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3 Main Reasons Why People Buy Ferrari Odometer Rollback Tool

One of the scariest numbers for car owners is probably the mileage they see on the odometer. Every trip increases that number, lowering the price of the vehicle more and more. That’s one of the reasons why people turn to the Ferrari odometer rollback tool. Though it is one of the reasons, it’s not the only one. Not every person out there intends to commit fraud and car owners could have genuine reasons for investing in such tools. Let’s continue and figure out together 3 main reasons for buying a Ferrari mileage correction device.

What does a Ferrari mileage rollback tool do?

The concept behind Ferrari odometer correction software is quite self-explanatory: people use it to rewind existing miles on the odometer. It can easily reset the speedometer and lower the mileage whenever needed. It’s unethical (and sometimes even illegal) to reverse the odometer to sell the car at a better price. Nevertheless, some people are willing to take the risk to make some profit. Why exactly do people invest in such a machine?

Ferrari mileage correction tool can compensate for the wrong tires

The tire size isn’t the first thing that springs to mind while thinking about the increased mileage, however, it is quite an important factor. You can take two cars with similar numbers on their odometers and ask their owners about mileage. Their answers will showcase that the numbers we see on the trip meters aren’t always reliable. If one of those cars had smaller tires, it would show more mileage than the owner has traveled.

The reason behind such differences is that almost all cars out there calculate mileage according to the standard tire size. If you went for bigger tires, you would decrease the number on the trip meter unintentionally. The differences between those sizes could be one of the reasons why people turn to odometer adjustment. By using the Ferrari odometer rollback device, the car owners get the chance to compensate for those differences.

With that being said, it’s more ethical to use professional services to correct those discrepancies. Using the odometer correction tools is unethical in every scenario.

Ferrari mileage rollback software can improve the price of the vehicle

As mentioned, the main reason why people purchase Ferrari mileage correction tools is that they want to sell their cars at a better price. It’s quite a common practice and there is nothing we can do to change that.

To be fair, the whole industry of odometer rollback stems from the exaggerated importance we link to the mileage. Though it can show the condition of the vehicle in certain cases, it isn’t the only factor the buyer should consider. More often than not, the car with “good” mileage will show serious signs of damage during the diagnostic examination. The owners of such cars could have gotten into the accident or could have done other damage to the internal system. The odometers don’t reflect that information. It’s unreasonable not to check the rest of the system and rely solely on the mileage.

No matter what your reasons may be, Ferrari mileage rollback is still unethical. We don’t have the right to reduce mileage on our own. The important thing to note here is that the device itself is quite controversial, as it changes the existing mileage of your vehicle.

On the contrary, a kilometer stopper is an ethical tool as it’s designed for testing purposes. It’s a programmer which stops recording the miles. You should only activate it in a controlled environment to test the functionalities of your vehicle. Unfortunately, some people still use the odometer blocker on the open road. Regardless, this equipment is more ethical than reprogramming the odometer altogether, as we can’t blame the device for the wrongdoing of individuals.

Ferrari odometer correction tool can change mileage superficially

People mainly use Ferrari odometer correction tool to change mileage on the odometer. Regardless of the hype around it, we can’t deny the fact that it works superficially. Since modern vehicles have digital odometers, the utilization of such computers is almost nonsensical.

Yes, speedometer correction tools are capable of programming the trip meter and rolling back the mileage, however, they can only affect the numbers we see on the display. In modern vehicles, mileage information is stored in the ECU as well, meaning that real data is still accessible even with the simplest diagnostic testers.

If you want something that works perfectly with digital odometers, it’s better to purchase Km blocker units instead. They offer untraceable performance. You can use them to check the overall performance of your car. You won’t need to waste your money on a mileage changer that doesn’t affect the control units – you can invest in an efficacious device (a.k.a. the mileage blocker) right away.


There are many reasons why people purchase Ferrari odometer rollback tools. However, none of the scenarios justify using these devices. At the end of the day, you’ll still be scolded if someone finds out you rolled back the miles. Knowing the main reasons why people purchase these tools can help you protect yourself and make more reasonable choices when it comes to similar devices.

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