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How to Know How Many Miles Your Car Has and What Makes This Information Crucial?

May 1, 2023

How to know how many miles your car has may seem easy because an odometer records the information about the miles and kilometers and displays it on the dashboard, however, these numbers do not always express reality and can be misleading. Although most automobiles show distance on their odometers, certain models may not display that kind of data instantly on the instrument cluster. Today’s vehicles have become increasingly adaptable, allowing you to customize the information that appears on the dash panel. This is why one may not see the actual distance on the trip meter. 

certainly, the methods for determining automobile mileage will differ from model to model. This implies you’ll need to use an additional set of buttons to get to those particular figures. For example, in some models you may need to push the “UP” and “DOWN” buttons simultaneously. After this, you will be able to see your desired information. 

Do you know how to check miles on a car if it is an older model? You’ll figure it out without trouble. Cars with analog odometers display the number of miles on an analog indicator. So all you have to do is check the gauge and you’re done. It’s as simple as it gets. This information is useful as it helps you better plan oil changes, monitor overall wear and tears, or just take maintenance into consideration. 

What is the mileage and how to know how many miles your car has?

Car mileage is one of the most important factors that each consumer considers prior to making their decision. It is an aspect that determines an automobile’s endurance for many people. High volume indicates greater deterioration. As a consequence, lower-distance autos are usually significantly more expensive than others and everyone wants to know how to look up mileage on a car. The value of low kilometers in a secondhand automobile is obvious at a certain point. Yet, several things influence its actual state.

In fact, there are several correct and misleading ideas about mileage statistics. I’d recommend going over all of the relevant material to see whether its function is overstated or not. First of all, we should take into consideration the fact that the mileage is not solely the most information about your car. It simply displays the total distance you covered. Of course, you can make some calculations based on this data, however, keep in mind that people can easily manipulate odometers and change the odometer reading. In this case, how to know how many miles your car has will become a little trickier. Don’t worry! I will help you check the total miles of your auto.

what is the mileage and how to know it exactly

Why do people change mileage?

As we previously mentioned, the use of hardware correction tools is at an all-time high. Even if every circumstance is unique and every person has a unique perspective, there are still a number of fundamental explanations for why people try to fix mileage by employing adjustment tools.

  • Misfunctioning is among the most frequent causes of odometer adjustments. You can find out all of a sudden that the dashboard is no longer displaying the right figures for whatever reason. Although car manufacturers make an effort to avoid actual issues, they occasionally occur, so you need to know how to check miles on a car.
  • Computers regularly show insufficient data after repair. You might have encountered such a situation if you’ve previously had to fix an engine. This is pretty typical for virtually all models, and you ought to update it right away.
  • Every automobile is required to be tested, and everyone undergoes several inspections before going on sale. This is performed to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed and that everything proceeds according to plan. In addition, whenever you plan to purchase a vehicle, we usually request an inspection test. The testers utilize an electronic odometer restore device to prevent others detect how to look up mileage on a car. It ensures that the last reported miles are going to be cut out.
  • A further explanation for the odometer malfunctioning is physical damage to the control panel. For instance, it’s possible that the computer system may display incorrect figures if you had an accident.

There are several further justifications for employing such instruments. It is rapidly gaining popularity and owners always strive to reduce the miles and kilometers of their cars. Therefore, how to know how many miles your car has is a significant asset for you.

How to check miles on a car and detect rollback

Dealers have been using odometer alterations to their favor for years. They used a number of strategies to accomplish their goals and make additional income. Now everyone has access to cutting-edge technologies as a result of modernization and development. It addresses the need for you to be able to know how to look up mileage on a car and find misleading mileage reading in any vehicle

Physical damage on the instrument cluster

Physical damage to the indicator panel requires opening the covering from the dashboard in order to access the rollback odometer tool and reset mileage. Most frequently, individuals leave a number of scratches or other little defects on the outer layer. Whenever you see these things, you could think that someone changed the number of kilometers.

