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How To Fix Odometer Rollback Car And Avoid Mileage Discrepancy

April 25, 2024

An odometer rollback is a widespread challenge for auto enthusiasts and professionals. It is particularly harmful to people seeking to buy a used car. Purchasing a vehicle is never a simple task, and the mileage reverse makes the process even more difficult. It may mislead the buyer into making a decision that he or she would not otherwise make. This will cause financial harm to the buyer, as well as malfunctioning or reduced life expectancy of the purchased vehicle. To prevent additional issues, learn how to detect odometer malfunctions, fix errors, and avoid new obstacles.

What Is an Odometer and Why Is It Important?

An odometer is a vehicle device that calculates mileage and displays the results on the dashboard. It allows us to determine the distance traveled accurately. When you check your miles, you may detect an odometer rolled back car, resulting in an inconsistent odoo reading. Of course, this fact may lead to several misunderstandings. However, taking precautions and not ignoring such a case is more important.
Despite technological advancements and constant development, distance remains a vital variable. Indeed, all of this is based on certain practices and experiences, but in today’s world, there are far more critical factors for cars. Taking them into account may be more valuable than estimating mileage numbers.
Everyone manages to deal with the issue of distance and car maintenance in their own unique way. Some attempt to avoid major damage by driving cautiously, while others constantly visit service centers. A particular group of people decided to address the issue of mileage by rolling odometer back in their cars. That is why it is critical to understand what it means and whether it is appropriate for you to use this method.

What Is Odometer Rollback?

Rollback in a car is a situation where people tamper with the odometer to make it display lower miles than the original showing. After rolling back the odometer, your automobile will show much lower mileage on the instrument cluster. This is an established practice that started decades ago. It is usually called odometer fraud or clocking.
In the past, most automobiles had mechanical odometers. They were easier to mess up and were almost impossible to track. However, modern vehicles have digital odometers, and it’s hard to change mileage without any trace. This is because the system stores the mileage-related data in the ECUs. Hence, even if the odometer rolled back successfully or you deleted certain miles or kilometers from your car, the system would have the original information and be easily traceable. For this reason, new models are more resistant to fraud. However, they are not 100% secure from such actions, and various tools can adjust any auto.
Rolling back the odometer is a mileage adjustment process that displays lower miles and kilometers in a car.

Why Are People Rolling Odometer Back in Vehicles in 2024?

Odometer adjustment can have different reasons and goals. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Increasing the Resale Value of a car: It is well known that vehicles with high mileage are inexpensive. On the other hand, the one with lower miles has a higher price tag. Considering this, the owners often seek to artificially reduce the mileage and make a bigger profit from the sale.
  • Fix Inaccuracies: Although odometers are smart instruments, they can sometimes show inaccurate data. Such occasions are rare, but they should be corrected immediately whenever an issue arises.
  • Physical Damage to an Odometer: Car accidents can damage instrument clusters, showing incorrect mileage. The odometer rollback tool can be used on such occasions to adjust the miles and restore accurate data.
  • Cut Insurance Expenses: Companies determine insurance rates based on car mileage, and if you have low statistics, you will end up paying less. People used this factor to their advantage and unethically changed the information to minimize their costs.

It’s evident that one universal reason doesn’t exist. Everyone chooses rollback devices based on their needs and goals.

How to Detect Odometer Rolled back Scam in Modern Vehicles?

The following methods will help you identify the issues:

  1. Request the official history record and compare it to the current odometer statistics. The numbers won’t be the same, but the difference should be logical.
  2. Check the engine hours and try to figure out the appropriate average mileage. Consider that engine hours will have completely different results under different circumstances. For example, a car standing in a traffic jam for an hour and a second car driving on a highway for one hour will have drastically different covered distances despite having the same engine. So, vehicle engine hours don’t always help us detect the issue.
  3. Extract ECU Data. Cars store mileage information in ECUs. Hence, you can check the saved miles in the system and compare them to the current odometer. However, this approach will be useless if someone uses a mileage blocker, as it’s utterly untraceable.

What Should I Do if My Car Was Rolled Back?

