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January 17, 2022

Digital speedometer for car means a lot. It is the main part of a vehicle that is responsible to measure and show you the actual data of the speed. Similar to other parts, the speedometer can become out of tune over time. That can lead to many misunderstandings. Misleading can cost you a lot. For instance, as a result of the speedometer inaccuracy, you might get a lot of speeding tickets.

Due to the big importance of the part, there are many different types of speedometer tools on the market. Speedometers are often combined with odometers. You will find Speedometer Calibration, Can Filter, Odometer Blocker, Mileage Correction, Odometer Adjustment, and many others. At the first glance, it can be confusing to clarify which tool will work for you the best. Despite the big variety, we can determine two main groups, adjustment and blocker devices.

The only reliable way to stop the speedometer is the Mileage Blocker device. The device stops counting not only miles but the digital speedo as well.

Below we will discuss in detail how to remove interior trim on your car and stop the speedometer to check its performance. Before diving into details of using the Mileage Blocker device, I’d advise reviewing the nature of a digital speedometer, how it works, and why we need to check its performance. That way you will have a complete understanding of the digital speedometer and the tool as well. So, let’s start the journey!

What Is the Digital Speedo and How It Works?

In order to understand why to use the speedometer digital universal tool, we need to understand the nature of the digital speedometer itself. Notably, the first speedometer was patented by German engineer Otto Schulze in 1902. Vehicles were equipped with speedometers since the 1910s. The part has gone through many changes. As a result of changes, we’ve got three main types of speedometer, Mechanical, Digital, and Electro-mechanical.

  • Mechanical speedometer’s main source of information is derived by means of mechanical drive wire. Manufacturers typically design mechanical speedometers so that 1,000 revolutions of the flexible shaft will register one mile on the odometer.
  • Digital speedometer for cars receives information about speed and mileage in digital form.
  • Electro-mechanical speedometers are powered by both digital systems and electric motors.

Speedometer is one of the main parts of a car. With the help of the part, we can control the speed on the dashboard, to be in line with speed limits. It shows us how many miles are covered within an hour. For instance, if the wheels are moving at a 60mph speed, then the same data should be shown on the dashboard. If you see any number, other than that, then the obd2 speedometer needs immediate action. Below are reasons, what can stand behind the misleading, and why you need to check its performance.

Reasons to Check Digital Speedometer for Car

Why do you need to check the digital speedometer?

As you already know, owning a digital speedometer for car means some checkups, similar to other parts. In case you receive speeding tickets that seem unrealistic, then you should test if the speedometer works properly.

One of the most popular reasons that can be the reason for the misleading is related to tires. As you know, the speedometer shows data upon analyzing the rotation of tires. Hence, if you are using different size tires other than what the manufacturer recommended, then you might face some inaccuracy.

No matter, using a bigger or smaller size of tires, can affect the performance of the digital speedo. For instance, you might move quite fast but see lower data on the dashboard, which allows you to speed up. As a result, you might end up receiving a speeding ticket, which can be unexpected, as you were not moving over the speed limit. In that case, you should check whether the wheels are aligned to the reading on the speedometer.

How to Stop the Digital Speedo?

Alter the digital speedometer

You already know how important it is that the speedometer worked properly in a vehicle. After exploring the main characteristics of how it works, it’s time to introduce a speedometer digital universal tool.

Some individuals mix Speedometers with odometers, despite big difference between them. Now we will get to know the Mileage Blocker. The module that stops the odometer and speedometer at the same time. The tool is designed specifically for testing purposes. With the help of the tool, you can stop counting extra miles while in motion.

Compared to other devices, it is totally legal to use. It doesn’t adjust any existing data but simply stops the speedometer. Here are several reasons, why I’d advise using the tool for stopping the digital speedometer for cars:

Simple to use

The tool is user-friendly. Any individual can easily use it with several key combinations. In case of questions, our support team is ready to offer you relevant service. 

Do It Yourself (DIY) installation

You can install it with the DIY instruction. It doesn’t request cutting wires. For using the tool, you should remove the interior trim of your car and simply plug the module between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster.


The software is written individually for each auto model. For that reason, the tool works flawlessly on any vehicle. No matter whether your vehicle counts mileage in miles or kilometers (km), the device will work equally efficiently.


Despite the fact that the module is legal to use, it is totally untraceable. After detaching the tool and deactivating the module, the speedometer and odometer work as usual.


All in all, owning a vehicle doesn’t mean knowing all the technical aspects of vehicle systems. However, monitoring how the obd2 speedometer works is very important. It helps us to control the speed.

Speedometer is the part that shows how many miles we cover within an hour. Hence, any misunderstanding can cause many problems for drivers. For instance, receiving unexpected speeding tickets. Seeing different numbers on the dashboard, other than the actual speed of a vehicle, can lead to a lot of problems. You already know that one of the reasons can be changing the tire size.

However, there is a reliable tool to be on the safe side and check the vehicle’s performance. As you already know speedometers are usually combined with odometers. For that reason, you will meet some odometer tools that affect the performance of the speedometer as well and vice versa. The Mileage Blocker is an affordable tool that can help you to stop the speedometer easily.

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