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What Is Considered High Mileage on a Car, and Should You Buy Vehicles with 200k Miles?

March 21, 2024

A high mileage rate is an important metric for all vehicle owners. It’s not just average numbers on an odometer. Using this data correctly can significantly increase your automobile’s performance and longevity. The meaning of mileage was constantly changing. Cars’ off-road performance, as well as operational standards, have both improved over time. As a result, previous approaches and perspectives have evolved. What was once considered a high rate does not reflect current reality. That’s why it is critical to become familiar with modern-day reality and assess the current situation accurately.

What Is Car Mileage and Is It Important?

Mileage is a statistic that shows how many miles or kilometers a car has traveled. The odometer is the device that measures mileage data and displays the metrics ​​on the dashboard. Since the odometer is placed in the dashboard, you can easily see this information.
Although the auto industry has developed rapidly, mileage has retained its importance, and it remains one of the most important indicators for determining the condition of a vehicle. The following characteristics determine its importance:

  • Mileage can help you determine how often the car has been used and its wear and tear.
  • By calculating the mileage, you can determine your following oil changes and visits to service centers.
  • Mileage will help you determine car expenses and plan your finances.
  • It determines the resale value of your automobile.

Considering all this, it’s not surprising that mileage remains an important metric that every car owner pays close attention to.

How Much Mileage Is High in 2024, and What Are the Historical Records?

In 2024, 200k is considered high mileage, and cars with over 200,000 miles or kilometers are seen as used and below average.
Initially, automobiles were not designed to travel long distances. As a result, when they reached a particular mileage, they were considered old and unusable on the road. For example, according to The New York Times, in the 1960s-70s, the lifespan of a car was around 100,000 miles. Driving 100,000 miles at that time was unthinkable.
Since then, the field of car building has progressed significantly. The improved anti-corrosion coatings are particularly notable. This progress was one of the primary reasons that by 2012, most cars could travel over 200,000 miles.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, automobiles travel between 12,000 and 15,000 miles every year. Also, new cars can cover 300k or more. However, when the odometer shows 200,000, people start worrying and consider selling their automobiles. Even though mileage is essential, other factors could significantly affect automobiles.

How Much Mileage Is High in 2024

Is Mileage the Most Important Aspect of Your Vehicle?

No, mileage is a crucial component of vehicles, but it is not the most important aspect to consider while buying a used car. It significantly impacts a resale price because miles can be used to estimate the car’s approximate condition. However, mileage can be deceiving when making assumptions regarding your vehicle.
Let us consider two completely independent scenarios. In the first case, the car had traveled 70,000 miles and was used solely by the owner on the highway between the two cities. In the second case, the vehicle has 50,000 miles, but the owner has driven it on rough roads with poor terrain and occasionally hauled cargo. It is obvious that, despite the higher mileage, the first car will be in better condition and will last longer without issues.
As you can see, mileage is not always precise, and additional factors must be considered. Despite its importance, mileage cannot be regarded as the sole and most important factor in car evaluation.

Should I buy a used car with a higher mileage?

Yes, if you want a durable automobile and don’t worry about resale price, you can safely purchase a second-hand vehicle with a high mileage rate. Buying older cars with 200k is not an issue nowadays as you can examine the vehicle and get all the necessary data. Hence, if mileage has been your only concern, you can confidently fulfill your goal after thorough research.
In addition, you should know that every coin has two sides. Therefore, it has advantages and disadvantages. You need to know the pros and cons of buying a used automobile with relatively higher miles.

What Are the Pros of Buying a Used High-Distance Car?

Purchasing a used vehicle is a well-established practice. People buy such cars for the following reasons:

  1. Low price: The primary reason for purchasing a high mileage car is its lower price tag. A New vehicle model is costly, and not everyone can afford it. Many prefer to buy a used automobile and find a better deal.
  2. Good Condition: three or four-year-old cars can’t be in bad condition unless they have severe physical damage. That’s why individuals prefer to save money and find a suitable option.
  3. Regularly Active: Cars require driving, and miles on the odometer may indicate that a vehicle was not stationary. If the car is not constantly in motion, its parts become rusty and occasionally damaged.

