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What Makes It So Effortless To Change Odometer Data Nowadays and How You Can Do It Yourself?

April 3, 2023

Nowadays, it is no longer surprising that anyone can mess with their automobiles, change odometer information freely even in the modern era. Contrary to popular belief that it may seem more challenging for digital odometers, ways to alter mileage data are as diverse as they had ever been. The motives behind this behavior are as evident as stars on a clear night. Some individuals and dealerships sell low-mileage automobiles profitably (the price is higher) as long they look attractive to any customer. 

The availability of various rollback devices on the market also provides a good foundation for changing odometer data. Anyone can access them easily, which makes this case so common today. So it is vital to know exactly how to do it. One point is removing actual information, but another is actual results that follow. Very few producers of those tools can promise that reversed information stay undetected. So, you do not have any guarantees that you won’t become a participant of crime, even you think that you use those tools without bad intentions. Apart from this, you change odometer reading or not, you should know how to spot it in order not to become the victim of a crime by spending too much money when buying a used vehicle.

Let’s dig deeper to learn the differences between modern and old types of odometers, ways and techniques of tempering them and where is the border between legal and illegal acts when altering existing data.

Why is an odometer so important component of my auto?

It displays the distance traveled by your automobile; with this visual assistant, it will be possible to detect covered miles by a particular vehicle.  As long as this information are considered a good indicator for defining the condition of vehicles if you change odometer figures, it easily becomes misleading for defining the well-being of target automobile.

Odometers were different from what it is today in modern cars. In the past, it was analog.  Simply speaking, those were mechanical. They worked by counting wheel rotations which means that the traveled distance was calculated by wheel rotations times by the tire circumference. Adjusting those numbers is so easy with the help of a few pieces of equipment. That’s why all enthusiasts could do changing odometer display easily. 

Today, mostly we meet digital odometers. The working principle is more difficult. It doesn’t get information directly by counting tire rotation. It has optical sensors which send signals to the engine control unit using a special algorithm to calculate traveled distance. So, it indicates that that data doesn’t exist in only one unit, it exists also in other control units of the automobile. Despite the advanced technology of this odo, many individuals can still edit displayed numbers and change odometer reading. The question is – who guarantees an untraceable effect? – If someone does this, you should be careful, because how much you try to learn if it is altered or not, it will be impossible. 

Why is an odometer so important part of my auto?

Do you have to change odometer in some cases? 

In most cases, we exaggerate the necessity of rollbacking odometers. The legitimate reasons for you to change odometer is very rare. According to popular belief, engine replacement has an effect on this component and reset it, But it is not true. Surely engine swap has a powerful impact on general performance of the car, but it doesn’t mess with displayed numbers. 

However, there can be a few legitimate reasons for changing odometer. For example, when someone needs to replace speedo with a new or second-hand unit. The replacement unit should match the old unit.  So, as it seems it certain correction and adjustment become inevitable because there is no way out.  

Additional cases when you may need change odometer reading are the following: incorrect mileage when damaging instrument cluster, after jump-starting, electrical fault, motor or gauge failure. As you can see, resetting kilometers is only justified when it is displays inaccurate data for a particular reason. When it comes to the law, you should consider that when you change odometer somehow, at least you should report the reason of the change and discrepancies in the reading should be kept in order to provide this information to future buyers to avoid accusations of criminal activity. 

Odometer fraud

As NHTSA ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ) indicates “Odometer fraud is the disconnection, resetting or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated “.According to New York times, reprogramming is hard to spot for shoppers, despite several legal acts such as the Truth in Mileage Act of 1986, and federal tampering statutes in 1994, changing odometers is still common illegal practice. After appearing in digital odometers in 1970 in automobiles, fully replaced traditional ones from the 2000s. Firstly, it seemed impossible to manipulate. However, it was just a matter of time. How did it become possible? The answer lies in the diversity of rollback tools which are leading products on today’s market. The point is if any of them perform flawlessly. If so, you as a buyer, should be very careful, because such manipulation will be impossible to spot. 

Is it possible to change odometer reading?  

The short answer is definitely – yes. The point is that in most cases it happens only on the surface. Today’s automobiles store this mileage-related data not only in the dashboard, but it is also saved in many ECUs. So, that indicates that, most devices that reverse numbers do their job and alter figures on odometer but genuine information stays in other control units. It means that you change odometer numbers with a decent correction tool, and displayed numbers on the surface, but anyone can detect accurate data with a help of diagnostic equipment paired with OBD2 scanners. 

Needless to say, dishonest people use advanced tools for evil purposes. One of the outstanding products on the market is a Mileage blocker which is not intended to roll back kilometers, but it can freeze counting miles unconditionally. It is not for changing odometer, it is for stopping miles to add. The main characteristic of the tool is that it doesn’t leave a trace. Counting is stopped in all other control units. If someone uses it for fraudulent purposes, it will be hard to identify. Surely, the device is for testing and tuning purposes and nobody should use it on public roads. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss this extraordinary module’s characteristics. 

can you change odometer reading?

How does mileage blocker work?

Mileage blocker from Super Kilometer Filter will work flawlessly in any condition because it consists heat-resistant and premium-quality parts. It allows you to test the performance of your automobile in a controlled environment. You will be sure that the device will stop the recording process in all control units. The fact that altered mileage remains untraceable makes it superior to its counterfeits.  You don’t change odometer reading or turn it back, you stop it and just make sure that miles do not add up. 

Contrary to Odometer adjustment tools, it is user-friendly, our Mileage Stopper is installed behind the speedometer. It comes with DIY instructions for installation and It doesn’t require deep technical knowledge. The motivated team from Super kilometer Filter specializes in developing Can-bus and FlexRay systems. They regularly work on R&D to meet customer’s requirements and make the module as sophisticated as possible. That’s why they have hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. 

If you ever dreamt of testing your automobile’s performance with a quality product. You can choose the module specially designed for tens of models and makers. 

Is it legal to use mileage blocker?

Yes, it is legal in most countries, unless you use it for dishonest purposes such as deceiving potential customers. If you use it in a controlled environment or notify buyers about the change, it will not be breaking the law. 


Strategies and reasons to change odometer are diverse, the point is that it should not be associated with breaking the law. Messing with the odometer is not forbiden if there is a justified motivation behind it, or if it serves a testing purpose. Today, it happens effortlessly, because there are hundreds of methods and devices. However, it would be best if you were careful  when you choose products for your auto. Avoid low-quality devices that can cause flaws in the system of the automobile. Besides, do not lie about mileage because you may face legal issues. 

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