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What Does The Odometer Of An Automobile Measure? – Complete Explanation

January 19, 2023

What does the odometer of an automobile measure? An odometer measures the total distance that an automobile has covered. The odometer is a small device inside a car, usually placed on the instrument clusters. It can be electronic, mechanical or mixed. Thanks to new technologies, it counts wheel rotations and multiplies them by tire circumference. To identify the circumference, you should multiply tire diameter by pi (commonly known as “π” and equals 3.14159265359). The final digits are the total distance. Please take into consideration that if the tires are worn out their diameter will not be the same as the standard ones. Hence, the results will not be 100% accurate.

So, what does an odometer of an automobile measure? – It measures the distance covered by a car. Counting those miles and kilometers is more important than it looks. For instance, it is unquestionably true that mileage is the most effective way to monitor oil changes. Without correct measuring, detecting when the oil level is below normal would be harder. Therefore, odometers have a crucial role in car maintenance and you should make sure that it always functions flawlessly.

To sum up, now you already have an answer to the question “what does the odometer of an automobile measures?” An odometer is a tool that counts wheel rotations and detects the total distance traveled by a vehicle. This information is essential for normal functioning and maintenance purposes as well.

What does the odometer of an automobile measure? Is it the same as speedometer?What does the odometer of an automobile measure? Is it different from speedometers?

When you hear a speedometer, you know exactly what we are talking about. Simply it is a device that measures speed. The question is what does the odometer of an automobile measure? It meters the total covered distance. From now on you will know the difference between these two crucial elements.

In the past, people tried to develop a mechanism like modern odometers. They used early forms of tools to measure distance. For example, in the United States, companies installed gadgets on train wagons to calculate the exact length of a route. On the other hand, in England, post offices used them to gauge the range between post offices. Technology has gradually developed and we have modern odometers. The term itself comes from the 18th century. Modern devices are faster and more efficient than their older versions.

So, what does an odometer of an automobile measure nowadays? Modern odometers compute the distance moved by vehicles. Because of the advanced technologies the systems collect and measure all the necessary information in no time. In comparison, people had to make calculations mechanically to measure speed or distance which requires more time. In the 21st century, when everything is becoming more digitalized, electronic mechanisms do this “dirty” job more efficiently.

Thus, a speedometer and an odometer are two completely different devices. To understand the difference, you have to answer the key questions: what does the odometer of an automobile measures? It measures the total distance recorded while a car was in motion. On the other hand, digital speedometers measure the speed at a certain time. 

Why are odometers important?

We all know that the miles on a car have huge importance. Everyone tries to buy an auto with less total mileage. To understand the significance of mileage we need to answer two questions: why miles are important? And what does an odometer have to do with the mileage?

Let’s start with the first one. Many people believe that mileage is the most important element. Some only look at the miles and decide whether they buy it or not. This is based on the misconception that higher mileage is always bad and means more maintenance costs. However, you should know that modern cars can cover further distances without an issue and you should concentrate more on their usage. For example: under what conditions and terrain the owner used an automobile.

Moreover, less mileage means a higher resale price. That is why a person who plans to buy and then sell it in the near future always prefers a vehicle with a lower recorded distance. Plus, most insurance companies calculate their service based on mileage. If you drive more, then you have to pay more for their service.

As we determined the importance of mileage, it is time to discuss the second question. What does the odometer of an automobile measure? The odometer is a device on the dashboard that is responsible for correctly measuring the total covered distance. Therefore, when we see the numbers on a control panel it is thanks to odometers.

All in all, miles and kilometers have a crucial role in our life. That is why knowing the exact distance is crucial for an owner. An odometer is a tool that solves this problem for you and measures the total distance.

Is it legal to change the odometer?

Odometers are important and they have a significant function. what does an odometer of an automobile measure? It calculates the total distance traveled by a vehicle. Despite being so important a lot of people try to change those numbers. They use various methods such as resetting, freezing, rolling back or deleting digits. The main goal of these actions is to manipulate the odometer and artificially change the digits. 

Odometer fraud is becoming more and more common every year. It has become a huge challenge both in the United States and the European Union (EU). The cases of such fraud are constantly increasing and damage is worth billions of dollars. To fight against it the federal statute regulates this issue in the US, however, it does not stop individuals to continue their “job”. The same path is visible in the EU. Countries created laws, but they appeared to be ineffective.

