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GMC odometer adjustment tool – Reliable or a short-term solution?

Using the GMC odometer adjustment tool is associated with reducing mileage data. However, the reason can be various. It’s hard to find a driver who doesn’t care about the mileage numbers. On the one hand, it can be a characteristic of a responsible driver who wants to be sure that everything works properly in a vehicle. On the other hand, the main moto can be derived from the fact that mileage is used for determining many details. Many individuals determine the lifespan, reliability, and longevity of an automobile upon the mileage data. For that reason, there appeared many different types of GMC odometer correction tools. Below we will review all the needed information about the device.

What to expect when using the GMC odometer adjustment tool

You can easily find odometer correction tools on the market. Car mileage correction tools come with many different names. Upon searching the tool, you will find different types of odometer adjustment, mileage correction, speedometer calibration, rollback tools. Despite different names, all of them can be defined under the mileage correction tools.

It is always hard to make a decision in a big variety. Nonetheless, each tool might seem attractive, but not all of them tend to work well. It is almost impossible to know how it works on your car until you test it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should buy each device and try it on your vehicle. All in all, most of them have the same features, and here is what to expect when using the GMC odometer rollback tool.

While using the odometer correction tool, you can adjust the actual mileage data. You can rewind, rollback, reprogram the odometer and indicate desired numbers on the dashboard. Nonetheless, it might seem attractive, using the module has a lot of drawbacks. Below you can see the short list of reasons why you shouldn’t use it.

Reasons not to use GMC odometer correction tool

As you already know by using the odometer correction tool, you can easily change any misleading information in the odometer. Besides, you can even decrease the actual data of the odometer and indicate the desired one. However, it has many drawbacks compared to the GMC mileage blocker tool.


First of all, you should remember that changing mileage data without notifying a buyer is an unethical fraudulent act. Purchasing an odometer correction tool is legal, but using the device for deceitful purposes is illegal! Mileage fraud is prohibited under state laws.

Short-term solution

Compared to the GMC odometer blocker, the odometer correction tool offers to change the existing data. However, using the adjustment device can be a short-term solution. You can decrease mileage data and see desired numbers on the dashboard, however, the numbers might increase spontaneously.

Easily detectable

Cars have multiple data storage units and roll back tools fail to reverse the mileage altogether. For that reason, even if you see adjusted numbers on the dashboard, they can be easily traced by a mechanic.

Hard to use

Besides all the above-mentioned drawbacks, using correction tools compared to the GMC odometer stopper is quite uncomfortable. The headache starts from the installation process. Some devices need cutting and soldering wires. Also, you may get some unforeseen technical issues after the installation.

Advantages of the GMC Mileage Blocker

The advantages of the GMC odometer adjustment tool are endless. However, below I’ll try to mention some of them:

Besides all the above-mentioned details, the biggest advantage of the Mileage Blocker tool is its eligbility. The tool is designed for testing and tuning purposes. Hence, it’s totally legal to use while in motion and testing vehicle performance. By using the tool, you simply stop counting miles. After detachment, the odometer continues working as usual.


All in all, nonetheless using the car mileage correction tool might offer attractive features, it’s worth thinking twice before making a decision. As you already know, using correction tools can be a short-term solution that might cause further headache. Compared to adjustment tools, it’s always preferable to use a mileage blocker device that simply blocks counting miles while in motion.

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