstances can affect the final result. Hence, there are various ways that can change the mileage information in a vehicle and display faulty data. As you know why sometimes odometer not working but speedometer work, it is time to determine if the odometer can stop the speedometer or cause malfunction.
Odometers are separate element tools that track and calculate total mileage. It does not correlate with the speedometer at the functionality level. Have you ever wondered whether the odometer issue could trigger a speedometer breakdown? No, The odometer cannot affect the speedometer enough to cause it to fail. Therefore, if your mileage is not accurate, don’t worry about the speedometer and fix the existing issue immediately. Calculating mileage help to manage your automobile expanses better. So, do not underestimate it.

What To Do When The Odometer Is Not Working

As soon as you notice that the odometer is not working correctly and there are some issues with the mileage information, you first need to identify the problem.

  1. Check the cable: if the mileage data is not accurate, make sure that the wires have the appropriate connections to the instrument cluster. Otherwise, the digital odometer not working but speedometer works in your auto.
  2. Examine The Gears: if your vehicle has mechanical gear, you have to be more careful. First, check if you notice any broken parts. Physical damage can be the first indicator that there is some issue. If you cannot detect anything, then check the gears. You may be required to disable or find a replacement if necessary.
  3. Diagnose digital odometers: for modern systems, you need to examine the sensors. They are the vital components for digital odometers. Also, don’t forget to check the electrical issues. For these checkups, diagnostic tools are sometimes essential. Learn more if diagnostic tools can detect mileage correction.
  4. Prevent odometer fraud: If the miles on a car are not accurate and there is a severe suspicion of a discrepancy, document the issue right away and contact your law enforcement department.

Odometer Fraud As The Major Threat To BreakdownOdometer Fraud as the Primary Risk Factor for Failure

A lot of people have recently tried to modify the mileage information. Most of them have fraudulent purposes. The main goal is to make a profit based on the misleading miles on the dashboard. Unfortunately, this practice is constantly becoming more common.
What is the odometer fraud? This is a practice of artificially changing the mileage and displaying misleading numbers on the instrument cluster. Consequently, it sets wrong numbers in a vehicle, and odometer not working but speedometer works. After utilization, the gauge will be misleading and display the wrong numbers. Odometer fraud has various forms:

  • Rolling back devices lower the mileage on the odometer. It is the most common practice of fraud. They make the system show less mileage, even if the vehicle has covered more mileage. How to detect rollback better?
  • Odometer replacement is another way of manipulating the system. Individuals replace entirely the old dashboards to erase the existing information and install new ones in the aftermath.
  • Reset tools will literally reset the whole mileage data in the automobile. The car will show as if it has not driven any mileage in its lifespan. However, they are easy to detect and track.

How To Detect Odometer Manipulations When the Digital Odometer Not Working But Speedometer Works

Vehicle odometer is a smart indicator of the range and the miles that you cover. If you have an accurate odometer, you can detect RPM and minimize your car repair cost. Because of its importance, it is essential to know the ways that will help you detect and avoid manipulations.

  1. Request the official history records that indicate the mileage information. You can compare the data to the actual odometer reading and make sure that they look normal. If the statistics don’t match, don’t take any risk.
  2. Examine the overall wear and tear. When buying a second-hand car, you have to check the vehicle’s overall condition, as well as the pedals and interior. If they are worn, this means that a vehicle is not new and should have covered a lot of mileage.
  3. Closely examine the odometer for external damages. When people try to manipulate the mileage, they usually remove it from the dashboards. Most of the people leave visible scratches on the odometer. So, if you notice anything suspicious, don’t think twice and choose the safe road.

SKF Mileage Blocker

The mileage blocker is a tool that halts the mileage recording process and prevents the system from counting extra miles. Consequently, no matter how much you drive, the dashboard will not show a new distance. The major advantage of this device is that it is untraceable, and no scanner tools can identify the mileage blocker. Moreover, the blocker has premium-quality components, and it works in any weather conditions.
The SuperKilometerFilter (SKF) team has developed a special mobile application for the blocker for customers’ comfort. You can now control the modes from your phone and even switch them while driving. Furthermore, the mileage blocker has different modules. You will be able to choose the best for you and can always switch between modes.
In addition, this unique device includes an easy installation menu. This will guide you in installing it from scratch by yourself. Therefore, you don’t need to visit nearby service centers or call a professional for installation. The Mileage Blocker is available online, and you can purchase it anytime. However, remember this device is for car testing and tuning only. For further details, please feel free to contact the customer service or visit the support page.


Odometer not working but speedometer works is a common case for car owners. When you notice wrong mileage or broken instrument cluster, you have to fix the gauge. This may happen for digital and mechanical dashboards alike. The cause can be cable damage, faulty odometers, electric issues, or fraud. The odometer is a crucial element, and its correct functionality is the priority. To avoid reset or roll-back tools and don’t erase any correct mileage data, the SuperKilometerFilter has created the mileage blocker device. This modern device stops the mileage recording process, does not store any data in the system, and has an untraceable effect. For these features, it is the best mileage product on the market nowadays.

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