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Infiniti mileage correction tool and Mileage Blocker device

Infiniti mileage correction tool is a common term for any individual who has ever searched for odometer modules. I’m sure you have heard a lot about its attractive features. However, sometimes specifications of adjustment devices are exaggerated.

Due to the fact that mileage is one of the most important details in a vehicle, it is used for determining many things. For instance, many individuals can define whether it’s worth buying or not a vehicle, only upon looking at the odometer data. Since high mileage automatically means more wear and tear, everyone tries to get a low mileage vehicle. For that reason, there appeared many devices on the market, such as Infiniti odometer rollback, speedometer calibration, mileage adjustment tools, etc. It is preferable to review and compare different devices’ features, to make a good choice out of the big variety.

What is the Infiniti mileage correction tool?

Definition for the Infiniti mileage rollback tools can vary depending on the modules’ specifications. However, in general, a mileage correction tool is used to change the existing data on the odometer. By using the tool, you can rollback unwanted kilometers and decrease the number on the odometer.

Adjusting mileage data on the odometer may have several reasons. As you already know, indicated numbers on the odometer may define a lot of things. For instance, upon the covered miles/km can be calculated annual insurance cost for the vehicle. Total mileage can lead you to define the expected lifespan of an automobile. In simple words, it gives you a clear vision of the wear and tear. For that reason, some drivers use adjustment tools instead of Infiniti Mileage Freezer, to reduce the mileage data. That way they decrease insurance costs. Besides, some individuals use the tool when selling a vehicle. By reducing the kilometer/miles data, they can artificially increase the value of a vehicle and earn more money out of the sale.

What distinguishes Infiniti Mileage Blocker from other tools?

You already know what the adjustment tool is capable of. But what about the Infiniti odometer blocker? I’m sure you have heard about the mileage blocker device. Some individuals associate it with an odometer correction device as well. Nonetheless, both of them are odometer tools, they have totally different functionalities.

Infiniti mileage blocker module is meant for stopping the mileage in a car while testing its performance. It avoids counting extra miles, while in motion. One of the main characteristics that distinguishes the mileage blocker from other tools is that it’s legal to use. Using correction tools and making adjustments in the odometer data without stating a clear message about the change is fraudulent activity.

After reading the above-mentioned information, you might wonder why Infiniti mileage correction devices are easily accessible on the market. The thing is that purchasing an odometer correction tool is legal, but using the device for deceitful purposes is illegal! Mileage fraud is prohibited under state laws. Hence, the only ethical way to avoid extra miles is to use a mileage blocker device.

Specifications of the Infiniti Mileage Freezer

Compared to Infiniti odometer rollback tools, at SuperKilometerFilter you can get the module that is designed for each model of a car. Individual approach is the strength of the device that determines its flawless work. The list of advantages can be endless, however, I’ll highlight some of them.

Easy to use

No matter whether you have any experience or knowledge of vehicle maintenance. The mileage blocker tool is simple to use for any user. It is easily installed with the help of DIY installation instructions. Plug it between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster and that’s it. The module is easily operated with several key combinations.


No matter whether the digital odometer of a vehicle counts mileage in miles or kilometers (km), the device will work equally efficiently.

Long-term solution

Compared to the Infiniti mileage rollback tool, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously after detachment. Hence, you don’t need to worry about any unforeseen circumstances


No matter the variety of odometer tools, they can be divided into two main groups, mileage adjustment, and blocker tools. Each of them aims to reduce and avoid counting extra miles, however, there is a big difference between them. Infiniti Mileage Freezer is the only ethical way to stop counting extra miles while in motion. The issue is that; the mileage blocker tool is designed specifically for tuning purposes. Besides, it’s totally untraceable after detachment and avoids unpleasant situations.

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