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Mileage Blocker Review – Everything You Need To Know

November 7, 2022

Have you ever checked a mileage blocker review on the internet? Do you have a clear understanding of what exactly the mileage blocker is? Why do people choose them instead of rollback tools? Those tools have gained popularity recently. People are searching for the best versions of them which meet their needs. The primary function of blockers is to stop the mileage recording process. However, it is not the end of the story. the device should satisfy the needs of consumers in terms of convenience and reliability. The customer’s satisfaction depends on the quality of the product.  The quality is determined by several factors starting from components to manufacturing. 

Before we name what is the top product on the market, let’s take a closer look at the differences between rollback and blocker tools, and learn what people do for paying less for insurance, or sell their automobiles at higher prices. Additionally, you will see an Odometer Blocker review that is the leader on the market. Let’s get started!

Mileage blockers vs rollback tools 

As we already mentioned, mileage correction is a very popular practice among motorists. Sometimes it happens for legitimate reasons, however, sometimes it is prohibited, especially when people do it for malicious purposes. We will discuss that unethical usage later. Now let’s focus on the tools people choose for correct mileage. There are two main types: mileage blockers and rollback tools. 

Let’s start with the rollback devices. In older days mileage rollback meant manually reversing numbers on mechanical odometers. Nowadays, when cars are equipped with digital odometers, the whole process is altering the car’s circuit board and editing the displayed mileage by putting whatever number you want. One of the biggest problems with those rewind tools is that they can’t access other control units. Hence, information is easily discoverable with the help of diagnostic devices. Apart from that, installing them requires cutting wires. That makes them inconvenient for customers. 

Mileage blockers serve differently. They do not alter existing data, they just halt recording miles. In addition to that, they are simple, plug-and-play modules. No soldering or cutting cables are necessary. That is an additional benefit for customers who are seeking simplicity and convenience in a hectic world. If you read the Mileage blocker review, you may know that it is superior to counterfeits. It is an outstanding device in terms of reliability, to put it simply, altered information remains untraceable completely.

As you can see odometer blocker is a favorite module for altering data, at the same time it can be a dangerous tool for those who use modules to their advantage. Altering mileage data and deceiving potential buyers is a criminal offense. Keep reading and learn what is called – odometer fraud.  

People use illegal methods for paying less 

Illegal use of modern devices to pay less

Odometer fraud is a significant consumer fraud issue. It is also referred to as “busting miles” or “clocking” is the illegitimate practice of rolling back odometers to make it appear that vehicles have lower mileage than they actually do. The motivation for fraud is mainly to increase the price of pre-owned automobiles. generally, It is banned in 25 European countries. The penalties differ from country to country. However, this doesn’t stop wrongdoers to manipulate odometers and sell automobiles with misleading mileage.

According to the “Preliminary Report: The Incidence Rate of Odometer Fraud” by NHTSA, The rate of odometer fraud over the life of the vehicle is 3.47 percent, which means that it’s a 3.47 percent chance that we came across misleading mileage on cars during the first 11 years of its life. That’s not all. The other issue is cases that remain hidden. There are rollbacks that are not identified by Carfax. It means that the genuine incidence rate can be higher than we think and the situation is even worse. It means that wrongdoers work hard, they defraud titles, so it makes it harder to eradicate the crime.

Carfax indicates “Potential Odometer Rollback” when two consecutive readings less than a year apart show at least 3, 000 miles lower than earlier. 

Mileage blocker review – Number one module 

Mileage blocker device

An extraordinary device – A mileage blocker from a Super Kilometer filter has gained immense popularity. It is not surprising why it gets the best Odometer Blocker review. A premium quality product from Germany is superior to counterfeits. The stopper is designed for halting the mileage recording process from all control units. It has many advantages which make it a unique module. Those advantages are the following:

It is easy to manage 

When you hear about additional gadgets for your automobile, what comes to your mind first? I guess you are thinking of a tiresome visit to the technician. Sometimes it is a reason why you are not in favor of innovative tools. It’s just tiring. If you read through our Mileage blocker review, you will find that it is unique in terms of convenience. As you may know it has different modes, you have options to count only 10%, 20%, or don’t count mileage at all.  Changing from mode to mode is possible with several key combinations. In addition to that we develop mobile applications for some models, and it will be available for more models in a short time. so, you can enjoy convenience and reliability at the same time. so, you can control everything from the distance. 

Do-it-yourself installation

Do not worry if you don’t have good automotive skills. Just following the instruction can be enough to install a blocker behind the speedometer. When it comes to a new automobile, you may want to avoid cutting cables for as long as it is possible. the innovative tool allows you to install it without cutting cables or soldering. Hence, removing the blocker will be as easy as installing it. As for compatibility you don’t have to worry because we create individual modules for almost 50 brands and 250 models. The short list of them are BMW, Audi, Dodge, RAM, Range Rover, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Porsche. Moreover, on our website, you can see different modules for the same car. If you need additional instructions for installing, you can find video tutorials for almost all models. 

It has an untraceable effect

If you check the Odometer Blocker review on the forum or read a detailed description on our website, you will find its particular characteristics. Mostly, correction tools aim to change the displayed data on the odometer and genuine data can be found in other units. It is freely possible with diagnostic tools. Different from them, a mileage blocker can erase data completely from the memory of the vehicle.   

A kilometer filter is legal for testing purposes

The primary function of the stopper is testing the used auto when you are going to buy it. or you want to know the performance of a brand-new model and see if it has the same impressive abilities that were advertised. Testing the performance of the car is more enjoyable when you know that unnecessary kilometers do not add up. 

Do not cause flaws in the system 

We work hard on the research and development of the program, which means that we endure that you don’t you do not get error messages on the speedometer. As you may know some devices cause a flaw in a Can-Bus system or FlexRay systems. As long as we have a good knowledge of that system, we offer you an advanced odometer blocker that performs flawlessly and eliminates malfunctioning of the existing system of the automobiles. We devote a lot of time to the development of the products. That gives our customers a guarantee that they do not come across additional issues. 

Choose the premium Mileage blocker

If you are one of those who are searching for a quality product, I have good news for you. You can shop for it on SuperKilometerFilter. You may have come across other alternatives, but those modules just mimic some functions and they can not provide you with the same functionalities. Visit our shop to purchase the stopper at a reasonable cost. You will get flawless costumer service and support. You can check the Mileage blocker review in order to make a final decision.  

Avoid unethical usage of the device 

Odometer fraud is on the rise. It has a devastating effect on the economic situation. As NHTSA reports, it is more than a $1 billion crime annually only in America. It takes great Federal and state effort to deter odometer fraud. However, it remains a challenge for today’s world. 

We do not recommend unethical usage of the blocker. It is banned to use on public roads. It should be used only in a controlled environment. As you learned from the Odometer Blocker review, the primary purpose of the stopper is to test the performance of your beloved auto. 


Thus, you know what is Mileage blocker and where to find the advanced version of the product. There are various manufacturers of such modules who claim to meet your needs, but in most case, these tools disappoint you. They do not perform flawlessly and cause unforeseen issues that are harder to solve. If the above-mentioned Mileage blocker review is not satisfying for you, you can contact us for further details. 

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