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Vmax Sprinter
Code: VMX01
Mercedes Sprinter speed limiter removal tool
  • Compatible with W907 and W910 models that were released from 2018-2020
  • This device can only be used on one vehicle as it stores the internal chassis number!
  • DIY tool that can increase/decrease the limiter
  • Device that will allow you to remove the speed limiter
  • More advanced than its competitors
  • Doesn’t require explicit knowledge of car maintenance
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Vmax Sprinter

Mercedes speed limit removal device for Sprinter W907/W910

Mercedes speed limiter removal tool for Sprinter 907/910 from 2018 is an essential device that will allow you to remove the speed limiter and unleash the full capabilities of your VAN. Car manufacturers sometimes set such restrictions while producing these cars in order to comply with governmental regulations. Certain countries oblige them to set limits that will be in line with their mandates. Benz is not an exception and that is why we came up with Mercedes sprinter speed limiter removal for W907/W910 models. If you bought a Sprinter that has such restrictions as it was meant for a different country, you can bypass this inconvenience and use the full capabilities of your vehicle with a simple plug-and-play device.

What are the benefits of Mercedes speed limiter removal on Sprinter 907/910?

Sprinter speed limiter removal device offers a wide range of benefits for W907/W910 that will allow you to improve the velocity of your pickup truck by overriding the limiter and serial status. Similarly, it will give you an opportunity to set the limit on your auto if you require it to comply with the governmental regulations of your country. Or, in terms of companies, simply to make sure that the vehicles drive at an acceptable speed.

Mercedes sprinter speed governor device is much more advanced than its competitors. Service centers do offer to remove the restrictions via VEDIAMO VMAX; however, this requires taking your car to the service center and if you require to make such changes again you will have to visit the service center once again. Furthermore, when it comes to the coding engine, there is always a risk of causing irreversible damage. Tuning your pickup truck with our plug-and-play tool will allow you to reach the maximum MPH without damaging any of its components.

How does it work?

Mercedes speed limiter removal on W907/W910 doesn’t require explicit knowledge of car maintenance as you can simply plug it in the OBD port, select the maximum speed, and code. This will turn off the factory restrictions and rewrite the directions in the CAN-BUS System.

Mercedes sprinter speed limiter removal tool for 907/910 models is designed to program an auto without damaging any control units. Hence, to make sure that it will not cause any malfunctioning we could not allow it to remove the restriction permanently. After some time of its usage, you will have to reactive the device and remove the limitations once more. This adapter saves the VIN number (chassis number) of the vehicle when coding the velocity limit. After the safety packaging has been removed, it can never be restored. The device can only be used for one vehicle as it saves the VIN number, but you can make the changes on it as many times as you would like.

Which models is it compatible with?

Sprinter speed limiter removal is compatible with W907 and W910 models that were released since 2018 (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022). Here is the full list of compatible editions: Panel van, Sprinter with a box body, Platform / Tarpaulin, Mixto, Luxury bus, Canoer van, Sales/Market van, Motorhomes Hymer B Class, Hymer ML-T, Hymer Tramp S, Hymer Free S., and Camping buses.



In order to disable the Mercedes sprinter speed governor on 907/910 models please follow these steps. Since the original speed limiter value has not yet been saved, the first time the tool is plugged in, the red LED will flash 2 times (80 kmh). if any speed limit changes have been made, the VIN and the speed limit value are permanently saved in the tool.

Select the desired speed limit value with the red button

Insert the tool into the OBD II port. The green LED will be permanently on. The red LED flashes 1 time (2 times when starting up for the first time).

• Speed limit original = red led flashes 1 time

• Speed limit 80 = red led flashes 2 times

• Speed limit 90 = red led flashes 3 times

• Speed limit 100 = red led flashes 4 times

• Speed limit 110 = red led flashes 5 times

• Speed limit 120 = red led flashes 6 times

• Speed limit 130 = red led flashes 7 times

• Speed limit 140 = red led flashes 8 times

• Speed limit 150 = red led flashes 9 times

• Speed limit 160 = red led flashes 10 times

If you press the red button 10 times it starts from the beginning.

I.E., 1 flash for the original speed limit or 2 times for 80kmh if you are using it for the first time. Once you have selected the desired speed limit value, hold down the green button for 1 second. As an indication, you will see a green LED flashing (Red LED off). When the process is finished, both LEDs will flash alternately without stopping.

 Remove the tool from the OBD2 port. Finished.


Before you switch off or change the speed limit on your Sprinter, please make sure that it is in line with the regulations of your country.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 11,5 × 9,5 × 9,5 mm


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