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What Is Trip Odometer Device and How Does It Function?

April 11, 2024

A trip odometer may appear to be an ordinary measuring unit with a simple purpose. However, it conceals a wealth of information behind its curtain, which can be useful to even experienced car owners. The trip meter is helpful for measuring distance; however, you must understand how to use it and compare it with an odometer. As a result, it’s critical to learn more about the subject and become familiar with all of the key aspects of these devices.

What Is Trip Odometer?

A trip odometer is a car device that measures and counts the distance traveled by your automobile during a particular trip. This is a one-time measurement and shows the information only for a recent trip. The trip meter is capable of precisely measuring the mileage from a given point/time or between two points.
Mileage is a crucial element of automobiles. It provides drivers and owners with information to optimize overall performance and reduce costs. The trip meter tool gives you a chance to get more detailed data while driving and analyze the information accordingly.

Different Types of Trip Meter

Over time, technologies have developed tremendously, and this has affected the car industry. Vehicles became equipped with various features, and some innovations even revolutionized the whole sector. Of course, it changed the current tendency, and now we have two types of odometer trip devices: digital and mechanical.

  1. A digital meter has the same function and goals as all other trip meters but uses digital instruments to calculate and display information. Due to its better visualization, it’s more convenient and user-friendly. Such control panels are standard in modern cars and new models.
  2. A mechanical trip meter is a feature for older automobiles. It does the exact measurements, but the difference is that it can’t either use electronic sensors or digitally display the information on an instrument cluster. Even though it has different approaches, the mechanical tool has the same accuracy, and you can trust its data.

Hence, we have digital and mechanical meters, which serve the same goal. Despite some differences in method, they are highly efficient and distinguished by their reliability.

What Are Trip A and Trip B in Cars?

The trip odometer can show the total mileage on the dashboard or switch modes and display different measurements. At this time, Trip A and Trip B appear on the vehicle’s control panel.
Trip meter tools can perform calculations simultaneously. The most helpful feature of these devices is the ability to measure mileage for two separate trips at the same time. The first trip is called Trip A, and the second Trip B.
Trip A primarily displays the distance between two selected points, showing the miles between A and B.
Trip B is another valuable option for your vehicle. It typically displays the number of miles since the last fill-up. Once the tank is refilled, the distance will be recorded again.
As a result, Trips A and B display different mileage because they measure two different pieces of information. The option to measure two data points simultaneously allows you to keep track of multiple statistics at once.

How Does the Car Odometer Trip Work?

The vehicle odoo trip meter uses sensors to detect tire rotations and convert them to mileage. This meter is part of the odometer, so it is dependent on its correct functioning. To calculate distance, you need the formula: Traveled Distance = Tire Circumference x Number of Rotations. For example, if the tire circumference is 83 inches and the vehicle made 10,000 rotations, the distance will be 83 x 10,000 = 830,000 inches. 830,000″ is around 13 miles.
To understand the calculations in detail, you should consider the following factors:

  • A trip meter uses magnets and sensors to detect the automobile’s movement.
  • The system tracks and records the rotations.
  • It converts the statistics into miles based on the default tire size and the number of rotations.

This method is widely used in modern automobiles. However, the ones with the mechanical instruments and gear cannot use the same approach. They depend on cable connectivity and physical gear. They have a mechanism similar to that of a mechanical speedometer. Although approaches differ, mechanical and digital trip odometer devices correctly measure and count the mileage.

How to Use a Car Odoo Trip Meter

You can use the meter differently based on your goals. The following steps will help you use the device correctly. Follow the steps below:

  1. Determine for what purpose you are utilizing the tool.
  2. Get to the point from where you want to start distance measurement.
  3. When you reach the destination, press the button to start counting mileage.
  4. Drive to the final point.
  5. Stop the distance recording process.

Once you finish counting miles, the odometer trip will show the results on the dashboard next to the speedometer. You will see the total mileage of this short trip.
Using this information properly is even more important, as this data can significantly improve the vehicle’s maintenance and overall condition. Moreover, trip meter calculations can determine fuel consumption and monitor fuel efficiency.