Cons of Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a car with a lot of mileage is a challenging task. It requires experience and patience to find the best deal. Moreover, there are possible cons that you may consider:

  1. Wear and Tear: The components wear out and damage over time. That’s why the older a vehicle is, the more damage it has. If you are a professional or experienced driver, you can identify approximately how long it will last. Therefore, you can make assumptions and decide based on them.
  2. Increased Automobile Costs: Older vehicles are more likely to break down and require additional services. Of course, it means extra costs and sometimes even expensive repairs.
  3. Low Resale Price: As time passes and the automobile gets older, its price drops. Hence, the resale value decreases, and owners cannot profit from selling it.

What Are Other Factors Affecting High Miles Cars?

The meaning of mileage has changed drastically recently. The following factors affect mileage and sometimes have a more significant impact on the vehicle than mileage itself:

  • Manufacturer and the Model: All car manufacturers have their own methods of assembling and creating their products. Based on their approaches and the model, the lifespan of vehicles varies. As a result, car longevity varies by manufacturer and model. For example, in the Sedan & Hatchback category, Toyota (Avalon), Chevrolet (Impala), and Honda (Accord) have the best results. In SUVs, once again, Toyota and Chevrolet are leaders. As for the Pickup Trus, Toyota and Honda have performed the best.
  • Driving Habits: How a driver uses a vehicle greatly influences the overall condition. Driving the car correctly can keep it in top condition; however, misusing it will drastically reduce its lifespan and performance caliber.
  • Rollback Devices: They make it difficult for buyers to obtain exact data about the car. Therefore, there is a risk of incorrect calculations at such times.

Factors Affecting High Miles Cars

What are rollback tools, and how do people use them on older automobiles?

Rolling back is the process of manipulating an odometer and reducing car mileage. Such devices allow you to control odometers and display the desired miles on the dashboard. For example, imagine a car that has covered 100,000 miles. You can use the rollback tool to choose how many miles you want to appear on the instrument panel. If you decide to go for 60,000 miles, the system will show the exact number on the dashboard.
This practice and device have a major flaw. They can only change the numbers on the dashboard but not delete information from the system’s storage units. As a result, the information is easily detectable by others.

The Device for Cars with Higher Mileage

The mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter is an advanced device that halts the mileage recording process in a car. With its advanced technology, the device does not save any data regarding miles in system storage units, and consequently, the initial mileage is undetectable.
The mileage blocker is a premium tool made in Germany from high-quality materials. Its high efficiency and quality make it perfect for any weather condition. The blocker has different modes, and you can choose your desired option. Moreover, now you can use the exclusive mobile application and control the module directly from your phone.

This device includes simple DIY installation guidelines. If you follow the instructions, you can easily assemble it yourself. Although the mileage blocker is meant for testing purposes only, people use it unethically on public roads due to its untraceable effect.
The device is available on the SKF website, where you can purchase the mileage blocker. For further details, please check the support section or contact the customer service department.

What is considered high mileage on a car?

A car with 200k miles or more is considered higher than the standard rate. In 2024, the mileage of 200.00 marks the threshold between high and normal. Although automobiles can travel farther, they are regarded as overused.
The mileage has gone through various periods and stages. In each case, it played a unique role in the process and was approached differently. Currently, 200,000 miles is the limit beyond which a vehicle is considered old and overused.


A high mileage rate is a car mileage indicator that shows how many miles a vehicle has traveled over the limit. Today, the figure is 200k miles. An innovative tool called Mileage Blocker was developed to repeatedly test the car for safety while not increasing its mileage. Its use is only recommended for ethical reasons and methods.

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