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What Happens When You Remove Mileage Blocker?

November 10, 2022

A lot of people artificially change the correct mileage in their vehicles and they all wonder “what happens when you remove mileage blocker?” – In most cases, as soon as you disconnect a device from the system, the distance will simultaneously increase. However, if you use the mileage blocker from SKF, the mileage will remain the same even after removing the blocker.

Odometer tampering, also known as “clocking”, includes any type of actions that adjust and lower the original miles and kilometers. The main goal is to make a system show misleading mileage. Altering an instrument cluster implies resetting, freezing, and rolling back the numbers. They have become really common nowadays and people constantly use them to interfere with the normal measuring process. 

Once someone decides to adjust the original miles, he or she needs to set up a special gadget that will assist in achieving the goal. Usually, people use correction tools for such purposes. Depending on the model, they can successfully delete and erase digits from a dashboard. These appliances can get you the desired result in a few minutes. Even though they may seem promising, there is a bigger problem. When you remove that instrument the original distance will be visible right away. Hence, all of your efforts will be futile. Fortunately, there is a unique solution – the mileage blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) that maintains the number even after removing it. 

All in all, if you ever wondered what happens when you remove mileage blocker? It depends on the manufacturer you use. Most of the time, after removing the module you will see the correct data on the dashboard. However, if you use the product from SKF, the distance still will be unchanged after unplugging the tool.

Why do people change mileage?

Reason behind changing mileage

Mileage has a big influence on our decisions nowadays and we, of course, pay attention to it. Sometimes, people give it too much importance and forget more important aspects. Even though it is often exaggerated, miles have the power to change our final decisions. The question is ”how”?

Firstly, people believe that more miles always indicate that a car is old and it will need a lot of money for maintenance in the future. This is one of the major factors why people always try to stay away from a higher distance. On some occasions that might be true, but in the modern era automobiles are better equipped and modernized, so they can last longer with higher mileage than in the past. Still, vehicles with less covered distance have a higher resale price and owners try to somehow manipulate the information to make a profit.

Secondly, insurance companies seriously take the miles into consideration. Some might think that insurance does not affect this issue at all, however, they calculate the prices according to it. Therefore, the more you drive, the more you have to pay for insurance. This is another factor that tempts the owners to change the mileage. Before doing so, they ask “what happens when you remove mileage blocker?” When people reset km or any other such services the distance is visible after removing. But while using mileage blockers from SKF you do not need to worry about it, as it does not save the data in control units and the numbers always remain unchanged. 

It should be highlighted that even though miles and kilometers are important they are not the only characteristics you need to pay attention to. The meaning of low and high are gradually changing and there are more significant factors that require your focus. For instance, terrain and the condition under which a person uses a car have a more significant effect.

Therefore, several circumstances stimulate mileage fraud. It can be a resale price, insurance companies or simply a misconception. That is why it is important to know that distance is not the only thing you need to look at and there are other plenty of different details to consider while buying a used car

Is odometer manipulation illegal?

Odometer manipulation - is it legal or illegal?

Considering the above-mentioned information, it is not difficult to guess why people often try to manipulate the instrument panel and display misleading numbers. It may seem to be an ordinary number for someone but an experienced driver knows how much important distance has. It helps you understand the overall wear and tear, plan oil changes, calculate insurance payments, determine the approximate resale price and many more. But we have to answer a crucial question: is odometer tampering legal and what happens when you remove the mileage blocker? 

The truth is that any kind of action that affects the performance and makes the system display incorrect data is illegal. This type of fraud is against the law and a federal crime in the United States. The Federal Statute regulates such cases, but several states have introduced additional restrictions to prevent fraud. The Federal statute indicates that a person may not “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, an odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer.” In addition, conspiracies are against the law and a person responsible faces a legal charge. Depending on the state you are in the consequences will be different.

Furthermore, everyone should be careful as using a vehicle with an incorrect showing is also punishable. Everyone should notify an appropriate authority if there is anything suspicious. So, rolling back, selling or even using a misleading instrument cluster is against the law and it is essential to know what to do if you have appeared in such a situation.   

How to avoid odometer fraud

It is obvious that everyone involved in the fraud will be punished according to the law. It will cause serious legal disputes and complications as well. To avoid problems there are several important steps that will help you prevent fraud and make the best choice. You may wonder what happens when you remove the mileage blocker? Can you still find a trace of any illegal activity? Follow these steps to find out how to better protect yourself.

  • Worn tires – The first thing you need to do is to examine physical conditions. Look at the tires and try to figure out if it is appropriate to the distance that is shown on the instrument cluster. The tires will give you an overall idea of what you should expect. If they are worn out and the owner claims that the auto is new, this might be a sign of fraud. Manufacturers usually add the details on the tires, so double-check them as well.
  • Pedals – brand new cars cannot be in bad condition. Check the inside of it and examine all the pedals. There should not be a significant sign of use if it is new. 
  • Scratches – once anyone decides to change the miles, they need to remove an instrument cluster. Usually, it ends up with several scratches on the cluster. This is why you have to look for scratches on a dashboard and if you find some, you have to be careful.
  • Broken parts – when you decide to buy something new, of course, you don’t expect it to be broken or damaged. The same can be said on this occasion. If you notice that some parts are replaced or broken you need to do a deeper “investigation”.
  • Reports – Request all the official documents and reports. They show the official information on the vehicle. The information in the official papers should match the numbers shown on the odometer. You can also use VIN to find the information online.

Changing miles has become a huge problem nowadays and they are difficult to detect. People use cheap modern devices to manipulate numbers and change correct information. So, you have to be patient and check as many details as you can. 

Mileage blocker – the legal alternative

After all, we need to answer two major questions: what is the mileage blocker? And what happens when you remove mileage blocker? 

A mileage blocker is a tool that stops counting up miles while a car is in motion. During the process, it does not store any information in the control units and consequently, the miles are untraceable. It does not affect the normal functioning of an engine or any other parts of the vehicle. The team from Germany has created it for only testing and tuning purposes and it has several advantages compared to other gadgets available on the market. 

  • It is compatible with all models such as Mercedes, BMW, honda, Audi, etc.
  • It has simple Do-It-Yourself installation instructions, that save your time. You don’t need to go to a mechanic for set-up;
  • The data about the mileage is untraceable and the system does not store this data anywhere; 
  • You have an opportunity to choose from different modules and to switch to other ones even during driving; 
  • Mileage blockers consist of heat-resistant and premium quality materials that work flawlessly under any weather condition;
  • The blocker from SKF does not store the information and this is why the mileage does not increase and remains the same even after removing the module;
  • It has its mobile applications and you control it from your mobile phone.

The mileage blocker uses highly advanced and innovative technologies to make the product work flawlessly. Fortunately, it is available and you can buy the mileage blocker from online shop. Remember that this device is only for testing and tuning purposes and using them on free roads is unethical and illegal. If you have any questions please check the support or reach out to the customer center.


So, what happens when you remove mileage blocker? If you use the mileage blocker from SKF the miles do not increase simultaneously. The blocker stops counting up new distance and the vehicle doesn’t save this information in its control units. It is essential to always remember that this tool is for only testing and tuning and nobody should use it on free roads – otherwise they will face criminal charges as such actions are illegal.

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