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How To Calculate Mileage And The Importance Of Miles Data

October 19, 2023

Calculate mileage is an essential indicator for every car owner. Covered distance and miles can affect your annual expenses, insurance and overall cost. Your mileage information will be beneficial for you and can help you plan your next trips accurately. If you know how to analyze this information, it will change your driving habits. There are several ways to get this information and how to use it for individual calculations. This is why it is crucial to know what is the data that you need the most and for what you want to use it.

What Is The Mileage?

First of all, it is essential to detect what is mileage and why it has become so important nowadays. Mileage is the amount of miles that a vehicle covers while driving. For calculating mileage, a unique instrument – an odometer does all the challenging work. It tracks every single mile or kilometer that you drive, analyses it and displays the information on the dashboard. Hence, the odometer is the device that makes it possible for you to check your mileage.
And still, why is it so important today? Numerous factors make mileage an essential characteristic of your auto. Firstly, the distance is a major indicator that shows how old or used the vehicle is. If the mileage is higher, it is considered that a car needs more maintenance costs. Therefore, people prefer to buy vehicles with lower mileage. Secondly, mileage calculation can change your insurance and reimbursement rate. This is because a lot of companies calculate their conditions according to the mileage data. In addition, it helps you plan when you need to undergo engine checks, oil changes and maintenance. Hence, it’s critical information that may assist you in a variety of ways.

What You Need to Know To Calculate Mileage Correctly

Each automobile covers a particular number of miles while driving. Depending on your needs, you can receive and use the mileage information differently. For instance, if you just need mileage information (how many miles you have covered), you don’t have to do any calculations on your own. The odometer constantly does it for you, and you can simply check your dashboard to find this particular data.
In case you want to detect your gas rate, you need to make a note of your mileage first. Then, fill up your fuel and check the mileage when you finally get to the destination. Once you calculate the distance between the two points, divide the number by the amount you paid for your gas. The result will be your cost for a single mile. So, when you decide to drive your car, based on your mileage, you already know how to calculate how much money you will spend on fuel.

you Need to Know To Calculate Mileage Correctly


What Makes Calculating Mileage Significant?

As we discussed above, miles can be crucial in cars. Even in 2023, it plays a significant role in the auto industry.

  1. Mileage information is the most important element for planning the maintenance of your vehicle. After particular mileage, you need to change an oil, undergo tire examination and overall check-ups.
  2. Insurance companies always take mileage numbers into consideration when calculating their rates. Of course, it is not the only thing that influences the prices, but it can be one of the most significant.
  3. Constant driving influences vehicle’s overall wear and tear. The more you drive, the bigger the deterioration will be. This is why potential buyers will always check the numbers on your instrument panel.
  4. The engine is the central part of your car. After a period of time, it becomes less effective and starts to have a flaw in performance. The miles calculate this period. Therefore, with proper mileage calculation, you can detect when your engine needs replacement or more attention.
  5. Resale value: the distance shown on your instrument cluster always changes the price of the vehicle. If the mileage is lower, it increases the resale prices.

Misconception About the Car Mileage

From maintenance to overall costs, mileage is a key factor. Everyone knows how important it is, and consequently, everybody is too concerned about this information. However, a few know we sometimes pay too much attention to it. There are more significant indicators that we should consider.

  • Do you know that your driving habits are more important than the actual mileage? It’s true! If you constantly push the accelerator pedal and do rapid stops, this has a negative impact on your car. Indeed, one or two attempts never have a decisive result. However, when it becomes a habit, it hugely damages your vehicle.
  • The roads and terrain are the essential circumstances that you have to take into consideration. If you just calculate mileage and think that you have all the data about the car, it is not the right approach. Vehicles that drive on a highway will always be in a better overall condition than cars which are used on rocky roads. It gradually diminishes the performance and efficiency of the auto.

There is no question that mileage is essential, and you should pay close attention to it. But also remember that there are more important aspects to consider.

Mileage Correction

The importance and relevance of mileage triggered a desire to manipulate the functioning of odometers artificially. This process is known as mileage correction. You may also know it as odometer correction or odometer adjustment. All of these terms mean the same thing. The main idea of these methods is to get access to a system and make it display fewer miles on the odometer than in reality.
As you can see, calculating mileage is not always the best way to make final decisions about the vehicle. In auto industry, as in other sectors, businesses and tech companies have developed numerous devices. They can do the things that would completely change your ideas on the automobile. Based on this, you have to do a profound research before you decide to buy a second-hand car.