To realize why odometers are the main “targets”, we need to answer the question – what does the odometer of an automobile measures? An odometer is a tool that measures miles and kilometers covered by a car. Even though altering an odometer is illegal, people still try to reset the mileage. According to the law, anyone who uses misleading odometers or artificially changes the numbers will face legal disputes.

How to prevent odometer fraudPreventing odometer fraud

Manipulation mileage is a common practice nowadays. Peoples with fraudulent purposes use different types of gadgets to fulfil their goals. what does the odometer of an automobile measure? It counts distance while a vehicle is moving. So, what does it mean? The short meaning is that you should pay more attention to the odometers and know how to detect clocking.

  • Tires – first of all, look at the exterior and the tires. It will give you an idea of what condition a car is in. Also, if the odometer indicates lower digits but the tires are too worn out, you can conclude that the information is not correct. In addition, manufacturers often add important details on their tires, so double-check that there is no mistake;
  • Wear and tear – a lot of owners claim that their vehicles are in the best condition, however good examination can reveal the truth. Make sure that the seats look new and do not forget to closely examine all the pedals. If pedals seem used, this means that they are not as new as the seller tries to prove.
  • Instrument cluster – what does an odometer of an automobile measure? It measures the distance. Hence, people usually try to replace an older odometer with a new object. Sometimes, they reset or delete existing numbers from the dashboard. It is very common to leave scratches during the process. So, look at the instrument cluster and if you see a lot of scratches around the odometer, make sure to stay away from that seller;
  • Damaged parts – when you are about to buy something new you do not expect it to have any damage. If you suspect that the original components were replaced, or see the damaged parts, you can assume that it can be a case of odometer fraud;

Therefore, what does the odometer of an automobile measures? It measures the distance traveled by auto. This is the main reason why individuals try to hack odometers and change the original numbers on them. You need to be careful and check all the details before buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Mileage Blocker – the best option on the market

A lot of companies tried to create a tool that would effectively change the mileage on the instrument cluster. People always wanted to roll back the miles displayed on the control panel. Once they succeeded, they would save money on their expenses and could make a bigger profit as well. Despite many attempts, all of them were unsuccessful unless they decided to manipulate odometers. But why odometers? what does the odometer of an automobile measure? It measures the distance travelled by automobile and then displays the numbers on the dashboard.

Recently, a young team from Germany has developed an innovative product – the Mileage Blocker. This device halts the distance recording process while a vehicle is in motion. It should be noted that this tool does not delete (that is illegal) any existing data from the system, it just stops counting up new miles. In addition, while all other similar products are traceable, the mileage blocker does not store any information in storage units and therefore they are completely untraceable. To make sure that the blocker works perfectly in any weather condition, it has premium-quality, heat-resistant components. Moreover, the official SKF product is the only one that has its mobile application. Hence, you can control everything from your phone.

Today everyone knows that mileage is important and that is why nowadays more people ask: what does an odometer of an automobile measure? The answer is the distance that a car has covered. The mileage blocker is an effective way to control odometer functioning. You have several different modules that you can choose from. So, it is up to you what percentage of the distance the system will record. Plus, it has easy installation instructions that save your time and budget. Fortunately, mileage blockers are available online and you can purchase one for yourself. Before you buy it, please notice that this device is only for car testing/tuning purposes and using them on freeways is unethical and illegal.

To conclude, many companies did their best to create tools that would manipulate odometers and successfully change the digits on the dashboard. The question is what does the odometer of an automobile measures that makes it so important? An odometer measures the distance covered by a vehicle while it is moving. The SKF team has successfully developed a mileage blocker that stops counting up new miles. Remember this device is only for testing and tuning purposes and nobody should use it on freeways. In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact the official platform.


In this blog, we answered one of the most common questions: what does the odometer of an automobile measure? It measures the total distance travelled by automobile. Even though odometers are crucial components of any transport, people try to interfere with their normal functioning and adjust the correct numbers. The German team has created a Mileage Blocker that does not delete previous data. It simply stops counting up miles while a car is in motion. This tool is only for testing purposes and using it on public roads is illegal. For any additional information, please feel free to reach out.

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