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Mini Odometer changer – Problematic or User-Friendly tool?

Mini Odometer changer tool is a well-known device for many individuals. Especially for those who have ever thought about adjusting odometer data. As a rule, adjusting the existing data on the odometer is associated with lowering miles. You will hardly ever find any individual dreaming of increasing the data. The motivation to decrease miles is clear. It can have many different reasons. Vehicles with low mileage are considered to have a longer lifespan. Cars with a longer lifespan cost much more than others. For that reason, some individuals try to decrease the actual data while selling their vehicles. That way they can easily (and unethically) earn more money out of the trade.

Even though the Mini Mileage rollback is capable of changing miles/km data, it is still questionable whether it is a user-friendly or problematic tool. Below we will discuss all details that help you make up your mind.

Mini Odometer Adjustment Tool and Other Odometer Devices

Mini Odometer adjustment tool, Speedometer Correction, Can Filter, Miles Stopper, Mileage Blocker, etc. The list of odometer devices is endless. You will find various modules on the market. Unsurprisingly, the big demand determined the wide choice of odometer tools. It is hard to find any differences between them. Especially for those individuals who have never used odometer tools before. However, we can simply divide all the existing tools into two groups: Adjustment and Freezer devices. Below is grouped similarities and differences of how those devices work:

Now since you already know how differently those two devices work, we can move on and dive deeper into details.

What Distinguishes Mini Mileage Stopper from Adjustment Tools?

Even though the Mini Mileage Freezer can’t change numbers on the dashboard, it can avoid extra miles. Let’s imagine you have to test your vehicle. Thorough testing can request covering several miles. Why not use a chance and avoid those miles? In that case, the Odometer Freezer is an unchangeable option. Below is the shortlist that helps you to better understand its characteristics.

Is It Legal to Use the Mini Odometer Changer?

Despite the fact that buying the Mini Odometer changer is legal, using the tool for deceitful purposes is illegal. The device is able to change existing data in a vehicle. Due to that fact, the tool is usually used for deceitful purposes. For that reason, the module is associated with an illegal tool.

Besides its unethical side, the Mini Mileage rollback is easily detectable. In general, every vehicle has several storage units. You can see decreased miles on the dashboard. However, it doesn’t mean that the mileage data has been updated in all units. As a result, it is easily traceable by visiting the service center. A mechanic can easily detect if there was any amendment on the mileage data.


To sum up, nonetheless of a big variety, it is easy to choose the best module for your car. On the one hand, you might get confused about the different names of odometer tools. You will meet the Mini Odometer adjustment tool, Speedometer Calibration, Odometer Stopper, Mileage Freezer, and many other devices on the market. However, you can easily differentiate them. Mainly there are two types of odometer tools: Correction and Stopper devices.

If you wish to decrease the total covered mileage data, the Mini Odometer Freezer is unchangeable. You can easily stop counting miles while in motion. Please note that the tool is designed for tuning purposes. For that reason, it shouldn’t be used on public roads. Besides its ethical side, it is a user-friendly tool. I’m sure testing it on a vehicle can help you to explore further advantages.

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