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The Most Reliable High Mileage Cars Worth Buying

July 4, 2024

High mileage cars were stereotypically not considered smart choices for many automotive enthusiasts; however, from time to time, many buyers realize that those vehicles can serve their purpose perfectly because they are mostly economical, durable, have longer lifespans, and perform consistently in the long run. However, it doesn’t mean that selecting those authoritative makers and models will only give you those guarantees. According to many drivers, a lot of things depend on the owner’s attitude toward the automobile, driving habits, geographical conditions, and general maintenance schedule. To put it simply, we think that a multi-layered approach is key. Needless to say,best high mileage cars are worthwhile investments, but as an owner, you must take care of them properly to keep them longer.
In the paragraphs below, let’s take a look at some automakers that produce automobiles that are always on the top lists in terms of reliability and longevity; they can cover most miles and almost never become the subject of the owner’s pain in the neck.

Top 5 Brands Known For the High Mileage Cars

According to the latest research, iSeeCars offers ratings of concrete makers and models that are outstanding for their good lifespan, ranking each model by its best high mileage cars. Among them are Toyota, Hinda, Surabu, Lexus, Ford, etc. As research indicates, they analyzed over two million vehicles and made the top 20 of the cars that can reach over 230,000 miles.
Consumer Reports, the authoritative non-profit organization, has tested cars for over 85 years. Their testing and findings help many people make smart decisions about new and used cars and their maintenance. They surveyed to find the top high mileage cars that can last over 200,000 miles and revealed their ranking, with Toyota and Honda models being the leaders.
While statistics and research may not reveal the complete truth, they do provide a general tendency that, when combined with systematic observation, can empower us to make informed decisions. This is particularly useful when selecting reliable and efficient car makers that match our expectations for longevity and minimal problems over the vehicle’s lifespan.
Below, we made a list of brands that boast of producing models that can cover almost 300,000 miles without causing additional problems. Some makers became part of history with mind-blowing records as the best high mileage cars, and there are just brands that intend to stay customers’ favorites in the last decade. Keep in mind that the list is not represented in a specific order.


The Japanese automaker Toyota produces vehicles that are outstanding with efficiency, durability, and longevity. Most of their models divide the first 3 or 4 places in most surveys and research. Let’s be more precise and focus on numbers. According to the research of Iseeecars, the Toyota Sequoia, with 296,509 miles, and the Toyota Land Cruiser, with 280,236 miles, are leading the list. They are considered to offer the greatest potential lifespan. Toyota remains the leader in the ranking of pickup trucks, sedans, and minivans. Toyota Tundra has 256,022 potential miles, Sienna has 239,607, and Toyota Avalon has 245,710 miles.
If you’re skeptical about one research, other surveys also confirm Toyota’s reputation as one of the high mileage cars and reliability. Consumer Reports, for instance, has a unique approach to research, gathering data through online surveys sent to their subscribers. The questionnaire covers about 20 trouble areas of the vehicles, all of which contribute to the reliability of the automobile and its ability to cover a lot of miles without trouble. For instance, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid scored 88 out of 93, and the Camry was ranked 23rd, both potentially capable of lasting more than 250,000 miles.
Perhaps you don’t need any evidence supporting this automaker if you ever own one of the models, even once in a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how uncaring you may become at some level; this car serves at its best in the long run.


Honda is another Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and battery-powered equipment, which has a quite good reputation when we think about reliability and the best high mileage cars. The following models are top-ranking in terms of potential lifespan conveyed in miles:

  • CR-V – 215,930
  • Pilot – 236,807
  • Ridgeline – 248,669
  • Fit – 207,231
  • Civic – 205,335
  • Odyssey- 235,852

As ISeeCars ranking suggests, the Honda Pilot ranked sixth place with a 42,7 percent likelihood of reaching 250,000+ miles, which is almost four times more than the average. Additionally, the CR-V and Accord have a 27 % chance of reaching the same milestone, which is 2,3 times more than the average.


Lexus is one of the outstanding luxury car makers among high mileage cars makers, where we meet the blend of dependability and speed.
According to the study, the Lexus GS 350 has a potential lifespan of 207,794 miles, whereas the Lexus ES 350 has 204,642 miles. The hybrid Lexus RX 450 h boasts 196,826 miles.
If you are searching for a used car, you should know that Lexus is at the top of the luxury car list, so it will be one of the best deals for you. However, do not forget that maintaining this luxury brand automobile will be more expensive than Toyota because it will need more expensive part and lubricants. To be more precise, it costs you more than maintaining Toyota and less than maintaining luxurious cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, etc.


Subaru vehicles are widely known for their durability and long-lasting performance. As long as all their automobiles are four-wheel drive, they have better traction and handling, which makes them trustworthy in various driving conditions. Additionally, Subaru owners always report on durability. Those cars can reach more than 250,000 miles. To be precise , according to the study, Subaru Outback has a 22,3% chance to reach the milestone mentioned above, which is 1,9 times more than average. This model also ranks 8th among top 14 SUVs likely to be considered on the list best high mileage cars .