What Is an Odometer?

An odometer is a device inside an automobile that shows the total mileage that your vehicle has covered. It’s the primary source for counting the distance. As you already know, this information hugely influences vehicle prices. That’s why people tried to unethically change the odometers and display misleading information on the control panel.
Odometers have developed rapidly recently. Modern vehicles have digital models and use electronic units to measure data.

What Is the Difference Between the Car Odometer and the Trip Odometer?

An odometer shows the total mileage that a vehicle has covered during its lifetime, while a trip meter counts only the miles for a specific trip. The trip odometer is a part of the car’s odometer and is responsible for calculating distance for shorter distances. Most automobiles have trip A and trip B panels. By pressing the appropriate buttons, you can choose and reset each. The buttons and the functions are different based on the manufacturer and model of the car. You can check the manual to get the exact information.
Both details are crucial for owners. The odometer shows the total distance, allowing you to determine the overall wear and tear, possible maintenance costs, and general condition. On the other hand, the trip meter is useful for measuring the mileage between two points. Based on these statistics, you can determine fuel consumption for particular destinations. Hence, both tools provide helpful data for all drivers.

Does My Vehicle Have a Trip Meter?

Yes, every car has an odometer trip device that is placed on the dashboard near the speedometer. However, based on the year and model of your auto, the visual design and functions can be slightly different.
Compared to ordinary odometers, trip meter tools offer drivers additional features:

  • Counting mileage for specific distances. The driver can select between two locations. The system will begin calculating the mileage as soon as it arrives at the starting point, and you can stop it manually once you reach the final location.
  • Measuring the travel distance based on fuel. The system resets the data whenever you fill your vehicle’s fuel tank. One of the trip meters can calculate how long you have traveled with the last fuel. Therefore, you can find out if fuel efficiency is decreasing.
  • These two features make a significant difference when you need specific data. That’s why it is essential to have a thorough understanding of all features.

What Are the Reasons for Inaccuracy?

Trip meters are reliable sources of mileage data. They can precisely measure the mileage and display all the necessary information on the dashboard. However, the vehicle trip odometer device also has some inaccuracies. The following reasons cause them:

  • Changing the tire size: As we have discussed, the system measures mileage based on the tire size and the number of rotations. If the size changes, the mileage also differs, resulting in inconsistent and unreliable mileage. The change can be triggered by worn tires or replacing them with different sizes.
  • Replacing the odometer: It’s well-known that replacing the instrument cluster can reset the odometer. As the trip meter is part of the odometer, altering the odometer will directly affect the meter as well, causing it to display the wrong data.
  • Blocker Devices: The mileage blocker stops recording mileage entirely or partially. Hence, any indicator that relies on mileage may be distorted in vehicles as they rely on odometers.

How Can a Mileage Blocker Device Hinder a Trip Meter?

The Mileage Blocker from SuperKilometerFilter stops the mileage recording process. This unique car odometer trip device is completely untraceable. It does not store any mileage-related information on the control units, so the system does not have data about the new mileage. As a result, no scanner tools or professionals can detect the original distance. The mileage blocker has numerous advantages compared to other tools.

  • The SKF Mileage Blocker is the only device that is completely untraceable.
  • The mileage blocker has different modes; you can choose the most suitable one.
  • The device is made of high-quality materials. It enables the device to work flawlessly under all weather conditions.
  • The SKF blocker tool has a mobile application. Once you purchase the mileage blocker, you can use the app to monitor the data from your mobile phone.

Remember, the mileage blocker is created only for car testing purposes and is forbidden to be used on public roads. However, people still use the device unethically. It’s essential to follow the guidelines and avoid misuse. Please contact the customer service department or support if you have any questions.


A trip odometer is a car tool that counts miles for a shorter trip and measures mileage-related data. It’s helpful for various purposes and can play a significant role in vehicle maintenance. The Mileage Blocker is the gadget that halts mileage recording and prevents the system from storing the information in control units. Therefore, the data is untraceable.

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