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How To Fix Broken Odometer? – All You Need To Know

January 28, 2023

Broken odometer may become a problem for all car owners at least once in a while.  There are several solutions addressing this, including fixing properly. However, when this happens, it is a high chance that there are faults with other gauges as well. A faulty odometer is a reason for misleading mileage, which can cause misunderstanding when it comes to getting precise mileage data. Moreover, providing wrong information for a deceitful purpose is a crime. As long as mileage is one of the important indicators for estimating the condition of automobiles, hence odometer serves an important purpose. it used as a reference for drivers to determine service time and changes it may need.

Let’s start and discuss all the interesting topics about it. Grab your attention and keep reading the following guide attentively. 

What is an odometer – How does it serve? 

 It is interesting what happens if you need to deal with  odometer broken? –It’s no longer hard to get the answer to the question when you know the definition and initial function of the instrument.  An odometer is an instrument you can find on an instrument cluster, measuring the distance traveled by vehicles. It may be mechanical, digital, or a combination of the two. You can see a mechanical odometer in older cars. Nowadays, most modern models come with digital odometers. Sometimes people ignore the existence of the device and just concentrate on the speedometer. It is also a very helpful device, that measures and displays the instantaneous speed of the car.  An additional part of the odometer is a trip meter, which is useful to record the distance traveled during the short trip. You can reset ir anytime.

Does odometer break easily? Fixing them on time can be bothersome for those who want to sell autos on the second-hand market. Mileage is a decisive factor for many buyers when it comes to making the final decision. Mostly, people ignore other factors that are even more important. So, dishonest sellers manipulate this mileage-related data and make customers believe things that are far from the truth, just to make a financial profit. 

Broken odometerCauses Causes of the broken odometer

As we already mentioned, claiming the wrong odometer reading is considered a violation of the law, so you should make sure that you do not have an odometer broken. The reasons for that can be various and it depends on what type of odometer you have: Analog or electronic. When you have an older type, there is a chance that cables and gears are already worn down. The mechanical odometer depends on them. When tires move, the input shaft prompts the cable to spin and connect to the output shaft which allows the odometer to work depending on the tire size it is calibrated.  

As for modern odometers, we ask the same: does odometer break for different reasons? Maybe, the sensor breaks down or something is wrong with the electrical components or engine control unit. Sensors track the wheel rotation, then the sensor sends the information to the ECU. Hence, the information is displayed on the dashboard. so, it’s harder to identify the genuine reason for a broken odometer without proper investigation. It is sometimes the sensor’s fault, maybe something is wrong with ECU or the electrical system fails. You will have additional signs in case of a faulty ECU. Basically, they are the followings: 

  • The engine performs poorly. 
  • Check engine light comes on. 
  • The car won’t start.

How to fix the odometer break? 

We have already listed reasons for wrong odometer readings. Reasons vary according to the type of odometer you have. It is even more complicated when it comes to modern automobiles and their electronic odometers. Hence, solutions are also different in every individual case of odometer broken.

Generally, mechanical odometers stop working because the gear that spin is made out of plastic and it breaks easily or loses its teeth. All you need to do is replace them. If you are confident in your automotive skills, just remove the dashboard with screwdrivers and change the damaged gear with a new one. 

Electronic odometer break is harder to repair by yourself. Different manufacturers design dashboards differently. So, it’s hard to follow a particular instruction. However, if you are sure that the problem is a faulty sensor, you should replace it. If the reason is more serious, you should take your auto to the service shop and let a professional repair it. 

The price of the service of fixing a broken odometer varies. It depends on the difficulty of the problem. Generally, it costs from $200 to $500. if the root of the problem comes from ECU and it’s necessary to change it, this part costs between $1,000 and $3,000. The good news is that it can be programmed, so you should expect to pay for that service from $300 to $700.

How to get real mileage from a faulty odometer? 

If you have your odometer broken, you still have a chance to get precise mileage readings. There are certain tools that are good at verifying mileage. However, if you use mileage blocker from Super Kilometer Filter nothing will retrieve the data. We will talk aout it later in detail. Let’s discuss them one by one. These are the followings:

Odometer scan tool

A scanner is a good gadget that allows you to access an automobile’s odometer memory and retrieve information from it. It is plugged into the Onboard Diagnostic Port (OBD) and all necessary info will be displayed on the screen of the tool. Modern automobiles store their mileage data in multiple control units. 

Dealership service department

When you need a reliable source for obtaining genuine mileage, the best way is to address a professional mechanic or dealership. both of them have access to advanced diagnostic testers, that cost thousands of dollars each year just for subscriptions. So, in case of an odometer break, those departments will help you obtain precise mileage data. 

Online telematics 

Telematics is a good means for monitoring automobiles, it records not only the speed but it can tell more than this. All the data are stored on the manufacturer’s servers.

History Report

Those reports include all the information that may impact consumers’ decisions when buying a used automobile. You can find all the necessary data including mileage-related data with a help of those reports, such as a Carfax

Do not forget maintenance records 

Maintenance records are an optimal source of information when you have a broken odometer. Sometimes it can be more precise than any other source. You can call your repair shop and ask to send an email regarding that. Tire shops also make records of your last odometer reading. It’s enough to know what was your last record, then you can easily calculate approximately what is your current number based on your driving habits. 

Which tools are ultimate for correcting mileage?Mileage correction tools

In most cases people willingly change the mileage in order to make  a higher profit while selling their second-hand car. It is a criminal offense. Odometer fraud is the disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated. Sometimes dealing with an odometer broken is a good justification for manipulating the data. However, mostly, people used various rollback devices that are available on the market. Using those tools is unethical. Mainly, people who use them have dishonest purposes. So, before you think about using them to your advantage – think twice! Firstly, they are not as reliable as you may think. It means that they are unable to correct mileage data in all control units. So, anyone can discover a discrepancy with a help of basic diagnostics. 

Additionally, we have already mentioned that there are several methods for mileage verification even in case of an odometer break. For example, in the UK, MOT testing is an annual test of safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emission required by the government for automobiles over three years old. It is also a great source for investigating mileage history. when the test is performed, the engineer records the mileage at testing time. 

Legal method for avoiding unnecessary miles

When it comes to correcting miles, it is not always against the law. When it comes to legal requirements, it’s also allowed to drive with a broken odometer in most states. You just need to tell potential buyers if it doesn’t work. 

Legitimate reasons for correction can be testing the performance or replacing the odometer broken and making sure that it does not show incorrect data. After discovering that you have a legitimate reason for the correction, you need to make sure that you use the right tool for that. If you ever thought about test driving without adding unnecessary miles, I have good news for you. An extraordinary device called a Mileage blocker is on sale

What is Mileage blocker?

Mileage blocker is a premium-quality module from Gemany which halts the mileage recording process unconditionally. What makes it special? – It has an untreatable effect. The altered information remains undiscoverable. It is superior to clocking and rewinding devices. It doesn’t cause flaws in the Can Bus system. Because of its flawless performance, some people intend to use it for malicious purposes. However, it is not allowed to use it for deceitful purposes. 

When you want to test new gadgets, it’s optimal to have your dashboard in a good shape. Do not forget to repair the odometer break


So, Before you adjust the broken odometer, those methods will serve you well. You already know a lot about the importance of the odometer and its initial purpose. Do not hide the information when selling your property. when you urgently need to read odometer data, try the above-mentioned method that will help you to learn genuine mileage.

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