Worn tires

One of the first things to check is the wheels of the car. That will demonstrate how often the car made lengthy trips. Constantly align the figures on the dashboard to the state of the tires. If there is a contrast, you could assume that someone has tampered with the meter.

Damaged parts and replacements

How to know how many miles your car has? Another way to check whether a vehicle is a proper condition. If there is not a serious accident, new cars don’t need any parts replaced. It is plausible to believe that the odometer has been manipulated if there are any fresh replacements or engine damage.

General Deterioration 

If an auto is brand new and hasn’t been used much, use-related harm will be minimal.  Therefore, it may not be as new as the vendor states if you see that the chairs are in terrible shape, the foot pedals are visibly used, and the padding is worn down. So, a lot of people try to artificially change the actual mileage of their vehicles and make the system display faulty miles or kilometers. That is why it is crucial to know how to check miles on a car and find the correct information. The above-mentioned steps will be a great assist during the process. 

Use of different devices

Given how important mileage is nowadays, car owners frequently strive to modify the real number shown on the instrument cluster. They employ various tools to modify the distance. These devices are also known as odometer rewind, resetting, correction tools, or kilometer stopper. Despite the fact that they all strive toward the same objective, they all operate differently and produce various outcomes. To know how to look up mileage on a car you should know how those tools can change the odometer reading in your vehicle.

Although the fact that modern digital odometers save information in system storage units seems to be safer, their data may still be manipulated. One type of tool is a rollback device. After using this tool, the final numbers on the dashboard will be lower than the actual distance traveled. Even when rolling back produces the desired outcome, diagnostic tools can quickly identify the interference that may lead to further issues.

The resetting mechanism entirely restores the mileage data. Consequently, upon applying these methods, your total miles will appear as “0” on the dash of your car. As you can see, how to know how many miles your car has is not only a matter of looking at the odometer. Despite the fact that this device appears to be a success, reset tools have the same issue: the Carfax or scanners will undoubtedly detect the device’s presence. As a result, it is neither an entirely practical nor perfect option for the clients.

As for the correction tool, it changes any number and displays the desired outcome. This instrument, sometimes known as an adjustment tool, lets you choose how many miles you want to show in your vehicle. The main difficulty with this method is that the information is quickly detectable.

usage of various tools for car

What is the best device to change the mileage?

As you have seen, people always try to know how to check miles on a car. That is why vehicle sellers have made several to discover the right way for changing the odometer reading without leaving any trace. Some attempted to fully wipe the data, while others modified the mileage and the remainder rolled back the numbers. These actions were clearly unsuccessful and did not achieve the initial objectives. But what if I tell you that there is a perfect gadget?

A mileage blocker is a device that prevents all control units from registering miles. It doesn’t erase, revert, or modify any current information. The major purpose is to keep the machine from counting up new mileage while driving. The most significant difference between it and prior methods is that this is fully untraceable and invisible. Super Kilometer Filter’s German team created this exclusive device featuring temperature-resistant and premium components that will perform perfectly in every scenario. It also contains DIY setup guidance, so anyone can apply it without additional help. 

So, the mileage blocker is a distinctive option for individuals who wish to adjust the distance while leaving no trace. It is a basic, tiny, yet completely effective answer to a modern challenge. Fortunately, this digital odometer reset tool is available for purchase on the SKF website online. So, after installing the mileage blocker, you can use it without thinking about how to look up mileage on a car. Always keep in mind, that this device is for testing and tuning purposes. Using it unethically may cause you legal issues. If you have any more questions, please visit the support page or contact customer service.


How to know how many miles your car has is useful knowledge that you can use in several ways. The easiest way to check the miles or kilometers is via an odometer reading, where the necessary data is displayed. However, nowadays a lot of people try to manipulate mileage information and the data is not always correct. Even though there are many devices on the market for that purpose, they are easily detectable using scanner tools. For testing and tuning purposes, the Super Kilometer Filter team from Germany has developed Mileage Blocker, which is the perfect device to change the mileage without any trace. For any detailed information, you can always contact customer support through the official website.

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