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Polestar Mileage Blocker – Why Can’t Diagnostic Testers Detect It?

You probably already know that the Polestar mileage blocker is a unique module. But what exactly makes it stand out? We could name many different reasons, however, one feature sets it apart from the competition. It’s the fact that it offers undetectable performance. No matter what kind of scanner you connect to your vehicle – it still won’t be able to trace the operation of the mileage blocker.

Today we’ll explore what diagnostic testers are, how the kilometer stopper operates, and why can’t OBD scanners detect the performance of the mileage blocker.

What is a diagnostic tool?

Diagnostic software is a computer that you connect to your car to figure out what’s wrong with it. Even though modern vehicles light up the issues that the system detects, they still don’t give us the full information. Therefore, we need a testing device that will help us determine the issues.

OBD scanners are widely available on the market. You can take your car to the service and let the professional scan the vehicle. Ultimately, you can purchase such a device yourself and check whether everything is working properly or not.

Either way, the diagnostic tester will access the information in the memory unit of the car. After receiving the necessary data, it will then display the problems.

Diagnostic equipment can also access the mileage, especially if it’s a professional tool. Such devices are quite helpful if you want to detect the real mileage of the vehicle. Since modern cars store traveled distance in control units, we need a separate unit to access that data.

Let’s say someone activated Polestar odometer rollback software to reprogram mileage. They would essentially change the reading on the display, but they wouldn’t be able to alter the information in the internal system. As a result, you could connect a diagnostic tester and the discrepancies would be detected immediately. In other words, this unit is completely traceable.

Regardless, people still use Polestar odometer changer to increase the value of the vehicle. However, odometer tampering is illegal. The law requires you to disclose the actual mileage of the car when you register a new owner. If not, you will commit fraud.

How does the Polestar odometer stopper operate?

The Polestar odometer stopper acts as a messenger between the control units and the speedometer. It’s a can filter that chooses which information to display and which to omit. As a result, it prevents your car from counting additional mileage. Manufacturers created this module for testing purposes.

Hence, the Polestar meter stopper is completely legal, even in the UK and the US.  Of course, some people take advantage of it and activate it on public roads. We don’t recommend using this tool for fraudulent purposes because it’s an ethical module. You can connect it to your car in a controlled environment to make sure everything operates properly. You could even use it for tuning.

Since the Polestar mileage freezer doesn’t allow your car to record additional KM, it’s more effective compared to the Polestar odometer rollback tool. Just make sure to purchase it only from a reliable source.

Why can’t diagnostic testers detect a Polestar meter stopper?

Diagnostic testers can’t detect the operation of the Polestar odometer blocker because it stops recording mileage. It’s impossible to discover the figures that the vehicle didn’t store in the first place. The meter freezer affects the whole car and delivers impressive results without a trace.

No matter which model of Polestar you own – this tool will still operate without interruption. It’s modern, premium-quality software that you can manage directly from the included app. SuperKilometerFilter is the only manufacturer that sells Polestar odometer stopper with an app. You can buy this tool and get free shipping if your order exceeds 500€.

Moreover, the odometer jammer has all the necessary characteristics that are required for flawless operation. It doesn’t interfere with the systems of your vehicle. You won’t even notice that it’s there most of the time. It saves your settings after deactivation, taking the stress out of its operation. Most importantly, the mileage doesn’t increase even if you remove this module from the vehicle.

Always remember to stay ethical and activate this module only in a controlled environment. That way, you’ll abstain from illegal actions while still enjoying all the benefits of this software.

Final Takeaway

As you can see, even diagnostic testers can’t detect the performance of the Polestar mileage blocker. Since it prevents your car from adding up miles, its operation is completely untraceable. You can use it for testing or tuning purposes without trouble. Once you try it out and review all of its features, you’ll understand how effective and useful it can be.

Don’t forget to be ethical and always avoid illegal activities. It’s easy to take advantage of the mileage blocker. But it’s more reasonable to stay out of trouble.

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