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How Do Mileage Blockers Work? – What You Need To Know

October 31, 2022

How do mileage blockers work? – You may have heard about famous mileage blockers and their possibilities and want to know more about them in more detail. Mileage blockers are innovative tools that allow you to stop the mileage recording process and avoid unnecessary miles displayed on the odometer. It is a short description, but there are more details that you find interesting. This tool makes many of us start asking a lot of questions: is it legal? Does this really work flawlessly? What is its ultimate purpose? We answer those questions one by one. Before we do that, let’s find out more about mileage and its role for auto owners. The fact is that recently there has been a boom in odometer tampering for deceitful purposes. This act is a crime but there are still people who use various methods for such unethical manipulation. 

So, get ready to know more about the mileage blockers and all myths and truths about them. Let’s start!

Why is mileage important? 

Is mileage important?

Before we get to know the exact answer to the question: How do mileage blockers work? Let’s get back to the main reason why we are talking about mileage blockers. It is mileage itself.  Let’s define it. It refers to the distance that you have traveled, measured in miles or kilometers, depending on the measurement unit the particular country uses. As usual, measured distance is displayed on the odometer. It is near the information circle related to the tachometer and speedometer.  You can find it on the dashboard. In older models it was mechanical. Nowadays, modern automobiles has digital ones. 

When it comes to determining the vehicle’s lifespan or overall condition, mileage plays a very important role for buyers of pre-owned vehicles. On the other hand, the same can be told about sellers. Sellers use this data to determine the price of their property. Very high mileage is not desirable for customers. Low mileage indicates that it is less used – meaning that components do not experience heavy wear and tear and it’s a long time until they need change or repair. On the other hand, according to Kelley Blue Book, older low-mileage cars can also develop tire dry rot, as well as have heater and radiator components fail. 

Which is better – lower or higher?

When it comes to comparing which is better, the winner is always lower mileage, but it doesn’t mean that it is a universal truth. To summarize the topic, it is better to consider other factors in combination with displayed numbers on the odometers and make conclusions based on them. However, mileage is still significant and it is always worth paying attention to: is it genuine or tampered with? What to do when the traveled distance is not consistent with the overall condition? Can we spot possible “clocking”? At last, what’s the role of mileage blockers in all that? 

Do people use mileage correction tools unethically? 

Why do people use mileage correction tools unethically?

We ask: how do mileage blockers work? We mean, do they work flawlessly? can we get the same effect manufacturers promise? – Yes, those are really interesting but did you know that those modules are used for fraudulent purposes?  Unfortunately, it is the truth. According to Federal odometer tampering statutes, 49 U.S. Code § 32703 – Preventing tampering, it is prohibited to “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, an odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage” it is a felony and greatest consumer fraud in America and other countries where is the high rate of this crime. According to the NHTSA, every year, approximately 450,000 automobiles are sold with false odometer readings.  The prices Americans pay for this crime reach $1 billion annually.

What are the most common methods for altering mileage illegally? – Common rollback tools that allow anyone to roll back existing numbers on the odometer. Those modules are very popular and available freely. In the past when analog odometers were common, everything happened manually. However, in the era of digital odometers, it is harder but the solution is here. Various rollback devices perform this task well. However, they do not perform flawlessly. The point is that genuine data is left in other control units. The simple diagnostic tool is enough to discover possible alterations. 

Which correction tool is the most reliable?

In terms of reliability when it comes to stopping mileage recording in a controlled environment, the best solution is a Mileage blocker. It halts the recording process unconditionally and remove information from all control units, which means that it is untraceable. Because of the flawless performance it offers, people use the module on public roads for deceiving potential buyers in the future. What do we know more about it? How do mileage blockers work? – You will find detailed information in the following paragraphs. 

What is the initial purpose of mileage blockers? 

As we already mentioned, it is not illegal to use mileage blockers until you use it for deceitful purposes. There are certain situations when it serves well. For example, testing the performance of the automobile is better when you know that those miles do not add up. When you replace components or buy a brand-new auto, it is a good idea to halt the recording process. As you know automobiles depreciate quickly, so it’s a good idea to freeze miles counting. All this should happen in a controlled environment, not on public roads. Hence, there is no legality issue anymore.

Apart from the test drive, you may want to compensate for tire size. As you know mileage is calculated by counting wheel rotations. Hence, the distance traveled is the number of wheel rotations times the tire circumference.

How do mileage blockers work

Mileage blockers communicate with the Can-Bus system. Nowadays, all modern automobiles have this system Controller Area Network bus. It is a message-based protocol that allow the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to communicate with each other including the engine, the transmission, and the brakes. Most correction tools interrupt this communication and cause flaws in the system. One of the best things about the blockers Is that they do not cause flaws in the data exchange process. Mileage blocker is often called Mileage stopper, Odometer Stopper, Kilometer Stopper, Can Filter, or Stop Km. How do mileage blockers work? let’s start by explaining the installation process.

Installation is easy 

When it comes to the installation of various modules, the first thing that may come to your mind is to visit a technician or search for someone’s help. If you buy a Mileage blocker, you can avoid the exhausting process of installation. The point is that you can do it yourself if you follow the instructions. The blocker from Super Kilometer Filter has an original Plug-and-play connector. It simply has to be plugged in between the speedometer and the cable that was previously attached there. So, it works without any interference. 

Compatibility is guaranteed 

Depending on the brand and model you have you can find the relevant device. The stopper is for Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and other famous brands and models. So, whatever you own, it is not a problem to find a well-matched stopper. 

Choose the mode you want

Contrary to its counterfeits, the blocker allows you to choose from the mode you want conveniently, without the assistance of a technician. Depending on the model you have, you can choose only 10%, 20%, or don’t count the mileage at all. For the test drive, you should use the option to stop counting completely. When you change stock tires, the speedo is not calibrated for the non-standard size wheels and it will affect the mileage significantly.  If you have an issue with mileage counting after changing the tire size and want to compensate for it, 10 or 20 percent will be a perfect option for you. 

Manage conveniently 

How do mileage blockers work? It is easiest to operate. You already know that it has several options, changing from mode to mode is possible with several key combinations. Those keys differ based on model and maker. You can learn those combinations after checking the specific description of your car. In addition to that, you can manage all while in motion. So, you can adjust the mode you want anytime, it doesn’t matter if you are not stationary. Moreover, you have a displayed notice right before your eyes, so you can keep a close eye on what percentage of recorded distance. If you have issues, our support team is ready to answer your questions anytime.

What makes mileage blocker unique?

The kilometer stopper from the Super kilometer filter is different from other correction tools in terms of convenience and reliability. It is a simple plug-and-play tool. You do not need soldering or cutting cables. It means that you can get back to the original condition when you don’t need it anymore. Additionally, it filters out mileage data and blocks any further information from being transferred to other control units. This is what made it completely untraceable. At SKF we ensure the reliability of the product and give you a guarantee that altered information remains undiscoverable at any rate. 


Now you know more about mileage blockers. People do not use them for not only for fraudulent purposes, but also they use them ethically. We recommend a premium quality product that satisfies your requirements. We have discussed and answered: How do mileage blockers work? Now you know how to use it. We assure you that it is one of the most satisfying modules you may encounter on the market. 

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