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Mileage Correction Software, the Necessity of Such Tools and Its Impact on Today’s Market

March 30, 2023

Mileage correction software is an advanced tool that adjusts the miles on your vehicle. The correction is possible in both old and newer models. Car dealerships and repair companies frequently use this software to reset the odometer after doing maintenance or tuning work. It can quickly modify any mileage and display the numbers you choose on the dashboard. Several companies are attempting to utilize such gadgets as a result of this functionality.

Do you wonder how it works? Based on the component that the manufacturer provides, each car has a unique mechanism for distance adjustment. You can accomplish correction by either an OBDII scanner or a device wired directly to your dashboard. The process is much easier on modern automobiles with a digital instrument cluster.

Different types of odometer correction software

  • Odometer rollback is a gadget that can easily remove certain numbers from your dashboard. By using this device your car will show fewer covered distances on the control panel. Please note that scanner devices can easily detect false data and it may cause future complications.
  • Reset devices is almost self-explanatory and means resetting any mileage that is displayed on the dashboard. This means that after using this method you will see “0” as a distance on your vehicle. Be cautious, as it has its flaws as well and can be easily traceable by mechanics during check-ups.
  • Mileage removers have almost the same effect as rollback. It deletes a certain distance from the system and makes it show less. Unfortunately, it has the same weakness – it is easily detectable.

So, Mileage correction software is hardware that can minimize your KM and miles in your auto. It has different variations and methods to achieve the goal of altering mileage. Its popularity is constantly increasing and becoming more and more demanding in the market. In spite of the fact that many would like to buy them, you should always remember that most of them are easily trackable and detectable through various detectors which could mean additional troubles in the future. That is why you should know which device to choose and how to use them properly.

Why do people use odometer correction software?

As we have already mentioned, the popularity of hardware correction tools is at its peak. Almost everyone thinks of a way to change a reading of an odometer. Even though every occasion is unique and every person has his or her own views, there are several major reasons why people try to use correction tools to change the mileage.  

Using the service

One of the most typical reasons for doing mileage correction is to recalibrate your instrument panel after service. For instance, if you have your engine repaired, the system will no longer show the correct mileage. In this case, mechanics at the service centers can adjust the distance so that your vehicle displays the proper mileage once again.


Vehicles undergo multiple performance tests before appearing on the market. This happens to make sure that the product is well functioning and does not have any flaws. Plus, a person who is willing to check the automobile before actually purchasing it would definitely ask for a test. This is the time when testers use mileage correction software tools. Thanks to this smart computer no additional miles are shown on the vehicles before actually driving them on the roads.

Technical malfunction

On rare occasions, there are times when the dashboards do not show the correct information. It might display incorrect distance or other faulty data. Of course, in this case, you have to adjust all of these statistics and set them back to normal. Although it is not a common issue, sometimes it might happen and you should know what to do. 

Physical damage

Another situation when adjusting mileage is recommended is the time after physically damaged dashboards. it is more likely that such facts will affect its correct functioning and this may result in displaying inappropriate kilometer. You should be attentive to every detail and in case you notice something unusual or suspicious, you might consider using the device.

exterior damage

Is mileage really still important nowadays?

There is no doubt that we always look at the mileage very carefully before buying a new car. Even today we give this data too much importance which leads to the massive use of odometer correction software. Vehicles with less KM or miles have considerably higher resale value. Therefore, people try to artificially interfere with the correct functioning of the odometers and adjust the real showing.

Many people still consider less mileage as a major indicator of future lower maintenance costs. In reality, it depends on several other conditions that could affect the vehicle more significantly. For instance, if you drive a car for 100 000 km on a highway, in the end, it would be in better condition than an auto that you drove on bad terrain for 50 000 km. This is a clear indicator, of why mileage is not always that decisive while making a final assumption. Moreover, there is multiple mileage correction software that can trick vehicle calculators and make them show faulty miles. In this case, you would end up making an incorrect decision both on the mileage and actual conditions. This is why you should check as many details as you can before buying a second-hand car.

Tips to take into account while buying a used car

  • First, always check the exterior of the automobile. It should be more or less relevant to the mileage that is shown on the control panel. If it looks old, it might be better if you search for another one.
  • Examine overall wear and tear as new cars should be well preserved and you should not notice any significant sign of usage.
  • Ask for the official documents that show the data about the mileage and compare them to today’s numbers.

These steps will help you detect if there was any inappropriate usage of odometer correction software. You will be able to check the miles and kilometers, the previous car tests, and all the other services that a vehicle has gone through. 

Therefore, even today the majority of us do not know the importance of mileage. They look at the data and see only digits without realizing the importance of it. The mileage can give us crucial information but it is not the most important aspect that you should check before making a decision. As you have seen, there are many more elements that may have a huge impact on the car and affect its existing conditions. These are the first things that you should always be checking the first. And don’t forget to be careful, because using mileage correction software has become common practice and without having scanner tools the miles on a car can mislead you.

What is the best mileage correction software?

As previously stated, companies created many kinds of odometer correction software. These tools have the same problem: they are easily traceable using OBD2 scanners. To resolve the existing challenge the Super Kilometer Filter group developed the Mileage Blocker. It is an advanced device that employs cutting-edge technology to prevent the system from recording new miles. As a result, once you activate the mileage blocker, your car will stop adding new distance to the current data. The great thing about this device is that it works for all car models including BMW, Audi, and VW. As compared to existing options, the new method of the blocker provides significant advantages.

The mileage blocker does not remove, reverse, or reset existing mileage. It merely stops additional miles from being added while the gadget is connected in and turned on. This is critical because if you have ever visited any service centers and your odometer was officially registered, arriving with the reduced miles the following time would be a major issue.

Advantages of the Mileage Blocker

  1. In contrast to all other mileage correction software tools, it has an undetectable effect. That implies that after applying it, no hardware or program will be capable of determining your car’s true miles. As a result, you may utilize it as long as you like. Furthermore, in order to fulfill people’s needs, it has numerous modes to select from, and one can simply switch between them. Also, you may effortlessly swap between modes easily while driving. To adjust settings or switch on/off the gadget, simply push the button.
  2. Since we rely on our motors often and travel them just about anywhere, the mileage blocker is made of heat-resistant premium-grade components to guarantee a smooth comfortable ride in any weather. So, you don’t have to worry about the outdoor temperature when using your gadget.
  3. Although others are looking for ways to develop proper vehicle odometer correction software, the Super Kilometer Filter has developed a mobile application. Users can download it and swap between several modes with this freeware utility. The program will give metric measures according to distance. Smartphone packs will soon be available for purchase across all brands.
  4. The gadget comes with a simple DIY user manual. Thus, you are able to complete it all by yourself. That would save your time and money.

The greatest gadget for altering mileage and having an undetectable impact is the mileage blocker. It constantly ensures high standards and comfort. Luckily, the gadget is publicly available, and you can purchase it anytime. If you require any further information, please visit the help center or contact customer care.

 The best mileage correction software


Mileage correction software is a common technique for modifying an automobile’s instrument panel. Multiple tools share the objective of effectively manipulating the miles and kilometers, yet they are all visible using scanning devices. The mileage Blocker from SKF has created a mechanism that prevents the computer from calculating additional kilometers and ensures undetectable functionality. It is additionally the sole product in the industry with a smartphone app. Furthermore, you may switch between settings at any moment, including while traveling. Fortunately, you can buy blockers online. For any additional information, contact the support department.

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