About Mileage Correction

Different Approaches to Modify the Mileage Calculation

Over time, individuals came up with the idea of changing the car mileage and displaying misleading miles. This idea has gradually become popular, and more and more people try to follow this track. As people live in different circumstances and have different possibilities, they use various methods for the same goal.

  • Rolling back mileage is one of the most common versions of odometer correction. It implies removing a particular amount of mileage from the dashboard. As a result, the system displays lower numbers than it is in reality.
  • The odometer reset also grabbed everyone’s attention for its biggest results. It completely deletes all the miles or kilometers from the instrument panels. Hence, your vehicle shows zero as the total covered distance. When you calculate mileage in a car, always pay attention to the previous miles and make sure there is no deduction.
  • Mileage freezing is the process of stopping mileage recording. Different companies tried to achieve the goal, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

All of these tools have a significant flaw that makes them undesired products. They are easily traceable by scanner tools and professionals during checkups. Hence, people try to avoid using them.

How to Spot the Deception

If you worry about buying the wrong car, there are several effective advice that will help you detect odometer malfunction.

  1. Request a vehicle history report. As soon as you get the information, you will have the data about the odometer showing over time, and you can compare it to the vehicle’s current data. How realistic the information is and decide if you can trust that reading.
  2. Check the previous services. These records will reveal various details about the vehicle’s history. If the car services are connected to calculating mileage, it can be the first alarming thing for you.
  3. Check the system’s storage. Most automobiles with a digital odometer store the mileage information in ECUs. Checking these numbers will allow you to compare it to the present mileage.
  4. Show the vehicle to a professional for inspection. If you have any doubts and are not sure about the vehicle, you should not risk it. Make your car inspected by a person who knows all the details about the car inspection. It is crucial to make a decision based on the proof and don’t follow only your intuition.

Can Anyone Change an Odometer?

As mileage correction has become an increasingly common phenomenon, people wonder if they can change it on their own. Firstly, if you are driving an automobile, mileage calculation is helpful information. It can avoid expensive repairs or help you calculate your costs for your trip.
In spite of the benefits, people still want to change it. And, of course, it contains specific risks and consequences. The most important can be its legal aspect. In many countries, altering odometers is illegal. Nobody should reset or roll back the original mileage. In the United States, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulates U.S. federal tax laws, and it is directly linked to how you calculate mileage.
Moreover, it damages not only their reputation but also the whole industry. When a person buys a vehicle with odometer manipulation, it will always be suspicious for the following purchases. This creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and makes the buying process less comfortable for both sides.
Furthermore, manipulations will affect the maintenance of the vehicle. You already know that mileage plays a significant role in the process. If you have misleading information, you cannot follow the guidelines correctly, which will affect your vehicle.

An Effective Mileage Altering Device

Calculating mileage is an unavoidable part of having a vehicle. Whether you live in the US, UK or somewhere else, you take care of your automobile. Correct miles can bring you numerous benefits, however, there are cases when it is necessary to interfere with its functioning. For example, in case of physical damage, technical malfunctioning, or testing, mileage can be changed.
The team of Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) has created a technologically advanced device – the mileage blocker. This compact tool does not reset or roll back any recorded mileage. Its only purpose is to help tester during car checkups and tuning. The mileage blocker just stops miles recording process and does not interfere with the mileage calculation. There will not be any distance deduction after utilising this device. The blocker comes with a DIY installation and a mobile application that makes the whole process a lot more comfortable. Most importantly, this smart device does not store mileage information in ECUs, therefore, it is completely untraceable. Fortunately, this device is viable for all car models, and you can purchase it from the SKF website. For further questions, please feel free to contact the customer center.


Calculate mileage is the process of measuring the miles in a vehicle while being in motion. This mileage information is crucial and contains a lot of important details. Drivers who know how to use this data can greatly benefit from it. For car testers who need to stop the mileage recording process for a short period of time, there is a device – the mileage blocker. It is a compact and highly efficient tool that boasts with its untraceable performance. Remember that this device is only for testing and tuning, and nobody should use it on free roads.

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