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Can Car Dealers Reset Odometer? – Truth And Lies About It

December 12, 2022

Odometer fraud is becoming a huge challenge nowadays and it has a big influence on our lives. The main question is who does the job? Can car dealers reset odometer? The shortest answer is Yes. Rolling back and resetting mileage is a common practice nowadays. Many dealers usually change the numbers in their favor, which may sometimes cause legal disputes. Every car has an odometer – a tool that measures the distance during driving and the information will be displayed on the dashboard. Having correct data regarding the miles and km is essential as it helps you plan your maintenance. That is why any type of interference with its normal functioning is illegal.

As a lower covered distance makes you save money, a lot of owners seek to manipulate the numbers shown on the instrument cluster. Modern gadgets can freeze, remove, and reverse numbers. Some cars save the information on the dashboard, instead of storage units. Consequently, replacing the cluster will automatically set the distance to 0. Others use a simple knob to get the same result. It shows fuel percentage and the temperature, as well as changes an odometer showing. Pressing it for several seconds will reset all the data. More importantly, digital speedometers are easier targets. A person needs a single smart gadget to manipulate and hack the system. There are a lot of such tools available on the market at affordable prices. But, all of them have the same problem – they are easily trackable.

Therefore, the answer to the question “can dealer reset odometer?” is YES. Even more, they have numerous cheap devices at affordable prices to roll back the odometer. They can alter vehicles with digital dashboards even faster, but these actions are against the law. So, if you are considering rolling back the data, think twice before you make any decision as it will cause you a legal dispute.

Why do people reset odometers?

Resetting odometeres

The number of automobiles with a misleading odometer is constantly increasing and more and more people try to somehow change the miles. This not only damages a potential buyer but also causes legal issues against the seller. Although the consequences are painful, they still take a risk. Hence, the question raises: Why do they interfere with an odometer? In order to answer the question, we need to look at the several factors that have a huge influence on their decision.

First of all, it should be noted that we pay too much attention to mileage. If an auto shows the lower kilometers the price of it will probably be higher. This is based on the misconception that a higher distance always means that a vehicle is old, and worn out. Individuals have created a “plan” to make a profit from it. Once they decide to sell their cars they artificially delete the old digits and make the system display the number they want. Once they decrease the showing on the instrument cluster, they will make more money in trade.

But can car dealers reset odometer? – Yes, they might be dealers, individuals or private companies. The important thing that you need to take into account when buying a second-hand car is that there are more important aspects you have to look for than simply displayed digits. For example, you should always check where the transport was used and in under what condition. If the owner used it on bad terrain with inappropriate road infrastructure, it will seriously damage the vehicle. Moreover, how and for what purpose a person used it is not less significant. So, try to find out these details and it will give you a clearer picture than bare (and may be incorrect) numbers on the odometer.

Another factor that makes people do illegal things is an insurance company. These institutions charge you according to the miles and kilometers you covered. Hence, the more you drove, the more you have to pay. To avoid additional expenses, many manipulate mileage and artificially change the digits. This has a positive result on their monthly payments, but it can easily result in complications if the legality of such action is checked.

To summarize, several reasons push people to alter the odometer. In most cases, there are two major factors. First is a resale price that changes drastically according to the mileage. A slight difference in distance can cost or earn you a lot of money. This is why individuals tend to have misleading figures. The second most common reason is the insurance companies. The fact that they tag prices according to the distance drives others to tell lies about their actual mileage. And finally, if you wonder “can dealer reset odometer?”, yes, they can easily do it, especially on new vehicles with a digital speedometer. 

Is it illegal to reset an odometer?

Legal aspects of resetting odometers

As you can see the ordinary digits you see every day have a huge importance in our daily life. It is also clear that tampering and “clocking” has become common, but the crucial point is the legality of such actions. More precisely, can car dealers reset odometer and is it legal if they do so? The status of this issue does not change based on the person responsible. If a car dealer alters the mileage, it is still a crime and will be punished for his or her activity. Here are the most common and essential topics you need to know.