When you notice a rollback, the first thing you must do is notify the local authorities. There are two explanations. Firstly, by informing the authorities, you increase the chances of detecting the mileage discrepancy, as they have more resources to track it. Secondly, being honest and admitting to authorities that you were unaware of the mileage can help ease the situation and prevent further complications.
Rolling odometer back occurs when people force the car to show lower mileage as if it was the original reading. They use an odoo rollback tool for modifications. Initially, the device links with the system. Once the connection is established, the vehicle’s mileage can be lowered. For instance, if the car has 150,000 miles on it and you want the rollback not to go over 80,000, this instrument will reduce the numbers for you. This method has one disadvantage: the original information is still traceable as the system stores the data in the ECUs, and the rollback tool cannot remove the data from the storage units.
The Odoo rollback tool can roll back the mileage and show the desired amount on the dashboard. Although tempting, these devices are quickly traceable and usually seen as scams.

How to Fix Odometer Rollback Cars in 2024?

The proper functioning of the odometer is of crucial importance for vehicles. That is why if you notice an odometer malfunction, it is necessary to think about ways to resolve it. You can fix rollback odometers using the methods listed below.

1.Use History Reports and a Disclosure Statement

Vehicle history reports and a disclosure statement provide detailed information about the car. They show all the services it has had, recorded miles over time and additional auto data. This information can help you determine mileage inaccuracies and adjust the information so that the odometer will continue to show the correct distance.
Hence, history reports and disclosure statements are excellent sources for determining accurate information.

2. Deploy Scanner Tools

A car odometer scanner tool is a device that connects to a vehicle and shows detailed information. It’s often used to find out issues and malfunctions. As soon as you detect the error, you can fix it. In this case, the scanner tool can help you check if an odometer works correctly or has any inaccuracies. If the Odoo scanner tool detects that the odometer rolled back, you should correct the mileage in your car. This device is an excellent option for finding issues and resolving them afterward.

3. Replace the Odometer

In some cases, due to rollback and other scam actions, the odometer can no longer function properly. Despite the alignment, it still displays incorrect data on the dashboard. In such a case, replacing the odometer with a new one is the most appropriate option. Before replacement, it is necessary to correct the mileage according to the actual reading.

4. Visit Professional Mechanics or Service Centers

It isn’t easy to adjust the mileage yourself, especially if you don’t have the necessary tools. Despite your best efforts, you may be unable to pinpoint the exact issue. If you are unable to complete the task on your own, that is perfectly normal. This field has its professionals. Rolling odometer back and correcting the mileage in a car is much easier for them. So, if you have an issue with miles or kilometers that you cannot resolve on your own, visit professional mechanics or relevant service centers, and they will guide you through the process.

Is Mileage Blocker a Rollback Device?

A rollback tool changes and lowers miles or km in a vehicle by odometer rollback. Mileage adjustment and displaying the wrong data are the primary goals for these gadgets. People use them for fraudulent purposes to deceive others while buying a used car. Unlike rollback, mileage blocker is not intended to deduct, delete, or change mileage. Therefore, it does NOT belong to rollback devices.
So, what is the mileage blocker? It’s a smart device that halts distance recording while the auto is in motion. The blocker doesn’t reset or reverse the odometer; it stops the system from adding new miles. The great feature of this high-tech device is that, compared to the odometer rolled back tool, the mileage blocker never stores the information in the vehicle’s ECUs. Hence, the information is untraceable.
This impressive blocker is produced in Germany using premium-quality materials. This ensures that the device works perfectly despite weather conditions. The German SuperKilometerFilter (SKF) team created this product for only car testing purposes under a controlled environment, and it shouldn’t be used on free roads. Check the support or customer service pages for additional information.

Advantages of the Mileage Blocker

The mileage blocker from SKF is a unique tool that has multiple advantages compared to the devices that are rolling odometer back:

  1. Untraceable Effect: It’s the only device that can stop the mileage recording process and doesn’t leave a trace. Hence, this action would be irreversible if the mileage blocker were used.
  2. Different Modes: The blocker has several modes, and the owner can choose the best option.
  3. High-quality Components: The product relies on the quality of its constituent components, which enables it to achieve flawless results.
  4. Mobile App: The fantastic feature of this product is that it has a mobile application. You can now control the module remotely from your phone, even when driving.
  5. DIY Installation: The mileage blocker has easy installation guidelines, and you can install the device without an issue.

You can buy the mileage blocker online from the SKF website. Always remember to use the device ethically.


An odometer rollback is a mileage adjustment that causes a car’s dashboard to display lower miles or km. It’s a common practice for odometer manipulations. On the other hand, the mileage blocker is the only tool that can stop distance recording without any trace. Remember that this action is irreversible, and it’s meant only for car testing.


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