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Lowering device – Unchangeable Device for Your Mercedes

A lowering device is a popular tool for cars with an air suspension system. Despite its popularity, not many individuals know how it works. Some individuals consider the tool only for lowering the height of a vehicle, but that’s not true. The module can adjust the level of a car upon your wish. It can increase and decrease the level easily.

We all know how comfortable it is to drive a Mercedes. Even so, there are cases when even driving a Mercedes model can cause an uncomfortable experience. In that case, using the tool is unchangeable. Notably, the device is designed specifically for cars working on the airmatic system. Below we will discuss all details about the Mercedes Lowering Module.

What to Expect When Using the Mercedes Lowering Module?

You will hardly ever find a driver who has never dreamed of changing the level of a car. Reasons for the change can be various. For instance, to change the look, to spend summer holidays in a mountainous area with a sedan, or to place a car with a roof rack in a low ceiling garage, etc. Using the Airmatic Lowering Module is comfortable for many reasons. Here is a short list of the benefits that you get while using the tool.

How Does the Mercedes Lowering Module Work?

Since you already know what benefits the Lowering Device brings to your daily life, let’s explore how it works. The plug and play module allows changing the height of a car in 3 modes: Factory, Low, Custom. The module interacts with the Adaptive Damping System (ADS) and Dynamic Select drive modes. With the help of the tool, you can choose a preferable mode in seconds.


It’s very simple to install the plug and play module. Every user mentions that it took them several seconds. No matter the experience, you can easily install the tool. Without cutting any wires, you should simply plug in the module at Diagnosis. That’s it! You are ready to use the tool. You can control the module with several key combinations, either from the steering wheel, or additional buttons.

3 Modes of the Mercedes lowering module

Will the Airmatic Lowering Module Work on My Mercedes?

One of the most frequently asked questions after getting to know the Airmatic Lowering Module is to clarify if it works on a specific model. The tool is designed specifically for the Mercedes airmatic system. Hence it works only for those models that have an air suspension system. To find if the car has an airmatic system, you should look for a button with a car icon and an upwards arrow. A message appears on display showing those details, in case your car is upgraded.

Besides, the Lowering Module works for C, S, and E class through to AMG GT, GLE, CLS, GLC, GLS and GL-class models, which have airmatic suspension.


All in all, with the help of the Mercedes airmatic lowering module you can increase or decrease the level of a car in seconds. The plug and play module combines two amazing options. In 10 seconds you can lower the height of a car by 32mm and increase it up to 40mm.

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