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Are Mileage Blockers Traceable? – Everything You Need To Know

November 3, 2022

Mileage correction tools are very common in today’s world and people use various methods to somehow alter an odometer and change the digits on it, but the main question is – are mileage blockers traceable? The short answer is No, but in order to answer this question that everyone has thought about and to answer it, we need to take several factors into consideration.

First of all, there are a variety of devices that interfere with the correct functioning of the system. They artificially adjust the mileage and show misleading numbers on the dashboard. To do so they use rolling back, deleting, freezing or extracting the data. A person can remove any amount of distance in a few minutes. Although these methods seem appealing to others, they all have the same issues. Firstly, new cars store the information in separate storage units and even though the numbers are removed from the instrument cluster the data is easily traceable. Furthermore, any action that makes the odometer show a misleading distance is illegal and a responsible party will face a legal dispute.

It is true that those gadgets have several flaws and that is why a German team has created an advanced tool – Mileage Blocker. These unique blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) do not delete or roll back already existing data (which is automatically illegal). How does it work? The Mileage blocker simply stops counting up miles or kilometers when a car is in motion. Hence, it halts the whole distance recording process. Moreover, it prevents the mechanism to save the information regarding the mileage in any storage units, therefore the data is totally untraceable. Remember that the mileage blocker is for only testing and tuning purposes and using it on free roads is against the law.

To sum up, there are many instruments that interfere with the normal functioning of an odometer. Are mileage blockers traceable? All of these devices have the same flaw – they are easily trackable, but there is a Mileage Blocker that only alters the recording process in a vehicle and is also untraceable. In addition, everyone should have in mind that it is for only testing or tuning purposes and using it on everyday bases is illegal.

What is a car diagnostic tool?

Everything about car diagnostic tool

As the cases of mileage fraud increase, people try to find solutions. In the beginning, of course, everyone tries to identify the problem on his/her own. However, it became obvious that such illegal actions are extremely hard to detect. This is the moment when we reach out to a professional for help. Technicians have many useful gadgets for different cases and one of them is a diagnostic scanner.

New vehicles have plenty of sensors, panels and advanced elements that instantly detect any issues. Once they find a problem, a specific icon will appear on your dashboard. It is correct that in the modern era these technologies became a very handful, but there are still cases when it is not enough and a diagnostic gadget comes in. But are mileage blockers traceable with a diagnostic tool? In order to answer this question, we need to take a look at how this device works. 

Diagnostic scanners help us identify the problem, damage or anything that interferes with the normal function of the system. It uses all the data that storage units accumulate and analyzes them. It will identify all the issues from the smallest to the biggest ones. You just need to connect it to an ODB (on-board diagnostic) port and switch it on. Based on a manufacturer the ODB port might be located in a different part of your automobile, so double-check this little detail beforehand. Once you set up the scanner, it will display all the necessary information. It is very effective against mileage correction appliances; however, it cannot identify any trace of a mileage blocker.  

Do I have to buy car scanner tools?

If you are wondering whether buy a diagnostic tool or not, you need to know the pros and cons of it. The first and most important question is “why do you need it”? In case your dashboard frequently displays error signs it would be a great choice. It will be beneficial also if you decide to check for odometer calibration. But are mileage blockers traceable? No, mileage blockers do not use the CAN bus system to store the information inside the car. Hence, diagnostic tools cannot detect it.

You have options: go to a professional technician or buy one. A visit to a professional will cost you from $40-$400. The prices vary depending on the service you need. The prices could be different based on your location (city, state or country), so please double-check the details in advance. It should be noted that sometimes they claim diagnosing is free, but in that case, they may charge you extra for other additional services. Overall, whether it is free or not you will end up paying approximately the same amount in the end.

Let’s discuss what you need to consider before buying it. First of all – the price. There are different versions and the cheapest ones will cost you around $100. If you want to buy something that has way more functions and capabilities you need to spend way more than just $100. However, vehicles need frequent check-up to find out that it works flawlessly. So, if you buy the device it will be a one-time payment for you (as you will have a gadget and can test your car whenever you want), while each visit cost you a certain amount of money. 

Therefore, buying a diagnostic device depends on your budget and purpose. Of course, a visit is cheaper than buying the gadget, but in a longer perspective, it can be different. If you need the check-up only once, a visit might be a better option. And if you intend to do tests multiple times a good investment may be the best for you.

How to avoid clocking

Prevent clocking

Clocking is an ever-growing challenge in the 21st century. Countries try to somehow prevent it, but so far, the measures were not good enough to stop them. According to NHTSA, more than half a million cars have misleading speedometer only in the United States. The damage goes up to billions in the US. Such actions are common in the European Unions as well. Due to the fact that they don’t have one common law, it is becoming harder to control the process. EU report states that removing digits happens at cross border territories and has damage of €1-€9 billion.

Despite being illegal, people still roll back or remove displayed miles on the instrument cluster. In this reality more and more people ask “are mileage blockers traceable”? As we know, no device can trace odometer blockers and it is important to know how to protect yourself from potential fraud. Here are the useful tips you need to know while buying a used vehicle.

  • Check external appearance. Take a look at tires and make sure that they are in proper/good conditions;
  • Artificially changing kilometers require removing the instrument cluster. More likely there will be scratches on it if someone reset the odometer;
  • Examine all the pedals and be certain that they are not worn out. A new auto will not have significantly used pedals;
  • Take a look at the pedals as well. Look closely to make sure they are in good condition and there is nothing suspicious;
  • Ensure that you have all the official documents, reports and log books. They give you essential information in detail. So, double-check that this information matches the numbers on the dashboard;
  • You can also request VIN to validate the details online. 

Changing mileage is becoming extremely common. These steps will help you identify the problems from the beginning and prevent any additional complications. Do not forget to always check as much as possible and validate all given information. 

Mileage blocker – a legal device to halt mileage

For years a lot of companies tried to create something that would effectively and legally change the distance on the instrument cluster. They started rolling back, deleting, removing and clocking digits, but all of these actions are illegal. Plus, they have another bigger issue – they are traceable. That is why a team from Germany has developed a Mileage Blocker – a device that simply stops mileage recording. So, it just prevents counting up new miles or kilometers while a vehicle is in motion. It is proven to be effective but the question is “are mileage blockers traceable”? No, nobody can detect it. The blocker does not delete data from the system, it just does not store the information that makes it uncrackable. The company has created it only for car testing and tuning purposes. The mileage blocker has several advantages:

  • It provides Do-It-Yourself (DIY) easy installation instructions. By following simple steps you will be able to set up it by yourself;
  • The blocker does not transfer the information to storage units and it has an untraceable effect;
  • Plug and go function;
  • The tool has several modules and you can choose your favourite one for your drive; 
  • Mileage blockers consist of premium quality cables that are heat-resistant and work without an issue under any condition;
  • Official blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) include a mobile app. It gives you an opportunity to control it from your phone.

Anyone can purchase the mileage blocker from SKF. Always remember that company has created it for testing/tuning purposes and using it on free highways is unethical. This is why different manufacturers and dealership companies frequently use them.


To conclude, are mileage blockers traceable? – No, because they do not store the data about the miles in the system. They just stop counting up km while you are in motion and hence, nobody knows about your trip. Plus, it has a mobile application that gives you remote control via your mobile phone. Please remember that the device is for testing and using it on free roads is unethical and illegal. If you have any questions, feel free to check the support page or contact the customer center.

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