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Lincoln Odometer reprogramming and Alternate Ways to Reduce Mileage

Lincoln Odometer reprogramming tool helps drivers to indicate desired numbers on the dashboard. Imagine looking at your old “best buddy” and seeing much fewer miles on the odometer. That can lead you to evaluate your vehicle much more than its actual cost. This is one of the most frequently used reasons why individuals use reprogramming devices. Some individuals use the device to earn more money out of the sale. For some drivers, it is an unchangeable tool to decrease the insurance cost.

The reasons behind the motivation to reduce miles/km on the odometer can be various. First of all, every manufacturer determines the approximate amount of mileage the car is capable of covering. Second, more mileage means more wear and tear. Due to many objective reasons, there appeared different types of Lincoln Mileage changer devices on the market. In a big variety, it’s hard to choose the best one. Despite its amazing features, it might cause some faults. To have a clear vision of odometer devices, let’s dive into details and explore all its advantages and disadvantages.

Is it Legal to Use Lincoln OBD mileage correction Tool?

The Lincoln OBD mileage correction tool can have an amazing feature. With the help of the tool, you can decrease the actual mileage of a vehicle. However, despite its attractive side, any responsible citizen would be interested whether it is legal to use or not. In simple words, purchasing adjustment tools is legal. It is available for any individual. However, using the tool for unethical purposes is illegal. Besides, mileage fraud is prohibited under state laws. You might wonder which activities can be named unethical. For instance, in case an individual lowers the mileage for earning more money out of the sale, we can define that act as unethical. In case the driver makes any changes in the actual mileage data, that information should be notified to a new owner.

For that reason, in case you wish to meet law requirements, I’d advise using Mileage Blocker instead of the Lincoln Mileage adjustment tool.

What Distinguishes Lincoln Mileage Blocker from Other Odometer Tools?

Lincoln Mileage blocker is a well-known tool for those individuals who don’t wish to face any misleading. With the help of the tool, you can simply stop counting miles while in motion. Compared to adjustment tools, it doesn’t change any existing data. It simply stops counting miles when the module is activated.

The Lincoln Odometer blocker software is written for each model. For that reason, it works perfectly for each model and doesn’t cause any errors. No matter whether the digital odometer of your vehicle counts mileage in miles or kilometers, it works equally efficiently. Besides its compatibility, it’s totally legal to use. You don’t need to worry about eligibility while using the device. The tool is designed for testing purposes. Hence, it is legal to use in a controlled area. However, you should avoid using the module on public roads.

Another thing that distinguishes the Lincoln Mileage Freezer from others is that it is user-friendly. Any individual can install the tool with the DIY instruction.

Reasons Not to Use Lincoln Odometer Reprogramming

You already know what the Lincoln Odometer reprogramming tool is capable of. However, its attractive features make many individuals test it on their cars. On the one hand, it is really amazing to change odometer data upon your wish. On the other hand, it’s unethical and can cause many faults.

Installing the Lincoln Mileage changer, requests cutting and soldering wires. Compared to the Mileage Blocker device, it’s hard to install. Some individuals even address the service centers for assistance. Besides the fact that it is unethical to use, it is easily traceable.

Each automobile has multiple storage units. Seeing desired numbers on the dashboard doesn’t mean that the change was reflected in other units as well. For that reason, while testing a vehicle, any mechanic can easily detect the change. After taking into account those details, we can certainly say that Mileage Freezer is unchangeable for avoiding extra miles.


After reviewing the Lincoln OBD mileage correction devices, it is clear which alternate way you should use. Compared to adjustment tools, there is only one ethical way to avoid extra miles. By using the Mileage Stopper device, you can meet the law requirements. Besides, using the odometer freezer is simple for any individual. You can easily control the module with several key combinations.

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