It’s impossible not to mention Volvo when we are talking about an absolute record maker in automotive history. Irving Gordon, with his Volvo 1800S , holds the Guinness World Record for covering 3,250,257 miles in 52 years with his personal auto. The sporty 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine excelled in durability and longevity, lasting longer than all other cars of its time. Another most remarkable factor is transmission resilience, which endured so many miles without a single breakdown.

Are High Mileage Cars Reliable to Buy?

The short answer is – Yes, they are. Contrary to the widespread belief that lower mileage readings are more worthwhile on a used car market, many arguments are in favor of higher odometer readings. Moreover, automobiles with lower odometer figures can be more disappointing at the end of the day for many individuals. Several factors claims why the higher can be better than the lower:


This is a major advantage of higher-mileage used cars. In most cases, vehicles with higher odometer readings are priced lower, making them a more affordable option in the second-hand market. The higher the mileage, the lower the price range for the vehicle, making it a smart financial choice.

Lower Depreciation Rate

Higher-mileage automobiles have already experienced major depreciation at an earlier stage of their service. Hence, they are less likely to depreciate quickly, and the rate is slower in this case. Therefore, it would mean a lot if you decide to resell it in the near future.

Lower Insurance Cost

One of the major factors that companies consider when calculating premiums is the miles your auto has covered. The car’s mileage is less when the odometer shows high numbers; hence, if the car costs less, you pay less for insuring it.

Extended Longevity

When a car reaches its highest mileage milestone, it means that it has undergone a lot of things, including major maintenance (we know that there is a specific 30-60-90 maintenance schedule when major repairs and replacements happen) such as oil changes, brake or even engine changes, which sometimes indicates that the automobile is refreshed and likely to last much longer.

Environmental Friendly

Choosing a used car from the second-hand market is not just a smart financial decision, it’s also an environmentally friendly choice. By extending the lifespan of vehicles and reducing the demand for new car production, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.

The story sometimes goes beyond the Mileage

Needless to say, Mileage is an important factor, but it doesn’t always speak the whole story. Estimating the condition of the vehicle solely based on Mileage is not smart. It doesn’t say anything about driving conditions, or driving habits of previous owners. Moreover, you need to know how often and how well it was maintained.
Low-mileage cars often indicate that they’ve been stationary for extended periods, which can lead to mechanical issues. Regular usage keeps the car’s motor, transmission, and other components lubricated, ensuring they function properly.

One way or another, the main point is that automobiles with higher odometer readings can be completely worthwhile. All you need to do is perform a proper “investigation” regarding the other aspects of the vehicle. When it comes to used cars, best high mileage cars are in danger of becoming the subject of odometer fraud. It is a widespread practice nowadays. In the following paragraph, we will list tips for checking whether the odometer is rolled back or not.

story sometimes goes beyond the Mileage

How to Check if Odometer Was Rolled Back ?

There are numerous strategies you can employ to detect potential odometer rollback, including a complete examination of documentation and comparing the data with existing mileage records. To put it simply, you should consider the following steps:

  • Verify Car Titles: Request and check the car’s title to ensure that the recorded mileage is clearly indicated and accurately reflects the odometer reading. Discrepancies between these figures is a red flag.
  • Inspection Maintenance Records: Pay close attention to the vehicle’s inspection and maintenance records. These documents are crucial for obtaining reliable data about the car’s history. You can gain significant insights into its true mileage in a process.
  • Invest in Car History Reports: Invest in detailed car history reports from reputable sources like Carfax. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s past, offering peace of mind by revealing any potential issues.
  • Consult a Professional Mechanic: If you are not confident in your ability to assess the car’s condition, it is wise to enlist the help of a trusted mechanic.

Keep in mind that , odometer fraud is illegal and individuals do it to gain financial profit. They employ various tactics and tools. One of the widespread tendency is to employ the sophisticated devices for fraudulent purposes. in the upcoming paragraph we define what we mean when we say this.

What is the Common Method for Altering the Mileage?

A common way of altering the odometer data in the digital age is rolling back existing numbers on the odometer to make it lower than it is actually. For this purpose, they employ various rollbacking tools. Fortunately, most times, they don’t stay undetectable. Thanks to the digital age, Modern cars are equipped with advanced systems. Automobiles include many little computers called electronic control units where all the information are recorded, kept and connected. The device mentioned above only deletes the information from the dashboard, and recorded mileage stays in other control units. Hence, anyone can easily retrieve it and reveal genuine mileage.
As long as those rollback tools are detectable, some people find sophisticated testing tools, such as s mileage blocker. Despite the manufacturer’s recommendations, people may use it for their own good.

Common Method for Altering the Mileage

Whats Mileage Blocker?

Mileage Blocker is an advanced testing tool that primarily aims to stop recording mileage from all control units and make it completely undetectable. Produced in Germany with premium-quality components, the product is not recommended for use on public roads. The device should be only used in a testing environment.
The blocker comes with a mobile application and is easy to install. You will find the proper blocker for almost any maker and model.


High mileage cars can be the next smart choice for anyone who seeks dependability and cost-effectiveness. Keep in mind the odometer reading can help you determine the condition of the automobile to some extent. In many cases, a higher odometer reading gives you a clue that you get a durable vehicle that lives up to your expectations.

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