Why is a mileage freezer – odometer freezer better than a odometer adjustment / mileage correction at BMW?


All BMWs have a lot of storage where the mileage is recorded. It starts with the ABS control module, speedometer, CAS, FEM, BDC, key, engine control module, light control module and so on. If you want to change the mileage correction (roll back digital odometer) in the BMW vehicle from construction year 2008, you have to remove the speedometer / cluster (6WA, 6WB) and the CAS, BDC or the FEM. Then you need to program the speedometer / cluster using mileage programming. (Adjusting of speedometer / odometer by programming of memory chip). BMW has installed special 35080 chips in speedometer. These chips can be programmed with various programmers like BDM programmer or Eprom Eraser, namely for 35080 EEproms. Often such programmers called (Correct mileage for BMW odometers with M35080 chip) or 35080
programming tool.

These 35080 EEPROMS are available in different implementations: M35080, M35080-3, M35080-
6, M35080V6, M35080VP, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ, 35160WT, 35128WT.

Many new models of BMW F- and G-Serie from 2015 have ST 35160WT (160DOWT) chip built in. ST 35160WT (160DOWT) can’t be programmed. Some manufacturers offer EEPROM 35XXX 35160 emulators for the programming of 35160WT chips. That means, 35080 EEprom chip must be removed from the circuit board. Then emulator, which
simulates the original 35160WT Eprom chip, must be soldered. It’s not allowed to unsolder this emulator afterwards.

After making the mileage correction in the speedometer / Cluster (6wA, 6WB) you must reprogram a further module, in fact, the CAS 4, FEM or the FRM. These three modules can be built in BMW. Some BMW F chassis have built the CAS 4 in, some, in turn, the FEM and the most of BMW G chassis have built the BDC in. These modules are located in a footwell of a BMW.

They must be dismantled and opened. Very often a bit more complex and then has to be programmed with a so-called BDM Programmer. Kinds of BDM programmers: Mileage programmer CAS4, BDM programmer, BMW CAS4 5m48h/1n35h chip or BMW FEM/BDC programmer mileage correction.

For that, some cables must be soldered at CAS 4 and some parts of circuit board must be unsoldered. This should be done very carefully. It isn’t uncommon to break the controlling module. Even if you managed to change the mileage in the speedometer / cluster (6WB, 6WA) and to program the mileage in the Cas, FEM or BDC then you have to reset all other control units in the vehicle and adjust the mileage. Then you have to reset all other control units in the vehicle and adjust the mileage. For this you need another Mileage Programmer that can adjust all the control units in the BMW via the OBD2 interface.

The best way is to buy a mileage stopper for BMW on Superkilometerfilter.com

Our mileage freezer is installed behind the speedometer / cluster (6WA, 6WB)

For that you need to dismantle the speedometer / cluster (in most cases it will be pretty fast), afterwards, you need to pull off the original plug and install our Can filter in-between cluster and and original plug from the car.
This mileage stopper can be activated and deactivated easily via buttons on the steering wheel. This module stops all storage in the vehicle. The mileage detection in the vehicle is completely stopped. What does not count the speedometer / cluster, the other control units ECUs can not count.

Advantages of our mileage stopper

You don’t have to program anything in the speedometer.

  • You are freed from programming of CAS 4, BDC or FEM.
  • Soldering in CAS 4 or in other controlling modules isn’t required.
  • Emulator for the 35169 Eprom isn’t requisite.
  • No need for Eprom programmer for the 35080 chips.
  • CAS 4 BDM programmer and special soldering iron aren’t necessary.
  • No risk of damage or breakage of the controlling modules.
  • No additional BMW mileage programmers are needed.

User-friendly installation, dismantling and employment

  • Turning the mileage stopper on and off via buttons on the steering wheel.
  • You can disassemble the mileage stopper when you want.
  • After the dismantling, the mileage won’t raise immediately.
  • This mileage stopper can be used for multiple vehicles.
  • Nothing provides better possibilities of mileage adjusting.

If you want to find out more about mileage freezer and how it works, just glance at the videos on our youtube channel.

Mileage Freezer BMW G30 G31 without 35160D0WT emulator
BMW 6WB cluster odometer freezer instead of a mileage correction
BMW stop km freezer without Cas4 mileage programming / odometer rollback

10 thoughts on “Why is a mileage freezer – odometer freezer better than a odometer adjustment / mileage correction at BMW?

    • Michael says:

      Hi there. You have to solve this with smartphone apps, for example. We are currently working on our own app that enables the kilometers to be counted via GPS as long as the module is activated (i.e. if the kilometers on the speedometer no longer count)

      Best regards

  1. salle says:

    Hi i want to order to my new car who is coming soon “september” its bmw G20 330E 2020 model hybrid
    do this work for my car?

    /Salle from sweden

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