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Odometer Correction Tool In The Digital Age: Technological Advancement And The Major Risks

August 28, 2023

Odometer correction tool is a device that can quickly change or remove the mileage information in your automobile, however, it contains some legal issues. Even though it is highly promising for car owners, this gadget has its risks. As time passes, these tools are becoming more demanding on the market. Hence, many manufacturers try to create more advanced versions of it to meet customers’ expectations. Still, there are numerous factors that everybody should take into consideration before deciding to use the device. 

What is an Odometer?

Before we discuss the mileage correction tools in detail, it is crucial to answer the question – what is an odometer? We daily see an instrument cluster, whether it is digital or mechanical. Despite this, some know little about it. Everyone knows that a speedometer measures the speed of a car while it’s in motion. And what about the odometer? This is where starts getting complicated. 

An odometer is a tool within your vehicle that measures every mile you cover and displays it on the dashboard. An odometer adjustment tool, on the other hand, tries to reprogram the software if the odometer doesn’t work properly. Hence, every time you check your total mileage, you look at the odometer. This mileage data is very useful if you know how to take care of your vehicle. To make the whole process easier, people use a mileage adjustment tool. It helps cars to adjust incorrect mileage. It should be highlighted that it is not always the case; sometimes, individuals use them for unethical purposes.

How Does Odometer Correction Tool Work?

There are various mileage correction tools that have been utilized for different goals. Each device has its unique way of functioning. Some reset mileage, while others rollback tools remove some already recorded distance. The two most common practices are the following:

  • Reset tool – an odometer reset gadget ignores all the mileage and visualizes the zero mileage on your instrument cluster. It shows as if your car has not covered any miles. 
  • Rolling back – such odometer adjustment tool interferes with the odo and reduces the mileage amount from the system. Therefore, after using a rollback device, your instrument cluster will display less distance than it is in reality.

These devices have one big flaw – they are easily detectable. No matter which method or gadget you use, the purpose is the same – change the original odometer showing. This is why we have to discuss the importance of it. 

Odometer Correction Tool Working Principle

The Role of Car Mileage

At the core of every vehicle lies the odometer, a humble yet crucial component that tracks the distance traveled.  And yet, why is this information so crucial that it hugely impacts the prices and people use a mileage adjustment tool

  1. Overall conditions – cars with high mileage are associated with old vehicles with many risks and costs. Hence, when you sell one, the price will most probably be a lot lower than for new ones. 
  2. Maintenance – the older a vehicle is, the more it requires maintenance. The mileage is one of the main indicators to detect maintenance.
  3. Resale price – the odometer correction tool is usually used to change the mileage. Automobiles with less mileage have higher prices, and people often manipulate odometers
  4. Services – if you properly take care of your car, you know how many miles you need to visit a specialist for service. Mileage is an important factor in determining the proper gap between services

The Importance of Mileage Correction Tools

As shown above, mileage has a huge importance on our vehicles and maintenance. It influences the price, condition and people’s perceptions. This motivates people to falsify the original mileage and display the wrong digits on their dashboards.

Even though it sounds strange, the odometer adjustment tool can be useful both for mileage calibration and diagnostic. Many use this device to illegally modify the correct miles in the system and make it display wrong numbers. Such practices are common nowadays, and you should be able to identify the wrong mileage showing. 

On the other hand, a professional can use a mileage adjustment tool as a scanner to detect any malicious activity and odo manipulation. In this case, the device will be used for good reasons and may prevent or identify fraud. Therefore, how you use the device depends on your personality and the main reason. 

What Is Odometer Fraud

Vehicle prices and mileage has become so important recently that people started adopting new methods to bypass the law. They started using an odometer correction tool. This device can change the digital odometer of your automobile and manipulate the numbers. Do you wonder why they need this? Well, if someone wants to sell their truck or vehicle, this will give them extra profit.

The more important question here will be – is it legal to use mileage correction tools? In most countries, using any program, app or device that interferes with the correct functionality of an odometer is prohibited. Depending on the state or country you live in, the consequences vary. For example, it can be a fine of a specific amount or sending you to jail. 

It is the same in the United States. The Federal Statute regulates this issue, and any prevention of normal functionality will cause legal disputes against you. Think carefully before using the odometer adjustment tool to reset mileage in your vehicle

Beyond Mechanical to Digital: Wide Applicability

Modernization has touched all the sectors of the modern world. Of course, the car industry is not an exception. The older cars had a built-in mechanical odometer. Hence, the appropriate mileage adjustment tool was also mechanical. They didn’t need any software or a programmer to alter the mileage. 

As time passed, the reality changed rapidly. The older tools or methods are no longer applicable to modern challenges. New odometers are digital ones, and they use smart systems for calculations. This means that with older approaches, people could not change the mileage artificially. As a result, companies created new mileage correction tools. Cars with digital odometers are trickier to manipulate. They save the information in numerous storage units, and erasing the data from the system is problematic. With an upgraded version of correction tools, it is easier to get the desired result. 

If you think that now odometer fraud is unstoppable, you are making a mistake. Although odometer adjustment tool can change the odometer showing, the main issue is still unresolved. An OBD2 scanner, programmer or scanner tools can easily identify the trace of such manipulation. 

Beyond Mechanical to Digital

Choosing the Right Odometer Tool

The mileage adjustment tool has gone through many advancements. Odometer reset and calibration is not an easy task. You no longer need a professional to artificially change the odometers. However, as we mentioned, covering its trace still remains the major problem. 

In order to fill the gap and improve the devices SKF team has created a mileage blocker. The blocker simply prevents the system from adding up new miles. This device has multiple features that distinguish it from any other odometer correction tool

  • Untraceable effect – thanks to a new approach, neither diagnostic tools nor digital scanners can track the mileage blocker. The mileage blocker does not store the mileage information in ECU. Hence nobody can detect the actual mileage.
  • You have multiple modules, and you can choose your favorite driving modes. Plus, you are able to change between modes during driving.
  • The device has premium quality materials that guarantee that the mileage blocker works in any weather without an issue. 
  • Unlike previously used mileage correction tools, the mileage blocker has a mobile application. It enables you to control the device remotely from your phone. 
  • With DIY instructions, you can install the device by yourself

Ethical Conditions

Employing an odometer adjustment tool is not a difficult task nowadays. With a cheap scanner device or basic knowledge of software will be sufficient to achieve the goal.  Even if someone doesn’t know how to do it, unfortunately, there are many simple tutorials. This all made the whole process messy and hard to control. Moreover, the number of sellers is increasing daily, and people want to stand out in the huge market. Therefore, many decided to use a shortcut and use modern gadgets unethically. Of course, such actions are illegal, and the person responsible will face legal charges. However, the most important step in the field is to avoid the utilization of these tools for daily practices and on highways. 

The initial purpose of a mileage blocker, in contrast to a mileage adjustment tool, is to help professionals in service centers with vehicle testing and tuning. Therefore, take into consideration that we should use the tool ethically; it is not recommended to use it on public roads and can cause problems. 


The odometer correction tool is a device that can modify the mileage information. There are several ways, such as rollback, reset and deleting the mileage. Despite which option you take, the reason is the same – to somehow manipulate odometers and modify the actual miles. remember that these tools have an issue. They are easily detectable by scanners or service centers. 

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