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Change mileage on digital odometer and why it is more difficult on modern vehicles

May 4, 2023

Everyone knows that it is extremely complicated to change mileage on digital odometer as vehicles with digital odometers are intended to be resistant to tampering. Modern automobiles keep mileage data in different parts of the car, including the engine control unit (ECU) and other modules. This makes it impossible to change mileage information without exposing indications of rollback. However, there are techniques to alter the miles traveled by hacking into the car’s computer system. Modern technologies have made it simple for dishonest people to adjust the mileage, leading to fraud and deception. This is why you have to know how to detect actual mileage and identify clocking.

What is the mileage and why is changing mileage on digital odometer popular nowadays?

Mileage is often used to describe the distance traveled by a vehicle on a certain quantity of fuel or energy. It is commonly stated in miles or kilometers. One of the most significant elements that each buyer analyzes prior to reaching his decision is mileage. For a lot of people, it is a feature that determines an automobile’s lifespan. Usually, a large volume suggests deterioration. As a result, shorter-distance cars are typically considerably more costly than others. So, everyone wants to figure out the actual miles or kilometers. At some point, the worth of low km becomes clear.

To maximize vehicle resale price, people tend to artificially change the mileage reading on a digital odometer. They use rollback devices to lower the distance in cars. There are still a few core reasons why individuals strive to adjust mileage.

  • One of the most common reasons for odometer modifications is malfunction. You may discover that the dashboard is no longer displaying the correct data. So you should know how to verify the mileage on a car.
  • After repairs, computers frequently display inadequate data. This is rather common for almost all models, and you should update it immediately away.
  • Every car must undergo testing, and each is subjected to a series of examinations before being sold. Testers usually use an electronic odometer restore device. It guarantees that the final recorded miles are removed.
  • Physical damage to the control panel is one of the reasons why people change mileage on digital odometer. It causes odo malfunction and the computer system might show inaccurate information.

There are various reasons for using such equipment and it is gaining popularity. As a result, knowing how many kilometers your auto has is a valuable advantage for you.

is changing mileage on digital odometer popular today?

How do people change mileage?

Changing mileage on digital odometer is not an easy process and requires technical knowledge and specialized equipment. There are two major methods of changing the mileage: software and hardware.

Software-based mileage correction involves connecting to the onboard computer with a diagnostic tool and modifying the reading recorded in memory. This procedure is straightforward and may be performed remotely by linking to the vehicle’s computer via the OBD-II connector. However, this procedure requires the use of specialized software and diagnostic equipment that is not widely available to the general public.

Hardware-based mileage correction is physically modifying the circuit board to change the mileage reading on a digital odometer. To access cars’ internal components, this approach necessitates electronic skill and specific equipment. The procedure includes removing the odometer, identifying the memory chip that contains the mileage measurement, and modifying the data recorded in the chip with specialist tools.

How to detect “clocking”

For years, dealers have benefited from odometer modifications. They employed a variety of techniques to achieve their objectives and earn extra money. As a result of modernization and progress, everyone now has access to the latest technologies. It addresses the requirement for you to be able to check the mileage on a car and identify deceptive mileage readings.

Worn tires

If you want to check whether someone tried to change mileage on digital odometer One of the first things to look at is the vehicle’s wheels. This will show how frequently the auto made long trips. If there is a difference between the official records and the dashboard shows, it is possible that the meter has been tampered with.

Damaged parts and replacements

Another approach to determining if a car is in good shape is to check it for damaged parts. New automobiles do not need any part replacement unless there is a big accident. In the event that there are any recent replacements or engine damage, it is reasonable to suspect that the odometer has been manipulated.

General Deterioration 

Changing mileage on digital odometer can be noticed by checking general deterioration. If the automobile is new and hasn’t been driven much, it is easy to assume that use-related damage will be limited. It could not be as fresh as the merchant claims if you see that the seats are in poor condition and the cushioning is worn thin. As a result, many people attempt to falsify the miles or kilometers displayed by the system by altering the real mileage. Because of this, it’s essential to understand how to verify a car’s mileage and locate the right data.

Different methods that are used to modify mileage

Nowadays, car owners routinely attempt to change the mileage reading on a digital odometer. They use a variety of settings to reset the kilometers. These tools are also referred to as kilometer stoppers, odometer rewinds, resetting tools, and correction tools. Although they all work toward the same goal, they all operate differently and result in distinct results. Knowing how such tools can alter the reading on your odometer is necessary to understand how to check the miles on an automobile.


Modern digital odometers appear to be safer since they save data in system storage units, but their data is still susceptible to manipulation. A rollback tool is one way to change mileage on digital odometer. The final statistics on the vehicle dashboard after utilizing this device will be less than the actual traveled distance. However, when reverting achieves the desired result, diagnostic tools can immediately locate such interference that can cause you more problems.

Resetting mileage

The mileage data is fully restored using the reset procedure. As a result, after using these techniques, your car’s dash will not display any miles. As you can see, determining the mileage of your automobile requires more than simply checking the odometer. The Carfax will surely detect the interference.

Correction Tools

The correction tool is another option for changing mileage on digital odometer in your vehicle. It can turn back or remove any number and show the desired digits on the screen. You may select the number of kilometers that you wish to display on your car with this device. It has its own flaw as well: this information is easily detectable, which is the method’s biggest drawback.

Is changing odometers legal?

As everyone is willing to change the mileage reading on a digital odometer, there comes one important question. “Is it legal to modify the mileage in my automobile?” It depends on the country you live in. In many countries, changing the mileage on a digital odometer is unlawful and considered fraud, so in some countries it is illegal. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) considers mileage tampering to be a violation of federal law in the United States. The principal reason that altering the mileage on a digital odometer is forbidden is the risk of fraud and deception.

Therefore, before you change mileage on digital odometer keep in mind that you should not use such devices in your vehicle unethically and avoid any further complications. 

legality of odometer changing

What is the best device to change mileage on digital odometer?

People are frequently wondering about how to check the mileage on an automobile. That is why vehicle marketers have tried many methods to identify the best reprogramming tool for changing mileage on digital odometer without leaving any evidence. Some tried to disable the system by erasing the data, while others changed the mileage and the rest rolled back the figures. These activities were plainly ineffective and did not meet the intended goals. But there is a perfect solution for it. 

A mileage blocker is the best device that prohibits all control units from registering miles. It does not delete, reverse, or change any existing data. The main goal is to prevent the car from adding extra miles during traveling. The primary distinction between this and the previous approaches is the fact that it is completely unidentified and undetectable. The German experts at Super Kilometer Filter designed this distinctive gadget with temperature-resistant and superior components that will operate flawlessly in any situation. It also includes DIY setup instructions so that you don’t need to visit mechanic for installation.

Fortunately, the best option to change the mileage reading on a digital odometer is available for purchase on the SKF website online. It is suitable for all Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, and other models. Always keep in mind, that this device is for testing and tuning purposes. Using it unethically may cause you legal issues. If you have any more questions, please visit the support page or contact customer service.


Change mileage on digital odometer in modern vehicles is not an easy task. Sometimes it is considered to be impossible. Even though there are several available gadgets to turn back or reset the distance, the mileage blocker is the only device that perfectly alters the mileage recording process and does not leave any trace. 

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