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Is Mileage Checker Essential To Consider?

September 2, 2022

Mileage checker is one of the most important aspects to consider. Unless you are a professional or have a lot of knowledge, the car-buying experience can be daunting. How are you supposed to know whether the vehicle listed meets the promises made by the seller? Well, first you should rely on your intuition, the appearance of the car, but above all the mileage. This should match the age of the car. The miles driven say a lot about the condition and thus the value of a used car. Only if you know the genuine mileage of a vehicle then  you can tell how well the previous owner(s) have looked after it. And ultimately the prior usage of the vehicle will affect the price you pay. So it does pay to know about the prior history of a vehicle before you purchase it.

Below you’ll learn more about mileage discrepancies and mileage history in some more detail. Let’s get started.

Why is a car mileage checker important?

A mileage checker is crucial for several reasons before buying a used vehicle. First off, a car mileage checker tells you about the condition of the vehicle to some extent. Generally, if the mileage is high, poorer condition. The second reason is you might want to find mileage discrepancies in the car meter reading. A high mileage vehicle is more prone to break down than an automobile with low mileage. Therefore, such a vehicle can be a safety risk if not maintained properly. Moreover, you have to pay more for a vehicle with low mileage. If you find a mileage anomaly, you would know the car’s worth is way low than the seller demands for it.

The importance of car mileage checker


We can think of several reasons. One reason why people want to know how to change mileage on the car is to commit fraud. The owners of used cars usually roll back the numbers on the odometer artificially to increase the price for the vehicle that has lost its value. They simply rip their customers off with the help of deceit. In my opinion, that extra money isn’t worth all that trouble. But we can see clearly that sellers don’t agree with it.

The second reason stands for paying less for insurance. In such countries as the USA the majority of insurance companies check your annual mileage and calculate the premium accordingly. They will ask you the estimated annual mileage when you fill out the application. It’s crucially important to know approximate numbers to avoid any trouble. The fact that you drive a lot puts you in the higher risk group. That ultimately means that you’ll have to pay more to maintain your package. In other words, the higher the mileage, the more you pay for insurance. In certain cases, even exceeding annual mileage limits on insurance could increase your premium. Keeping track of your driving habits will essentially save you a lot of money.

The same stands for avoiding taxes. For example, Vehicle miles traveled (VMT), is a pilot program for a vehicle mileage tax and it taxes drivers by the number of miles they travel. Instead of charging them depending on their fuel consumption, it collects the mileage data and distributes taxes accordingly. But you might have guessed, that it has increased the number of mileage fraud, yes you are in the right direction in your thinking – the mileage checker is essential.  People usually use two tools to reduce the numbers on their odometer.

Odometer Correction Tools

The tools that change vehicles’ mileage are quite widespread these days. The first of them is the Odometer Correction Tool. The device can reprogram the odometer, however, it can’t alter the existing data in control units. It’s unlikely that people will use such a unit – the mileage information will probably be pulled from the internal storage, not the odometer. That’s why people begin to realize that mileage blocker can be used instead of odometer correction tool to alter the mileage from all control units. It’s far more efficient in the sense that its performance is impossible to detect. Even though this tool isn’t meant for fraudulent applications, people might take advantage of its features.

Mileage Blocker

As mentioned above, a mileage blocker is untraceable. It is software that does not interfere with the existing numbers. It’s a tool that can be turned on and off by clicking certain buttons. Once triggered, it stops recording the kilometers. Thus, it enables the users to avoid counting unwanted miles when they are testing the performance or the functionality of the new car. However, the module was designed only for testing purposes.

Another reason why people like to use the mileage blocker on public roads is that it’s available for all cars. Manufacturers design each model for a specific vehicle, guaranteeing the best performance with each release. Even though some people might use this tool for the wrong reasons, we can’t deny its advantages. By far, the mileage blocker is the best device on the market as its performance is impossible to detect even with a diagnostic scanner. 

Mileage correction tools

Who Keeps the Mileage Record?

In the modern world, there are a lot of online sources where you can get any needed information about a vehicle.  With the help of online resources, you can manage the whole process easily without losing much time. You can simply search for vehicle advertisements on the websites.  Even though the model might seem ideal, it might be far away from reality. For that reason, it is always preferable to remember two things: to check a vehicle’s true value and never purchase a car without checking the VIN code.

Vehicle history reports have become an integral part of any used-car purchase. They are one of the best ways to learn about a given vehicle’s past and help make your search for a used car much easier. The car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is the key to the vehicle history report. The 17-digit VIN is like the car’s Social Security number: It’s used to note nearly every major event in a vehicle’s lifetime. Typically, the information on a vehicle history report includes a summary and an overall evaluation of the vehicle, supported with details, dates, and locations. The report makes it easy to see if the car has been registered in numerous states.

Carfax odometer check

Once you have got the VIN code, one of the ways to be on the safe side is to search for a Carfax mileage checker. Carfax, headquartered in Centreville, Virginia has one of the biggest vehicle history databases, with more than 23 billion records. There are also some other sources. For instance, in the UK the most commonly used source for mileage history is from MOT testing. Whenever an MOT test is performed, the engineer will (by law) record the mileage of the vehicle at testing time. The report will also show you previous MOT records by giving dates of the earlier tests and the reasons for failure at any point. Anyone can access it for free from GOV.uk. It sources information directly from Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency for any car registered in the UK that has had an MOT test since 2005.


As we have seen, it’s not that difficult to learn how to check the mileage on a car. You could be interested in this information for personal reasons. You might be willing to know the real mileage of the vehicle you want to buy. If you don’t know how to find car mileage, you might become an easy target for deception. With the help of the Carfax odometer check and other websites I have informed you about, you can check the vehicle history, and even determine the true value. Hence, using and combining all services of the web pages can help you a lot.

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