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2 Reviews

2 Reviews

  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Mileage not verifiable
  • Activation possible while driving
  • High quality connectors and heat resistant cables
  • Speedometer and assistance programs work properly

Please note that if the returned items are not in the original condition, or show some signs of usage, this includes removing or damaging the casing and protective sleeve, you will not be entitled to a refund. Similarly, in case of returning the products after long usage, that goes beyond the testing of the properties and functionality, you will not get the full refund.


FERRARI 488 Mileage Blocker sometimes is mentioned as: Odometer Blocker, Odometer Stopper, Can Blocker, Mileage Stopper, Trip Odometer, Can Filter, and in some instances as a Mileage Correction tool.


Installation Videos
  • Easy and quick DIY installation
  • Equipped with high quality connectors and heat resistant cables
  • Easy operation by key combination
  • No error messages on the speedometer or navigation panel
  • Leaves no traces, no soldering or cutting of cables required
  • Can be switched on and off while driving
  • After removing the module, the mileage does not increase spontaneously
  • Select the settings once and they are saved unconditionally
  • Speedometer and all other assistance systems work properly
  • Coding, such as mating face and ridges on the connector prevent incorrect connection

Press and hold the Back Main button for 5 seconds


Press the Suspension or Back button 5 times

Repeat the same procedure to deactivate

The kilometers are stopped 100%

The kilometers are counted 100%

Ferrari 488 Kilometer Stopper Tool always keeps the last used settings. Therefore, you do not have to change the settings the next time you start a car.

The device can be activated or deactivated both while driving and while stationary.


Mileage stopper is designed to stop the mileage of a vehicle, during a test drive. With us, SuperKilometerFilter, you get a reliable speedometer stopper with unique details. You can be sure that our mileage filters are developed by our own hands. The module works on diesel and gasoline engines, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and of course, electric cars flawlessly. The module works efficiently in every case. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether your vehicle’s speedometer shows the mileage in miles or in kilometers.

Each software has been specially adapted by us for each manufacturer and model. In this way we make sure that everything works properly and meets your requirements. Simple installation and use through predefined key combinations, to switch from mode to mode.

We would like to inform you that we do not sell speedometer adjustment devices, because they only turn back the kilometer readings on the speedometer, or rather falsify them. Cars, however, have several memory units of kilometers, so the speedometer adjustment devices can Therefore, the speedometer adjustment devices cannot completely reverse the mileage.

We offer a variety of mileage stop devices for a wide range of vehicles. The installation process is the same for all models and does not require No in-depth automotive knowledge of a vehicle. Just plug the module between the the connection of the speedometer and the instrument cluster and you can enjoy all the advantages of our unique module. Our module can be activated or deactivated at any time. Regardless of whether the vehicle is is in motion or stationary.

The mileage stopper unconditionally removes the mileage. The odometer reading remains unchanged even after the module is removed from the vehicle. You can use our Kilometer Stopper to change the mileage and remove it at any time. The stopped odometer reading will not spontaneously increase after the module is removed. However, in most cases, the error messages should be cleared after removing the tool. Can communication stores all interrupt messages as error messages. These are sporadic errors that do not necessarily have to be deleted, but it is recommended.

The Kilometer Stopper is only for testing and tuning purposes and should not be used on public roads. Unlike the speedometer calibration tools, our module is not intended for fraudulent purposes.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Car functions

With CarPlay, Without CarPlay

2 reviews for Ferrari 488

  1. David

    It´s work very good. I love it *.*
    Best Thanks to

  2. john gregory

    I received the part very quickly which was great 👍 . It was a shame that as a good customer and after purchasing a total of 4 different units that this time 1 day after making my purchase there was a -20% Easter offer. I would Very much appreciate a discount on my next unit if I buy again

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