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Bentley Odometer Rollback: Ethical and Legal Issues

Bentley odometer rollback software is associated with multiple ethical and legal issues. Even though it has some attractive features, we can’t neglect the baggage it comes with. It’s important to know what will happen if you roll back mileage. You should also understand which tools are better and why.

Reading the law about odometer tampering isn’t the most pleasurable thing in the world, which is why we’ve made it easier to grasp. Below you’ll see what the Bentley odometer reprogramming tool is and if it’s legal to use it or not.

What is Bentley odometer rollback software?

An odometer correction tool is a small computer that people use for reprogramming unwanted mileage. It’s a device that can rewind or reset the odometer with minimal effort. It works with digital odometers, however, its operation is far from perfect.

Old cars had analog odometers that you could roll back manually. You would have to mess with the pegs and rotate them back to achieve desired results. Modern vehicles aren’t like that. Most of them have digital odometers that have displays where you can see mileage. In that case, odometers aren’t the only places that have data about kilometers.

Internal computers (namely the engine control unit – ECU) also store information about the traveled distance. This means that odometer correction tools face serious obstacles on their way.

To put it simply, if you use the Bentley odometer reset tool, you’ll remove mileage from the odometer, yet you won’t be able to change a thing in the ECU.

What are the main uses for the Bentley odometer reprogramming tool?

People use odometer correction tools for many reasons, but mainly they want to increase the value of the car and correct mileage discrepancies.

Increasing the value of the vehicle

The main reason why people purchase mileage adjustment tools is to increase the value of the car. We all know that high mileage can significantly reduce the price of the vehicle. Therefore, a sly dealer might roll back the odometer in hopes of selling the car for a better price.

You won’t encounter such a thing in major dealerships, however, you should always be careful if you want to buy a used car. You can check the VIN code for free to verify the accuracy of the mileage. Also, you could get a specific report at a small cost. That way, you won’t fall victim to odometer fraud.

Correcting mileage discrepancy

Sometimes people use the odometer correction tool to correct the discrepancies in their mileage. For example, if you change factory tires and install new ones with the wrong size, you’ll interfere with the mileage unintentionally.

In that case, you might assume that it’s okay to use a reprogramming tool to correct those inaccuracies. However, even in such cases, it’s still better to use professional services.

The same goes with changing the odometer itself. You should contact a technician who will match the numbers on the odometer with the actual mileage of your car.

Is it legal to use Bentley odometer reset tool?

Bentley odometer reprogramming tool isn’t legal to utilize, especially if your goal is to benefit from selling the used car. If we look at the particular laws, we’ll see that you have to disclose accurate mileage to your customers.

Let’s say you rolled back the mileage and hid that information from your customer. You thought everything was fine, but the buyer managed to detect fraud. In that case, they could sue you. If it was your first offense, you’d have to pay a fine. But repeating the same thing would eventually get you into jail.

Odometer calibration is a risky business and you should try to stay away from it as much as you can.

Is Bentley mileage blocker the same thing?

Bentley mileage stopper isn’t the same thing as the mileage adjustment tool. In fact, it’s a completely different tool. An odometer blocker is a machine that stops recording the distance your car travels. You can activate it in motion and see the results instantaneously.

At SuperKilometerFilter, you can find the best Bentley odometer stopper specifically for the model and make of your vehicle. That way, you can stay assured that the tool will suit all the characteristics of your car. In other words, it will operate without any flaws.

Moreover, you can control the Bentley mileage blocker with the SKF Speed App. You get the chance to manage various options and modes with your smartphone.

5 reasons why it’s better to use Bentley odometer stopper

Bentley mileage stopper is certainly a superior tool compared to the odometer correction device. Here’s why:

Final Takeaway

Bentley odometer rollback device isn’t ethical to use. If you sell a car with an odometer discrepancy, you will have to face legal trouble. It’s best to abstain from using such software altogether.

But if you want to test or tune your car, you can always purchase the mileage blocker instead. Always remember how to use it and activate it only in a controlled environment.

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