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Are Mileage Blockers Illegal?

October 29, 2022

No, the ethical use of mileage blockers is legal, and testers often use the blocker devices. However, some people with malicious purposes use tools unethically and break the law. Are mileage blockers illegal uk?  That still would be the first question that came to your mind when you first heard about those modules. As long as mileage plays a significant role in determining the vehicle’s lifespan, people are eager to use various tools, including mileage blockers to manipulate the data. To say briefly, manipulating mileage for deceiving others is a criminal offense. However, there are situations where the usage of that tool can be ethical. Before we discuss which is the best blocker in the world, let’s discuss why mileage is so significant, what was an older method for correction, why is odometer fraud so widespread, and where the legality of the usage of blockers comes down. 

Let’s get down to business and learn more about mileage blockers and their function in more detail. Thus, you will know when and why to use it reasonably. 

Are mileage blockers illegal

Can mileage blockers be illegal?

No, mileage blockers are quite ethical modules that are used for ethical purposes, for example, test drives. However, if the tool is used for correcting odometer readings to deceive potential buyers, you should know that it is a criminal offense. Apart from mileage blockers, many alternatives are meant to alter the data. If we compare blockers and rollback modules we can say that blockers are more ethical. Their prime purpose is to stop counting kilometers when the automobile is in a controlled environment and we want to test the performance.  

As we already mentioned, odometer fraud is a crime. It is strictly controlled by the government. The federal government takes measures to eradicate the crime. There is a law that requires written disclosure of the mileage registered on an odometer to be provided on the title by the seller to the purchaser. Vehicles that are 10 years or older are exempt from odometer disclosure statements

Despite the severe fight against this crime, it is still increasing. The worst is that it became harder to spot such manipulation. In the past, when analog odometers tampered it was easier to guess. Let’s discuss in detail what is the statistics of the crime and the motives of those who commit that. 

Odometer fraud on the rise

Popularity of Odometer fraud

Are mileage blockers illegal? According to the Federal statute 49 U.S. Code § 32703, they are illegal. The document states that: A person cannot “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, and odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer.”

What causes the rise of crime? – The importance the mileage carries in determining the value of the automobile. Sellers use the possibility to make their property younger and put the higher price. According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), this crime costs American car buyers more than $1 billion annually. To tell the truth, sometimes it is exaggerated, but mileage can be an indicator for many things such as maintenance schedule, possible wear and tear, engine lifespan, and so on. When we say that it is exaggerated, we mean that a vehicle with 20, 000 miles traveled can be in worse shape than another with 60, 000 miles.

This fraud happens internationally. Needless to say, it is not only America’s problem. According to Carvertical.com research, the statistics of rollback odometers vary from country to country. The research was based on 900,000 car history reports generated throughout 2021. The leaders are the Baltics: Latvia comes in the first place with 24% of possible signs of odometer tampering. It is followed by Estonia and Lithuania. The issue is less severe in western European countries. The main reason for this is that those countries are wealthier and people there tend to buy brand new automobiles. 

The reason why this fraud brings big economic damage is the results it has. For example, when you buy a clocked auto, you pay more than usual, you have to pay more for maintenance and repairs than you expected and you have trouble selling it in the future. 

How do people correct mileage? – Then and now 

The answer to the question are mileage blockers illegal? is unambiguous. However, was it always necessary to use those kinds of tools for rollback? – of course not. In the past, older cars had mechanical odometers. So, it was possible to roll back numbers manually. Another method was to jack up the rear wheels on safety stands and turn the wheels in reverse. It is time-consuming, but this slowly lowers the mileage numbers on the odometer. Now, most automobiles have digital odometers. So, you need instrument cluster removal or use a rollback device in order to change the odometer reading.  Plugs into your car’s computer port, people can program the mileage to show what they want. After a quick reset, the car will display the miles that were programmed into it.

It should be noted that tampered digital odometers are even harder to spot because there is no visible clue. That is the reason why it became a challenge for buyers to detect fraud. They need a complete pre-purchase inspection and additional history check in order to make sure that the mileage is genuine.

Below we discuss modern means of manipulating odometer, let’s see how mileage blockers differ from other alternatives. 

Mileage blocker vs other modules 

According to the common misconceptions, mileage blocker and other odometer correction modules are the same and equally unethical, but it is not so. One is stopping counting miles and the other is changing existing data. 

The goal of rollbacking existing kilometers is obviously unethical. Needless to say, people purchase it for fraudulent purposes. It serves as a means of deceiving other people. On the other hand, the best odometer correction tool, Mileage blocker from a Super Kilometer Filter is designed for a particular purpose. We created the most reliable module you can use for testing the performance of your beloved auto without worrying about unnecessary miles on the odometer. You can use it in a controlled environment and be sure that it won’t disappoint you. We do not recommend using it on public roads. Remember, are mileage blockers illegal? – No, until you decide to use it unethically.

What makes mileage blocker special?

The best thing about the blocker is that it is undetectable. As you know most rollback modules remove information on the surface, data still stays in another control unit. So, it just takes a small effort to detect genuine mileage data. On the other hand, the Mileage blocker works like a magic wand! It is not traceable during diagnostics. How does it happen? It happens simply because it removes information from all control units unconditionally. 

Mileage blocker – The best tool in 2022 

We know that the market is full of competition but choosing the product that offers you a flawless performance takes effort. Premium quality module from Germany is designed to exceed your expectations by all means. You won’t come across additional issues which you often have when it comes to lower-quality alternatives. We devote a lot of time to programming, so you can be sure that altered mileage is completely undetectable. Ironically that’s the reason why people tend to use the module for malicious purposes. That’s why there comes a legitimate question: Are mileage blockers illegal?  Even though using mileage blockers is allowed in most countries, there is still room for this question. It’s all dishonest people’s fault.

Mlileage Blocker Doesn’t Cause Any Flaws in the Can Bus system

The most unsatisfying thing with many alternative modules is that they cause flaws in the Can Bus system. CAN Bus is a quite complex system, It’s the electronic communications system in vehicles that allows different parts to communicate with each other, including the engine, the transmission, and the brakes. So, this is no longer a problem when it comes to the extraordinary Mileage blocker. Hence, loyal customers around the world choose it. Needless to say, their satisfaction is our priority, So we provide a good support.

How To Install the Mileage Blocker

Installation is very easy, the mileage blocker is installed behind the speedometer. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it will be the easiest task for you. All you need to do is to follow instructions, remove your digital dashboard, insert the module between the incoming cable and the dashboard and that’s all. The mileage stopper will automatically integrate with the software to halt the mileage recording process when required.

Good to know 

Just a reminder! Legal usage of the module is completely acceptable. Are mileage blockers illegal? – Mileage blockers are not illegal as they are meant for testing purposes unless they are used with the intention of deceiving others.


So, you already know that the legality of mileage blockers depends on several factors. You also know about mileage fraud and its statistics, which indicate that it happens too often and you can easily become a victim of the fraud. The above-mentioned information will help you easily identify the trap you are going to fall into. Needless to say, you should purchase and enjoy new gadgets for your car, but do not forget ethics. Let’s ask the question in another way. Instead of “Are mileage blockers illegal?”, let’s ask: what does illegal usage of mileage blockers mean?

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