First of all, always remember that any type of fraud, including odometer fraud, is against the law. This is also known as “clocking” and includes many activities such as rolling back, freezing, altering, removing, and resetting. They are all illegal in the United States and The Federal Statute regulates this matter. Some states even adopted a new law that out ruling the Federal Statute. According to the law, it is illegal to “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, an odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer”. Furthermore, conspiracies about this topic are also forbidden and all parties will be equally punished.

If you think that the law is about only people who change distance, you are wrong. Anyone who sells or even uses an automobile with misleading mileage is guilty, and it same for those who trade with such gadgets. Always remember that a disclosure statement is an official file that indicates the correct distance. Hence, accepting incomplete or incorrect statements is illegal and forging them is against the law as well.

It is obvious that committing a federal crime is illegal and everyone will face criminal charges for it. But how bad the consequences can be? A person or any party that breaks these rules should expect a fine of around $10 000 or a sentence to a prison of several years. It depends on the state you are in.

Can dealer reset odometer outside the United States? Yes, dealers outside the US can also change the original odometer reading in a car, but not legally. This kind of fraud is a serious challenge in Europe. In 25 European countries altering the distance is a crime and 15% of the continent has already experienced it. The report shows that countries in the European Union have lost billions of euros because of it. However, due to the fact that not all states have their own or common law against fraud, it is extremely difficult to properly control it. That is why most cases occur in cross-border territories.

Therefore, using a tool that artificially adjusts and then shows incorrect miles is illegal. So, if you decide to use such a service, think twice in advance otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

Mileage blocker – the legal solution

Many tech companies have been working to create a special device that will stop the mileage without breaking any law. To achieve this goal different types of gadgets have been developed. Dealers were particularly interested in developing such tools and people wonder “can car dealers reset odometer as nobody trace it? Actually, they reset, removed, froze and erased the distance in used cars, but all of them have several issues. Some were not working properly and others were easily traceable.

This is why a team from Germany has developed an advanced technology – A mileage blocker. This device from a Super kilometer filter (SKF) does not delete already recorded distance, but only stops counting up new miles. It simply stops the recording process while you are in motion. More significantly, blockers from SKF do not store any information and they are absolutely untraceable for anybody. Here are several advantages that it has:

  • Easy DIY installation guidance. With minimal instructions, you will be able to set up the device by yourself. It will save you money and time for additional services that installation could cost you.
  • The system does not allocate the data in storage units, consequently, the information about real mileage is uncrackable. 
  • The device offers you several modules and you can choose the one that suits you the most.
  • It is made of premium-quality, heat-resistant materials that makes it workable in any weather condition;
  • You will not see error signs on your dashboard during your drive; 
  • The mileage blocker from Super Kilometer Filter has a mobile application. You can control the modules and other setting from your phone.

This unique tool is appealing, but please note that it is for only car testing and tuning purposes, using it on free roads is illegal. The main goal is to help companies and individuals test their vehicles and not use other unethical gadgets.

So, the answer to the question “can dealer reset odometer legally?” is No. They can reset it, but they will face criminal charges. However, the mileage blocker can solve this problem for testing. It is available online and you can buy the mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter online. it from the official SKF website. In case of any further questions please look through the support page or contact the customer center.


In this blog, we answered a common question – “can car dealers reset odometer?”. The shortest answer is yes, but as we have seen there are several important aspects about it. Unfortunately, there is no automotive response to this challenge and people do not know how to respond to it accordingly. Although such actions are illegal, people still do it and they have several reasons that push them for it.

However, a young team from Germany has created the device – Mileage blocker that alters a distance recording process and stops counting up miles while you are in motion. It has high-quality components and works in any condition. Fortunately, you can purchase this product from the official website and install it on your own. Please remember that it is for only testing and tuning, and unethical use of the device on free roads is illegal. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the company. 

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