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Can Mileage Blocker Be Detected?

November 5, 2022

No, the mileage blocker from Superkilometerfilter cannot be detected. However, various blocker devices don’t use modern technology. Hence, scanner tools can easily trace and detect them. Mileage correction tools are well-known devices that change the distance on the instrument cluster. The main question remains: Can mileage blocker be detected? The shortest answer would be NO, however, there are several important aspects that you need to take into consideration.

What Is The Mileage Blocker?

Mileage Blocker is a special tool that does not delete or change any existing information from the system. The Blocker from SuperKilometerFilter only halts the distance recording process while a vehicle is in motion. It stops counting up additional miles and it doesn’t affect the previous data. Furthermore, this tool blocks the system from storing the information in its control units, consequently, the real mileage is untraceable.

There are other different types of correction tools on the market that adjust the mileage of a car. Some of them can roll back the numbers, delete already existing data, or extract the showing. If wanted, people can erase as many miles as they want. Even though such gadgets might also seem attractive, they have several significant flaws.

The Common Flaw of the Mileage Correction Tools

First of all, the system stores information about the distance in its control/storage units. Hence, erasing the data only from the dashboard is not enough, and car diagnostic tools can trace and detect whether the odometer was rolled back or not. Moreover, any type of interference with the odometer that makes it show the wrong distance is illegal.

Therefore, many types of tools are available on the market nowadays that change the mileage. All of them have different methods but they are traceable. However, if anyone needs an undetectable device for car testing, there is a Mileage Blocker, which stops the recording process without leaving a trace and is also available online.

What is a car diagnostic tool?

Car diagnostic tool review

The car diagnostic tool is a device that connects to your automobile and detects the error. It displays the issue through codes.

If you wonder how can mileage blocker be detected, first you need to understand how vehicle diagnostic tools work. This device is used to find out and analyze all the flaws during driving. If there is an issue and you continue to drive, the diagnostic tool will record all problems. Modern diagnostic testers make it easier for you by detecting and notifying you exactly what problem you are dealing with. 

New cars are equipped with numerous sensors and control panels that detect an issue right away. As soon as the system finds a flaw, it lets you know by lighting specific signs on the dashboard. Even though the system always tries to alert you, simple warning icons are not enough. The scanner tools use the data from the storage units to determine what is the exact problem.

These diagnostic scanners help detect mileage corrections such as rollback and reset, however, it is vulnerable to mileage blockers. They are untraceable and not even a professional tester will notice any sign of the mileage blocker.

Should I Buy A Car Scanner Tool?

If you have suddenly come across the engine light you may think that an odometer has been tampered with. This is the time when you start asking if can mileage blocker be detected. Odometer fraud is becoming common nowadays, especially with the new vehicles with digital speedometer readings.  You have two options: buy an OBD2 scanner or visit a professional technician.

Depending on what you would like to check the prices vary between $40-400. Make sure to double-check the prices locally, as they’ll be different in every state. You should consider paying approximately the same amount in the end.

If you buy a scanner tool, the cheapest one will cost you around $100. The good thing is that you make only a one-time payment to purchase it and will be able to diagnose it by yourself without extra expenses in the future. Plus, such devices can detect an incorrect functioning of the system or any error that a vehicle has.

So, can mileage blocker be detected by scanner tools? No, diagnostic testers cannot track mileage blockers in a vehicle. Of course, it is better to have your own but it costs more than a single visit to a technician.

How To Avoid Odometer Fraud

Preventing odometer fraud

Even though artificially changing kilometers is against the law, people still use such methods. Based on the data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around half a million used cars had incorrect mileage only in the U.S. You already know how can mileage blocker be detected. However, there are different precautions than diagnostic tools, while buying a used vehicle. The following steps will help you detect odometer fraud:

  • Check the visual appearance: Examine tires as new autos don’t have old ones;
  • Make sure a speedometer does not have scratches on its surface. This might be one of the first signs of the odometer malfunctioning;
  • Take a look at the pedals as well. Look closely to make sure they are in good condition and there is nothing suspicious;
  • Request all official documents. It can be invoices, different reports or log books. Compare whether the data in the documents match the numbers on the odometer;
  • Use VIN to check the details online.

These are the few steps that will assist you in the purchasing process. Always keep in mind that to make the best decision it is essential to have and check as much information as possible.

Mileage Blocker From SKF: The Most Effective Device

Many companies have tried to create something that would effectively change the mileage on the odometer. A team from Germany has created a Mileage Blocker – a device that only alters the distance recording process. It simply stops counting up miles while a vehicle is in motion. Now the question is: Can mileage blocker be detected? The answer is NO. They have developed this technology only for car testing and tuning purposes. So, how does it work? The blocker does not erase existing data, it just stops counting up new miles/km once you plug it in. The mileage blocker has many advantages:

  • The blockers are suitable for all car models such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Mini, and VW;
  • It has easy DIY installation instructions that will help you do everything by yourself;
  • The mileage blocker does not store the data in storage units and the information is untraceable;
  • It has several modules you can choose from. Hence, you will have the opportunity to use the one that is more suitable to you;
  • The device is made of heat-resistance high-quality materials that work flawlessly in any weather condition;
  • The official mileage blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) have a mobile application. It enables you to control the device remotely via your mobile phone.

You can purchase the mileage blocker from the official website anytime. But remember that it is for testing or tuning purposes and using it on free highways is unethical. Many manufacturers and dealership companies use blockers for testing. If you are interested, you can look through a support page or contact the customer service.


With this article, we answered the most important question – can mileage blocker be detected? As we already know, the mileage blockers from the Super Kilometer Filter can not be detected. It does not show low mileage or delete any data from a car but stops the recording process while a vehicle is in motion. You can disable it anytime and control the device via a mobile application. The German team has developed it for testing and tuning. If you or your company needs one, the mileage blocker is available online.

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