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Car odometer – Do you find it useful?

September 1, 2022

A car odometer is an integral part of any vehicle. However many drivers do not notice it.   Nowadays, many motorists have little knowledge of the automotive industry. They are not familiar with every car part and confuse different terms with each other. You should always take a closer look at the instrument cluster panel because it allows you to pay attention to the current condition of your automobile. So, it is always worth considering. If those instruments don’t function properly, you should take measures as soon as possible. What attracts your attention during driving? Have you ever found yourself paying attention to your speedometer and ignoring the odometer? Maybe you realize the function of it very well and do not need additional explanation. Good for you! However, there are many interesting things to discuss and it will be great if we talk about them one by one.

Let’s get down to business and start talking about car Odo, what it is, how it works, and what you need to consider.

What is a car odometer?

It is a tool that counts the distance traveled by a vehicle. It is mainly used for detecting mileage. The tool is located near the speedometer, which is for measuring the speed of a vehicle in motion. Vehicle odometer may be electronic, mechanical, or electromechanical. If you buy an automobile in Europe or Asia, you see the mileage in kilometers. If you purchase it in the USA, mileage is shown in miles. 

Odometer and other instrument panel features

As we mentioned above, there are various tools and indicators in the car that are sometimes confusing for less experienced drivers. Some of them attract the driver’s attention easily, but they all play a significant role. Let’s review one of the most important components of the dashboard which is generally called indicator lights. They can show engine temperature, door, airbag indicator, brake, RPM, speedometer, seat belt, and odometer. All of them serve different functions. However, some people still confuse speedometers and odometers with each other. Let’s define them one more time. A speedometer is used to keep track of the current speed of the automobile, while a car mileage meter is used to measure the total distance traveled.

Odometer characteristics

Mileage and used cars

When it comes to saving money, the best decision is to buy a preowned automobile. The two most important factors help to make a final decision: mileage and age. Price is determined considering those factors. Higher mileage means low price and vice versa. Another topic of discussion is the accuracy of the odometer auto. Sometimes it is misleading. The reason for the inaccuracy is faults in the odometer working. However, there are many cases of manipulation.

 For the above-mentioned reason, there are control mechanisms that aim to protect buyers’ rights. To tell the truth, people who manipulate mileage are not afraid of facing legal issues. Hence, buyers need to take the initiative and do the inspection themselves. The most common methods include visual and documents inspection. Visual inspection means estimating the general wear and tear of the automobile components and their relevance to the mileage information. Another is checking documents. You should consider a service book which usually implies useful information, including mileage.

Legal mechanism against mileage manipulation

Odometer fraud became a widespread tendency in the automotive industry. So, for tackling this issue, An odometer disclosure statement became a compulsory legal document. Sellers in all 50 States of the USA must fill if their vehicles are below 16,000 pounds and under 10 years of age. The Federal odometer law, prohibits the disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a motor vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated thereon. This document declares the mileage and certifies that it is correct. If the mileage is known to be incorrect, it must be indicated on the statement.

The car odometer is broken – What can I do?

When the odometer stops working, there is a high probability that it is broken. The plastic gears that turn an analog odometer have a tendency to break, which causes the odometer to stop spinning. So what can you do about it? Do you want to learn how to read the mileage from the broken odometer? Let’s review some widespread methods of mileage verification that will be useful in case your car Odo is out of order. Here are a few ways:

Odometer diagnostic tool. It is a good device enabling you to access the current odometer reading. This tool is good at discovering any issues and identifying the problems but do not hope that it detects mileage discrepancy.

Telematics. You can easily get mileage related information if you are using telematics. The telematics system is a great help for fleet managers. This system allows gathering information about automobiles’ location, activity, engine diagnostics and provides data on software platforms.

Vehicle history report. Many companies offer a careful investigation of your automobile’s past. They gather information from repair shops. So you can get the report with useful information including mileage data. One of the most famous companies is Carfax. All you need is a VIN code. Bear in mind that Carfax analyzes the mileage history and reports the potential discrepancy. So, there are no guarantees.

Software solutions. In the era of modern technology, when most cars are internet-connected, there is a wide range of mileage tracking software that is considered a great alternative. Those programs are mainly for salespeople, field service technicians, or project managers. So, if you are using this program, you can be sure that you will access mileage data at any rate.

Vehicle odometer manipulation 

Odometer tampering practice started in the past when subjects of manipulation were analog odometers. Some people thought that it would be impossible in the case of digital ones. The truth is that it is completely realistic and done with various devices. So, as a buyer, be careful, you may become the victim of a scam. The good news is that you can check the auto before purchasing and take a closer look at any alarming signs. How can you spot them? You can estimate the general wear and tear, look at pedals, seats, steering wheel.

Besides, you can perform a visual inspection of the analog odometer. You can spot twisted digits, missed dash screws, scratches on the instrument cluster and noise during the test drive.

What tools do people use?

People use various rollback devices that allow them to change mileage-related data on the odometer. There are various types of mileage correction tools on the market. According to, “These tools are passed off as legal devices because they are advertised as tools for recalibrating an odometer when the vehicle’s speed sensor is damaged or if the instrument panel faults. In these cases, mileage correction tools can reset instrument panels, copy, write or rewrite chip data”. But the point is that scammers use every reset tool for unethical purposes, namely for “clocking”. In most places, you face legal charges, so it is very risky to use devices.anyone who makes a proper investigation can easily discover it.So, people have found a better alternative recently.

Mileage blocker has become a new obsession for automotive enthusiasts. It is a high-quality product from Germany that gained popularity recently. It has easy DIY installation instruction and performs much better than its counterfeits. The support team is always ready to assist you in case of any complications. Manufacturers created it for legal and ethical purposes, like testing and tuning. Unfortunately, scammers started using it for personal gain because of its untraceable performance. Keep in mind, do not use it on public roads. You can buy mileage blocker from superkilometerfilter online. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the customer center.


All in all, I am sure you have realized the ultimate importance and usefulness of a car mileage meter. You already know how much it can tell about your automobile. Whether you are a purchaser or buyer, you should keep in mind that the odometer auto plays one of the significant roles.  So, I suggest you do not underestimate it. Paying proper attention to it will benefit you because it can be a great reminder for scheduled maintenance. Do not let a broken odometer cause unwanted problems!

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