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Does Replacing The Engine Reset Mileage? – This Is What You Need To Know

November 19, 2022

Does replacing the engine reset mileage? – This is a popular question for those who are going to replace engines to improve their car’s performance. As long as the engine is a core part of the automobile, we need to know what we should expect from changing it.

According to widespread belief, engine swap causes resetting mileage. Before we find out the truth let’s discuss what is the motivation behind this act, what is it? – Necessity or comfort, is it worth it, what are other components are generally understated and need maintenance more than we think. As long as numbers displayed on the odometer are such a headache for most motorists, they are constantly searching for the justification for odometer correction. Needless to say, if you want to correct it, you need a serious reason because resetting without reason is a criminal offense. Swapping does not cause resetting – it is stated firmly. 

Let’s start and investigate the topic deeply and answer the question: does a new engine reset the odometer?  Before we do that, let’s take a closer look at the engine, its role, and things we should consider, including mileage when we replace it. 

Why do people replace engines? 

Is replacing an engine necessary?

Let’s start with the fact that replacing engines is a common practice when people do not want to get rid of their cars and want to upgrade them. It is considered a personal reason. Sometimes owners have some sentiments about their property and just want to extend their life as long as possible. On the other hand, reason can be very practical, for example, a faulty engine or some automotive problem that needs to be solved. Whatever the reason, swapping is a big deal. Before we answer the question: Does a new engine reset mileage?  Let’s take a closer look at when replacement is an inevitable necessity. These are as follows:

After the accident

Body damage is not the only problem for owners when they are involved in an accident. Sometimes engine damage is so severe that your insurance company decides to total it or change the engine to get back a new life for your automobile. 

Damaged engine block

An engine block is a structure that contains the cylinders, and other parts, of an internal combustion engine. Hence, the proper working of the engine depends on the proper functioning of its parts including the cylinder. excess heat from the engine combustion affects engine block from time to time. so, block cracks.

Black smoke 

Excessive and black exhaust is one of the first indicators of engine health. It means that it burns excessive amounts of gasoline. When the smoke is thick, it means that the engine is at the end of its lifespan.

Excessive fuel consumption

One of the signs that the engine does not work properly is high fuel consumption. After a long time, the engine is getting old so it is not efficient anymore. Once you find out that you need to fill up the gas tank more than usual, it is a sign that the engine doesn’t function properly.

Metal shavings in motor oil

Do not ignore the importance of motor oil. Motor oil provides lubrication to the many moving parts of an engine, which helps to avoid damage and keep your engine running smoothly. When its level is low, it does not provide proper lubrication. Without proper lubrication, the heat and friction between the metal parts would create small metal shavings. 

Does new engine reset mileage?

Can new engine reset odometer?

A brand new engine is a great way to upgrade a vehicle, but it won’t reset the odometer. According to the working principle of the odometer, it is not connected to the engine. Odometers work by counting wheel rotations, hence the distance traveled is the number of wheel rotations times the tire circumference. Odometer serves useful purposes, it helps to determine a lot of things such as distance traveled, sale price, fuel consumption, maintenance schedule, and tire lifespan. So, if you want to know: Does new engine reset mileage? The short answer is it does not reset. It’s just a good way for people to increase the value of second-hand cars and give them improved possibilities. For resetting you should replace most components such as the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, alternator, wiring, etc.

A new engine does not automatically mean that travel distance is zero. Obviously, it is zero for the engine, but it is not for other parts. wheels, seats, interior, and brakes indicate genuine mileage. Needless to say, replacing engines gives new life to vehicles, but it is not magic! You should know the answer to the question: Does odometer change with new engine? – is unambiguous – No. 

Why do people change odometer readings?

Odometers matter. People are eager to change displayed numbers to their advantage because it makes auto more desirable for potential buyers. According to popular belief, the less distance traveled, the more well-kept it is. However, people forget that other things are not less important. For example, what is the age and how reliable it is. 

Another reason for people who manipulate odometers is that they have an ultimate necessity to do that. For example, an older odometer is broken and they need to purchase a second-hand odometer that needs to be calibrated. Sometimes they replace their stock tires with non-standard tires, so the odometer does not display the right numbers. Other legitimate reasons can be as follows: after a jump-starting, electrical fault, dashboard damage, gauge failure. 

When we talk about the tendency of odometer correction, we should know if it legal act or not. As it seems, it depends on the method and purpose of this act. Unfortunately, in most cases, the purpose is not honest.

It is illegal

Disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated is called odometer fraud. According to NHTSA, about half a million vehicles become the victim of the fraud, it costs $1 billion annually for American customers. 

There are different types of correction. Some people use rollback tools that are meant to roll back existing numbers on the odometer. It is an unethical practice, especially when it is not mentioned in the documentation. Diagnostic tools can easily detect such manipulation. People who commit odometer fraud, use a copy of the title and change numbers in them to lie to potential buyers. 

Sometimes people justify correction with different reasons. One of the reasons is that the engine showcase zero. Does replacing the engine reset mileage? – No. you still have a dashboard that clearly states the distance traveled. 

What part of the odometer can be reset?

Does a new engine reset the odometer? – We know that it does not. However, there is a part of the odometer called – a trip meter, that is used to record the distance traveled during the short trip. Unlike the odometer, a trip meter is reset at any point in a journey. Drivers can use it to know the distance between two points and reset it anytime they want. 

Does a new engine mean a new automobile?

At some point – yes, it is so. It is cheaper than buying an automobile. It is a great option for those who want to save money and have a hard time parting with an automobile. 

You can have good expectations from the newer transmission. Rebuild it will likely produce good results. You should not worry about your warranty if you are not going to replace an engine on your own. Does a new engine reset mileage? – No it does not affect the distance traveled. Moreover, it doesn’t influence warranty and insurance too. Just make sure that you declare it properly. Additionally, It gives you an improved driving experience. 

The legitimate purposes for correction

So, as we mentioned above, there are reasons that justify correcting the odometer. Many people want to test the performance of the automobile without adding additional kilometers. Or, you may want to test the gadget. The best way to do that is using an extraordinary tool called Mileage blocker that offers you flawless performance. It halts the mileage recording process unconditionally from all control units.  Hence, the information is changed unconditionally and cannot be retrieved even after removing the module. On the contrary, the correction tool simply is plugged through the OBD port and only rolls back the figures on the odometer, but cannot remove it from all the control units. Does new engine reset mileage? – it does not, but you still alter the information if you do not break the law.

Unfortunately, people use this blocker for malicious purposes, but it is banned and unethical. We do not recommend illegal usage. The blocker should be used for testing and tuning in a controlled environment. You can shop for it on our online shop. After purchasing we offer proper installation and technical support you can visit our costumer center and get answers to all your questions.


So, we have already answered the question: does odometer change with new engine? We know that it does not, but swapping the engine can be very useful for your automobile to last longer. it improves the general performance of the automobile. As for resetting the traveled distance, it can be done, but mostly it happens for dishonest purposes. In short, does replacing the engine reset mileage? The answer is no, it showcases zero, but the precise information is on the dashboard. 

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