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What Is Digital Mileage Correction And Does It Allow Odometer Adjustment?

December 14, 2023

Digital mileage correction will reset, change or roll back the displayed miles on a vehicle’s digital odometer. Even though a correction tool can change the mileage on the instrument cluster, it is not the best option for modifying miles, as it cannot alter the data in the control units. Thus, the distance information can be easily tracked by scanner devices after the adjustment. There is a better device for stopping the mileage recording process. A Mileage Blocker can effectively alter counting up extra distance and stop the system from storing the data in the control units. Therefore, knowing which gadget you should use is essential to get the best results.

Mileage Correction And Digital Mileage Correction

Mileage correction and digital mileage correction refer to the same miles adjustment process in cars. The goal is to change the distance the odometer displays on the instrument cluster. This process is getting increasingly popular, and people try to use it. But still, what is the difference between these two terms?
Mileage correction is the process of adjusting the distance-related data in a vehicle. In most cases, such actions lower the mileage in the system. In order to modify the information, you need to gain control over an odometer. Why is it crucial? The odometer is a device in your automobile that records mileage and displays the numbers. Every time you check your mileage, you are looking at the odometer. Therefore, you must gain complete control over the odometer if you want to change the mileage. Mileage correction implies modifying any odometer that a vehicle has.
On the other hand, digital mileage correction is adjusting precisely a digital odometer that digitally displays miles and uses advanced technologies to correct the data. As you might already guess, this is possible only in new vehicles because old models don’t support digital displays.

Can A Digital Odometer Be Altered?

Odometers are essential parts of automobiles. They can influence maintenance and insurance agreements and will drastically change your monthly or annual costs. That’s why every driver carefully and closely monitors the mileage information.
As you know, there are two types of odometers: mechanical and digital. Over time, people with fraudulent goals physically interfered with its functioning and changed mileage. It was easier to do so as specific vehicle parts were directly responsible for displaying the data. Plus, they could modify the digits on the dashboard, and nobody could check if they were manipulated. With technological modernization, the auto industry introduced modern systems. They use sensors to measure the distance precisely and then save the information in numerous storage units. This advancement made vehicles more secure against fraud.
So, can a digital odometer be altered? Modern vehicles with digital odometers are stored every mile in the ECUs. It has become challenging to change the mileage. However, tech companies have developed devices that can adjust the distance on the dashboard. But they are not flawless. If you adjust the numbers, the information regarding the original mileage will still be saved in the system. Hence, others can identify the actual mileage.

Digital Odometer Be Altered

How do I know If My Digital Odometer Has Been Changed?

Tampering the digital odometers is more challenging than traditional mechanical ones. Despite this, there are still opportunities to manipulate the mileage information artificially. Nowadays, individuals use digital mileage correction to reset or correct the miles in a car. The following tips will help you identify if your vehicle has been tampered with.

  • Inspect the Physical Odometer: Look for signs of physical tampering around the dashboard and instrument cluster. Scratches, missing screws or mismatching panels can be an important indicator of manipulations.
  • Check the Service Records: request the maintenance and the service records. This official information includes all the data regarding the previously recorded mileage and contains many details about the car. Compare this information to the actual showing and try to detect if there is any sign of suspicion.
  • Examine Overall Wear and Tear: the condition of a car can tell you a lot of things about the vehicle and its owner. It gives you an idea of how it was used. If you notice that the odometer reading is low but there are signs of severe wear, you should consider that the odometer has been manipulated.

Is Digital Mileage Correction Legal?

Car owners always want to keep their vehicles in the best condition. However, over time, it gets old, and the odometer rollback is the only option for some. But why would anyone try to change the mileage artificially? Mileage is not the only number that displays the miles that your vehicle has covered. It is of a lot more importance, and every potential buyer knows about it. Thus, the odometer showing and the overall mileage will affect the resale price. The lower the mileage is, the higher the vehicle price is. Once people decide to sell an automobile, they, of course, want to make a profit. Hence, they try to make changes in the control panel.
Although this might sound appealing, it is not always the best decision. Why? Because digital mileage correction is illegal. If you tamper the odometer or do odoo manipulations, Carfax and mechanics will easily trace it back to you. As odometer manipulations are illegal, it will cause various issues and can even lead to legal charges. Therefore, think carefully if you ever decide to interfere with the correct functioning odometer and artificially modify the actual mileage.

Can Digital Mileage Correction Be Detected?

Detecting digital mileage can be challenging, and sometimes it is impossible. Individuals and manufacturers have developed different approaches to detecting fraud and tracing the issue quickly.

  1. Manufacturer Verification: one of the common ways to identify the original mileage is to contact the manufacturer or the dealership. They will provide you with the vehicle’s history and data regarding the odometer reading.
  2. Using Specialized Tools: many countries and states have laws against odometer fraud. The law enforcement units may check for digital mileage correction using a unique device.
  3. Professional Examination: Paying for a professional checkup is never a bad idea. Professionals in the auto industry will quickly detect the signs of fraud or manipulation. Even though you have to pay for it, you will have the guarantee that the mileage is initial.
  4. Digital Scanning: Some digital forensics experts can scan a vehicle’s electronic system and detect illegal adjustments. This sometimes involves analyzing onboard computers and diagnostic data.
  5. As you can see, even digital odometers can be manipulated. People with malicious purposes try interfering with the system and displaying misleading mileage information. Despite this, these devices have the same issue – they are all traceable and detectable.

Digital Mileage Correction Be Detected

The Best Mileage Blocker Tool That Alters Mileage Recording Without A Trace

Companies have tried to invent a device that would successfully change the mileage information and will not leave a trace. The previous gadgets can only change the information on the dashboards but cannot alter the data in the control units.
The German SuperKilometerFilter team is the only one that has achieved the objective. They developed the Mileage Blocker. This unique blocker device stops the mileage recording process from all control units. It doesn’t let the system store mileage information. Therefore, it is untraceable and undetectable.
The mileage blocker has multiple modes. They offer different mileage recordings. Hence, you can choose your favourite one. The SKF blocker is the only tool that has a mobile application. You can monitor and control your device from your smartphone. You can even switch between modes via the mobile while driving. Moreover, this compact device is made of premium quality materials, guaranteeing that the blocker works perfectly in all weather conditions. Additionally, it comes with installation instructions so you can assemble the device yourself.
Even though the mileage blocker is for testing purposes, individuals use it for daily driving. It is essential to use the device ethically. For further information contact the customer support.


Digital mileage correction is the process of changing the miles shown on the digital odometer. It implies rollback, resetting or altering the mileage. The mileage blocker is the only tool to change the mileage and stay undetectable. Fortunately, it is available online, and you can purchase the SKF Mileage Blocker.

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