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September 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered why people use mileage correction tools? There are more reasons than you might think. These modules have been around for a long time, but they are usually perceived to be the deceitful tools. In order to consider the purpose of such tools it is crucial to know the differences among various types of odometer correction tools that you might encounter.

Differences between Odometer Correction Tools

If you surf the web for devices that deal with issues related to mileage, you will find multiple options with various names. Sometimes it may even become confusing if you decide to buy such device. However, we will categorize them in two main groups that have significant differences.

Speedometer Calibration Tools and Odometer Rollback Tools

There are multiple Speedometer Calibration and Odometer Rollback Tools, but usually they serve the same purpose. These gadgets are also known as Mileage Correction Tool, Mileage Rollback Tool, Can Filter, Odometer Correction tool etc. Despite the variety of the names, they all serve the same purpose and can be used interchangeably. These Tools are useful to correct the mileage that is displayed on the speedometer. However, they cannot remove the mileage entirely from the memory of the vehicle as it is usually stored in multiple places. Hence, there are more advanced technologies required to remove the mileage from all possible storages.

Mileage Stopper

Another type of odometer correction tool is Mileage Stopper (also known as Odometer Stopper, Mileage Blocker, Odometer blocker). This device is significantly different from those that we have already talked about, as it helps to stop the mileage in the vehicle entirely. Similarly, premium quality mileage blockers have multiple additional options:

  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) installation;
  • Premium quality plug-and-play plugin from;
  • Diagnostic testers cannot discover Mileage that was neglected by the Mileage Stopper;
  • Doesn’t live a trace if you remove it;
  • Easy to operate with several key combinations;
  • Has multiple modes to choose from;
  • Can be turned on and off while in motion;
  • After removing the module, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously;
  • The chosen settings are saved unconditionally, even for the next time you use your vehicle;
  • Speedometer and all the other assistance systems work flawlessly;

The main purposes of Mileage Correction Tools

Compensate for the changes in tire size

Before you decide that this is not a reason that you need to consider before buying Mileage Stopper module, think again. The mileage is measured based on the tire size and the number of rotations it makes. However, these calculations are based on the standard tire size of the vehicle, and even worn out tires will affect the mileage significantly.

Using non-standard tire size

Changing tire is an important improvement to the vehicle not only to enhance its appearance, but also to make it more convenient for off-road driving. Similarly, some people prefer smaller tire size and install them without any thoughts about the digits displayed on the odometer. However, these changes significantly affect the mileage of the vehicle and can mislead people. For instance, if a standard size for your vehicle is 15-inch and you use 14-inch tires, the odometer will display 100,000 miles when you have only gone 93,333 miles. As you can see the changes are quite noticeable and can become irreversible as this data is recorded in multiple modules of the automobile.

Worn out tires

You may be surprised to hear this, but worn out tires can also affect the mileage of your car. It has significant influence in a long run and will distort the mileage of your automobile. It is always advisable to avoid having worn out tires as it will not only affect the distance recorded in your vehicle, but will also put you in danger of an accident.

Speedometer calibration is vital to deal with such inconsistencies. As we have already discussed, Mileage Stopper Tools have different modes. With this module you can choose the percent of the overall travelled distance that you would like to record, in order to avoid excess mileage saved in the memory of your automobile. For instance, there are modes to record only 10%, 20% or different amounts of mileage. The modes differ for different makers and it is advisable to check the description of your specific car.

Test the performance of your car

The manufacturers usually advertise the newly produced cars with performance statistics that sometimes might seem unbelievable. Hence, it is good to check the reliability of this numbers as soon as you purchase a new automobile. Similarly, some people prefer testing their vehicle to make sure that everything works as smoothly as it has to.

The mileage is usually used to determine the condition of the vehicle and it will be good if you could make sure that you are cautious of this number. If you would like to test your car on chassis dynamometer or in any other controlled environment, you can use the speedometer calibration tool to avoid recording unnecessary mileage. The most convenient product in such case is a mileage blocker module as you can stop mileage during the testing period and continue recording as soon as you are done testing.

Edit mileage after engine replacement

Many people argue whether the mileage truly reflects the conditions of the vehicle or not. There are multiple factors that affect the lifespan of the car and it would be unjustified if solely based on the mileage we assessed the condition of the automobile. Some owners tend to change the parts constantly and take care of the vehicle better than the other owners. Hence, it will be fair to say that mileage is solely one of the criteria and only has a meaning when taken into consideration with other factors.

The engine is the main part of the vehicle and some people usually prefer to deal with the misleading mileage if they install the new engine. Whether this is ethical or not will be the question of debate for a long time. However, as we have already mentioned such behavior would be understandable as this vehicle will be in much better condition than those with the same mileage.

The mileage blocker modules are sometimes used to stop mileage after such modifications. This will allow to record solely certain amount of mileage or don’t record it at all.

Test new gadget on your car

If you are one of those gearheads who admires testing the innovative tools on your vehicle, you will know the feeling of enhancing your automobile. Being able to install additional modules gives an opportunity to add more features to your vehicle. Hence, many people are inclined to install the speedometer calibration modules for the same purpose. As we have already mentioned, this tool is a must if you consider testing multiple gadgets on your vehicle. Blocking mileage while testing these tools will allow you to avoid recording unnecessary mileage in the memory of your automobile.

Correcting mileage before selling a car

As the headline suggests, such modules are frequently used to roll back mileage before selling the car. Such behavior is illegal and can lead to serious legal consequences. Despite such consequences plethora of people prefer using Odometer Correction tools.

Before you jump to the conclusions and judge these people it is necessary to consider what triggers their behavior. Misconceptions, that we have already mentioned, sometimes put some people in unfair conditions. There can be two different cars that have the same mileage, but they can be in entirely different condition. However, people strongly believe in stereotypes related to mileage and don’t take into account the other factors that are similarly important. Even though the usage of Odometer Correction tool is unfair, it is equally unfair to offer the owners of these cars the same prices.

Avoid premium charges of insurance companies

The insurance companies use the mileage as the main criterion for determining the price the owner of the car has to pay. There is no another reliable source of information to determine the overall condition of the vehicle. Hence, it is understandable why insurance companies rely solely on the distance travelled.

In such cases people sometimes use Mileage Stopper Modules that are meant for lowering the insurance charges. Even though usage of this tool is illegal, it is still understandable why people use it. The owners who have excellent driving skills and keep their cars in an amazing condition don’t want to be treated the same way as those who are more in danger of becoming the victim of car accident.


Even though some people think that The Speedometer Calibration modules are used solely for deceiving purposes, there are multiple other functions that they might be used for. We strongly recommend to use Mileage Stopper Tools solely for ethical purposes that don’t go against the law by no means.
If you would like to purchase this module, make sure that you purchase a premium quality product. This will give you the opportunity to test the performance of your vehicle and get all the available functions that we have mentioned above.

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