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Citroen odometer correction tool VS mileage blocker

For many individuals low mileage is associated with a longer lifespan for a vehicle. Due to the fact that high mileage means more wear and tear, many drivers try to hide the actual data. By decreasing miles on the odometer, drivers increase the value of their “best buddies”. Unsurprisingly, Citroen odometer correction tools become popular if an individual plans to sell a car. Nonetheless, advertisements about the Citroen mileage correction devices might seem attractive, they might have a lot of drawbacks as well. 

Is it legal to use the Citroen mileage rollback tool?

The answer to the question can be both, Yes and No. The issue is that it depends on which purposes the individual uses it. Using the Citroen odometer reset tool can be legal only if the notification about changed data is clearly visible to the buyer. Using correction tools for deceitful purposes is illegal! Mileage fraud is prohibited under state laws. 

Due to the importance of the mileage data, there appeared many different correction tools on the market. No matter the cost or the name of the device, most of them share similar operation techniques. They offer to roll back, reset and reprogram the actual data.

Please note, nonetheless, it is legal to purchase correction tools, using them for deceitful purposes is illegal.

Differences between Citroen mileage freezer and Citroen odometer correction

You might get lost while searching for mileage tools. Existing odometer devices with different names and features are quite confusing. In order to avoid any confusion, I’d suggest comparing Citroen mileage blocker and correction tools. 

You can find many different odometer tools on the internet, with different names. Sometimes odometer blocker tools are associated with speedometer calibration, odometer correction, and mileage changer tools. Despite the big variety, we can classify existing devices into two groups, correction and stopper tools. 

In simple words, the main difference that distinguishes Citroen odometer blocker from other devices is that it is meant for stopping the mileage in a car while testing its performance. Compared to other tools it doesn’t change the data on your car but avoids you counting extra miles. The tool helps you to avoid adding unnecessary miles on odometer data while testing its performance. 

Another characteristic that distinguishes the mileage stopper device from others is the eligibility criteria. Compared to other Citroen odometer correction tools, the mileage freezer device is legal to use. Since it doesn’t change any existing data, you can use it without any hesitation. 

Advantages of Citroen odometer blocker tool 

The list of benefits that you get from the blocker tool can be endless. After testing it on your vehicle, you will find that the device has much more advantages than the below-mentioned list. However, I’ll try to mention some of them.

Simple Installation 

For many individuals using vehicle devices is associated with visiting service centers, paying extra cost for the installation, etc. By using the mileage blocker tool you will forget about the headache. Installation doesn’t require soldering or cutting wires. You can easily install the tool using the DIY instruction. The installation might take up to several minutes.

Eligibility Criteria 

Compared to other Citroen mileage correction tools, the odometer freezer device is totally legal to use. By using the tool, you can be sure that it doesn’t go against the law. 

Easy to use

The usage of the odometer tool is as simple as the installation. Once you plug the tool between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster, you can enjoy all the benefits of this unique module. Besides, it always maintains the last applied settings. Hence, you don’t have to change the settings before starting a car next time.


Compared to other devices, the odometer blocker tool is totally untraceable! As you already know Citroen mileage rollback tools are meant for deceitful purposes and can solely remove the mileage figures from odometers. However, cars have multiple data storage units, and rollback tools still fail to reverse the mileage altogether. For that reason, corrected mileage data can be easily detected. 

Since the odometer blocker tool doesn’t make any changes to the existing data, it is untraceable. After detaching the tool, mileage continues working as usual.


All in all, nonetheless you can find many different tools on the market with different names, they can be classified into two groups. Now you know what distinguishes Citroen odometer blocker from other devices. Compared to other correction tools, it offers a long-term untraceable experience. Test it on your vehicle and explore further benefits of the device! 

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