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OBD Mileage Correction, Importance and Influence Of Such Practices In The Modern Auto Industry

April 6, 2023

Obd mileage correction is an adjustment of the mileage shown on a vehicle’s odometer using an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) tool. This device is used to manipulate the electronic components of the vehicle and alter the mileage readings stored in the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). Typically by mechanics and car enthusiasts carry out mileage correction to diagnose and fix problems with an engine and other systems. However, sometimes people use it to reduce the mileage readings on their cars to increase the resale value or to hide the true mileage of the vehicle, which usually leads to multiple complications.

So, is a mileage correction scanner commonly used to correct an odometer nowadays? The short answer is yes. In times of ever-evolving development and advancement, the ease of access to the required technology and equipment has led to an increase in its popularity. Those who wish to sell their automobiles for a better price than they would otherwise obtain most typically employ this method. It is now much easier to falsify mileage, which can have serious consequences for both purchasers and sellers. For example, such actions can cause safety concerns. When someone alters the mileage, it can be difficult to accurately assess the vehicle’s condition, especially if it has been driven extensively. Therefore, the system will not be able to properly measure the necessary data and properly analyze the information.

Influence of mileage correction on modern vehicles

Mileage correction influenced not only the functioning of the systems but also the whole auto industry as well. manufacturers constantly try to make their cars resistant to obd mileage correction. They develop new software, make numerous diagnostics, and do testing multiple times. Despite such measures, many found different ways to bypass such obstacles. They use different gadgets and devices to somehow change the miles or kilometers on the dashboard. In this blog post, we will discuss how the whole process works; why people use such gadgets, which one is the most effective in practice and what you should take into consideration while buying a new car.

How does the mileage correction scanner work?

The obd mileage correction distance-adjustment scan tools involve connecting the car’s OBD port, which is usually located under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Using software to alter the odometer reading stored in the ECUs. The ECU is a computer that controls various systems in the car, including the odometer. Once connected, By accessing the ECU and changing the odometer reading, the scanner reads the car’s current mileage and allows the user to adjust it to the desired value.

There are different types of devices, ranging from simple handheld gadgets to more sophisticated programs that can be used on a laptop. Some require the user to have a certain level of technical expertise, while others are more user-friendly tools and can be operated by anyone. It is important to note that the mileage correction scanner should only be used for legitimate purposes such as diagnostic vehicles, resolving detected issues, replacing faulty odometer parts, resetting mileage after a repair or replacement of the ECU, etc. 

mileage correction scanner working principle

Why do people change mileage?

You have probably heard about how one of the most essential variables in a car purchase is the volume of kilometers on the display. So why is this phenomenon so significant? And why do people try to adjust the real numbers?

Many feel that increased mileage equals higher expenses and severe general deterioration. Such automobiles are typically considered well-kept and have a greater commercial value. This serves as a major reason why people use obd mileage correction. Even though the odometer showing does not necessarily detect that the car is in the best condition, we still pay too much attention to this information. By reducing the mileage on the display panel, the system shows that an owner drove less distance than in reality. Therefore, it appears to be in better condition and will automatically have a higher price tag as well. The increased valuation allows the seller to ask for a higher price.

In order to change the actual distance people, use various tools. They have different approaches and consequently, different results.

Types of Mileage change

  • Odometer rollback, sometimes known as “clocking”, is one approach to lowering mileage. Although it looks that altering the contemporary digital odometer is secure, their information, similar to all computers, is an easy target. One example of an electronic tool is an odometer rollback. It alters the mileage in the digits and is less than the actual traveled miles. Despite the fact that it plainly achieves the desired purpose, scanning instruments may quickly discover the disruption that would lead to additional issues.
  • Another way of using the mileage correction scanner tool is resetting mileage. Altering the odometer in a vehicle is a common practice and means reducing the mileage to zero. A person usually does such things when they need to sell a car or when it has undergone significant repairs that require the replacement of the engine or transmission. Take into account that OBD2 scanner devices will easily detect the artificially changed miles.
  • Correction gadgets have different ways of handling mileage. They do not erase the entire distance from the dashboard or decrease the displayed number. A correction tool lets you set the mileage of your choice. Hence, you have the opportunity to decide how many miles you would like to be written on the vehicle. Once again, this option is not flawless either. Scanners can detect the trace of the artificial change and will immediately show the actual mileage. 

Are these devices fully functional?

As you can see, obd mileage correction is really tempting for many people, who in search of the best option try to freeze an odometer and re-write the already covered distance. They use different softwares, gadgets, and methods, however, none of them is fully functional. Some devices completely failed during the test. Those which reached the goal and changed mileage were visible under the scanners. A lot of new companies and individuals try to come up with new ideas to create a fully functional device that will not leave a trace. The team from Germany has developed a modern solution that can resolve the existing issue on this topic.

common mileage change methods

What is the best device to change mileage on a car?

As discussed above, people developed different variations of the mileage correction scanner. Scanner tools either quickly detect those adjustment tools or they are cannot change the mileage in a vehicle at all. That is why the group of Super Kilometer Filter has created the Mileage Blocker. It is a compact device that uses advanced technologies to prevent the system from recording the mileage. Consequently, as soon as you activate the mileage blocker your vehicle will not add any new miles to the existing data. This innovative approach has several advantages compared to the already existing opportunities.

Specifications of Mileage blocker

  1. It does not delete, roll back, or reset existing mileage. It simply prevents counting new miles while the device is active. This is extremely important. If you have ever visited any “garages” and your mileage was officially recorded. Showing up with the lower mileage next time would definitely be a big issue. 
  2. Mileage blocker, unlike all other obd mileage correction tools, has an untraceable effect. It means that after using it, no tool or software will be able to detect the real mileage on your car. Hence, you can use it as long as you wish. Moreover, in order to meet everyone’s requirements, it has several modes to choose from. You can always change your preferable one. And even more, you can easily switch to a different mode while driving. You just need to press the button to change modes or turn on/off the device. As simple as that!
  3.  We constantly use our vehicles and drive them everywhere. The blocker has heat-resistance premium quality materials to guarantee a flawless driving experience under any weather conditions. So, you don’t need to think about the weather outside to use your favourite device. 
  4. The device has easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation instructions and you can install everything without assistance. It will significantly save you time from visiting different nearby garages or money for the service.

Adventage of the Mileage Blocker

While others still thinking about how to achieve the same result with their car mileage correction scanner, the Super Kilometer Filter has already created a phone app. This software tool allows users to switch between modes. The application will also display metric measurements that are dependent on mileage. The modules featuring mobile compatibility are now available on some vehicles, and they will shortly be accessible for purchase for all brands.

The mileage blocker is the best device that stops the mileage recording process and has an untraceable effect. It always guarantees quality and comfort. Fortunately, the device is available online and you can buy the mileage blocker from the official website. For any additional information please feel free to visit the support center or contact customer service.


Obd mileage correction is a well-known practice of altering an odometer in a vehicle. There are many tools that have the same goal of successfully changing the mileage, however, they are all detectable by scanner gadgets. The Mileage Blocker from SKF has developed a technique that stops the system from counting up extra miles. It guarantees untraceable performance. It is also the only one on the market that has a mobile application. In addition, you can choose from different modes and change them anytime, even during driving. This unique device is available online and you can purchase them through the SKF website. For further details, please contact customer support.

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