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Should I Buy A Car With Odometer Rollback?- What You Need To Know

December 1, 2022

Should I buy a car with odometer rollback? – The question already indicates that you should not. However, sometimes it depends on you. If you are one of those who consider mileage the most important criterion when choosing a second-hand vehicle and the seller tries to deceive you, that would be hell for you. Odometer rollback with an intent to deceive potential buyers is a crime and you should do your best to avoid becoming a victim. The problem is very severe nowadays.

Millions of people buy the used car without knowing the genuine odometer reading. Hence, they pay more than usual and get an automobile with tons of issues. You should know that traveled distance allow you to judge the condition of cars correctly, when you are told lie about it, all you have is wrong judgment about it. So, you need to spend more on maintenance than you thought. If you do not consider mileage so important, you may ignore the odometer and purchase the automobile that satisfies your needs no matter what.

Let’s get started, you will learn more about odometer fraud, the importance of mileage, and things that might be more significant. Of course, let’s find out the comprehensive answer to the question: Should I buy a car with odometer rollback?

What is an odometer rollback? 

Back in the day, it meant manually rolling back the numbers on a mechanical odometer that records the distance a vehicle has traveled. Now when we have a digital odometer, it means removing the circuit board to alter numbers or using particular equipment that connects to the board to make it possible for individuals to manipulate data as they wish. This practice is far from legal terms and is called odometer fraud. Also known as “clocking” is an illegal practice of rolling back odometers in order to hide genuine mileage data. It is a widespread crime and also very hard to spot when it comes to digital odometers. That’s a reason why it is the biggest challenge for individuals to stay protected against this fraud.

Every statistic and research indicates that it becomes a reason for big financial loss. As NHTSA reports, every year American consumers lost billions of dollars. Hence, nearly 450, 000 vehicles are sold with the tampered odometer. 

The above-mentioned consumer fraud can be more dangerous than you may think. Financial loss is not the only thing that is worth worrying about. There is a hidden danger, for example, a safety issue. Since the mileage is a good indicator for determining the lifespan of automobiles, it allows you to calculate how much has left. The idea that less is traveled gives you the clue that you have left more time before you take it for scheduled maintenance. Therefore, some parts can break down at the wrong time and become harmful to your life. 

Now you know an ugly truth. Admit it, you still want to call into question: Should I buy a car with odometer rollback?

The importance of mileage – is it exaggerated? 

Strictly speaking, ignoring mileage data when buying a pre-owned auto is the silliest thing you can do. On the other hand, overthinking is not an optimal solution. As we already mentioned, this information is like a guide for estimating the general situation. It matters when sellers put the price on automobiles.

As a rule, the less traveled, the higher the price and vice versa. Needless to say, it can tell the approximate wear of the automobiles during their lifetime. Wait! The last one happens if you go to buy it with your eyes closed. I am not joking, yes, mileage matters, but do not overestimate it. If you do that you may miss something that can be alerting. Lower displayed numbers do not automatically mean that your purchase will be flawless. Try to think otherwise! Say, you know the exact traveled distance, what about the age, wear and tear, reliability, road condition, or trip types? Let’s be honest, automobiles are meant to be driven and high mileage is not the end of the world. 

Below, we list and discuss other factors that are not less important than the distance traveled at least. Moreover, they can be considered equally important when it comes to estimating risks related to purchase. Read them through and then get back to the question: Should I buy a car with odometer rollback?

4 things that prove to be more important than mileage

Things that are more important than mileage

What is your priority when you shop for pre-owned automobiles? Are you on the budget or not? Maybe you want to purchase the one that matches your lifestyle. If you are an automotive enthusiast, you may focus on pre-purchase inspection, its history, and warranty. As we already mentioned, sometimes it is not worth concentrating only on displayed data on the odometer. There are other factors that you should take into consideration in combination with mileage in order to make logical conclusions. Those are the followings:


We often say that mileage can speak volumes. The same is about age. It can tell us a lot about the overall condition. Moreover, it plays a decisive role in whether it is worth buying or not. It’s not surprising that moving parts are affected. For example, chemical wear, corrosion, and the accumulation of dust and mold. All that have a negative effect on its overall performance. In addition to that, you should accept the absence of certain safety features or some advanced features that are available in newer models. 

Age has also an influence on the price. The depreciation rate is very fast when it comes to automobiles. Even brand-new models start depreciation as soon as they leave the lot. Needless to say, in five or ten years the price will be much lower than the initial. 

What kind of mileage is it?

People have different lifestyles, which means they use automobiles according to it. The fact that we know the distance traveled doesn’t mean that we have full information. For example, we want to know more about road conditions or what kind of trips we have done. It has more wear and tears in bad road conditions than on motorways. 

Long trips are generally better than short trips. Short trips are not beneficial for the engine, simply because oil doesn’t have enough time to warm up and therefore lubricate your engine’s components. Hence, the motor does not reach optimal temperature.

There is also more wear and tear within the clutch, gearbox, suspension, and brakes. The engine has the most wear because it is cold during starting and stopping. 

So, instead of asking: “Should I buy a car with odometer rollback?”, you should ask different kinds of questions.

Is it well maintained?

How well is it maintained? Scheduled maintenance is what is decisive at any rate.  Oil changes, tire pressure maintenance, battery replacements, and other routine check is important if you want to have a close eye on your property. You can check such things with a help of documentation. You also can ask for the VIN code, it is a unique identification code for automobiles, it allows you to access its history report, so you will know everything from accident history to title changes. 

Bear in mind, a low mileage model needs more repair. It will be a burden for you. 


Let’s admit that certain brands manufacture more reliable models than others. They last longer because of engineering and manufacturing standards. Iseecars.com publishes the reliability ratings, among the top five most reliable brands, Toyota earns a top spot. Those are brands that reach 200,000 miles without any serious issues. Toyota models are proven to last longer than any other brand. Toyotas have below-average maintenance and repair costs, so they remain on the road for so long.

So, what do you think? What are you going to consider first when you start searching for reliability?  

Should I buy a car with odometer rollback? 

Should I buy a car with odometer rollback or not?

So, when it comes to fraud, you should better avoid it as long as it is possible. How to buy safely? Should I buy a car with odometer rollback? Certain recommendations will help you identify possible tampering. It will not only save your budget but also protect you from serious problems. Tips are as follows:

  1. Ask for the VIN code or use an authoritative company such as Carfax which can report service records, accidents, and the number of previous owners and provide the full report. If a more recent odometer reading is less than an older reading, then the odometer may have been tampered with and “rolled back”. CARFAX analyzes the mileage history and the sources of this information to indicate a potential clocking.
  2. Ask for the title. Ask for the original document, not the copy. 
  3. Visual inspection. Take a closer look at parts and components. Wear and tear of the steering wheel, brakes and pedals allow you to conclude whether existing mileage is consistent with their condition. 
  4. Visit a mechanic. If you are not confident in your automotive skills, visit a professional who can inspect every detail attentively.  

Be careful – people use ethical tools for a dishonest purpose

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Be careful, people use this device for deceiving potential buyers. It’s a high chance that you will become a victim of this crime. 


So, you know what is the right answer to the question: Should I buy a car with odometer rollback? In addition to that, you have a guide that teaches you how to spot that something is wrong with the odometer reading. Miles traveled throughout the life of automobiles can have an important influence on their condition. However, it’s a good idea to consider other factors that are worth your attention. 

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