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SsangYong Mileage Stopper: How Does It Work?

SsangYong mileage stopper is a user-friendly device. You don’t need any manuals or instructions to figure out what to do. However, that doesn’t mean that everybody understands the peculiarities of its operation. The mileage blocker has a huge task to complete. Therefore, it’s interesting to examine how it manages to freeze KM.

Below you’ll learn what the SsangYong mileage blocker is, how it stops recording mileage, how it interacts with control units, and what its main features are.

What is the SsangYong mileage blocker?

SsangYong meter stopper is a tuning device that you can use to stop recording mileage. It prevents your car from recording additional kilometers. It’s a legal tool since manufacturers designed it for testing. In other words, they created this module to enable you to check the functionalities of various cars.

By freezing the odometer, you get the chance to test the vehicle in a controlled environment. It helps you make sure that everything operates the way it should. Plus, you can activate the mileage stopper in seconds. This means that you can trigger the desired settings quickly and see the results instantaneously.

One thing you should remember is that the mileage blocker isn’t the same as the SsangYong odometer correction tool. People mainly use the latter for odometer tampering. They reduce the numbers on the display to increase the price of the car. By doing so, they trick their customers into believing that they bought a low-mileage car. It’s clear that such actions are illegal. Even though the laws don’t stop clocked cars from reappearing on the market, they still help us catch fraudulent sellers.

What are control units?

Control units are small computers that transfer information, electricity, and instructions to various parts of the vehicle. They tell those systems what to do and how. We have to thank the control units for the successful operation of the car. But what do these computers have to do with mileage?

You see, control units store mileage information. They calculate the rotations of the tires. Once they receive the number, they send information to the dashboard. The latter is where the circumference of the wheels gets multiplied by the number of rotations. The dashboard translates received information into a language that humans can understand. As a result, we see the mileage on the odometer.

The data about traveled distance gets transferred with a single cable from the control units to the speedometer.

How does the SsangYong meter stopper freeze kilometers?

SsangYong odometer stopper is like a middleman between the odometer and control units. You should install it between these two systems. Once you connect it to your car, the computer inside the mileage blocker will translate the information it receives. It will filter the data and display only the relevant numbers. To clarify, mileage figures won’t add up (or add up partially), while other systems will operate normally.

Once again, you should always remember to use a car mileage blocker for ethical reasons. You shouldn’t activate it on public roads.

Features of the car mileage blocker

Now that you know how the Ssangyong mileage blocker operates, we can take a look at some of its features. This tool is quite impressive and you’ll see why below.

The operation of the meter stopper is impossible to detect

As discussed above, the mileage blocker stops counting kilometers in the whole car. As a result, the diagnostic testers can’t detect its effects. When you remove the tool, the mileage won’t start adding up. Therefore, nobody will notice stopped mileage even if you detach this module.

Don’t forget that you should only activate the kilometer blocker in a controlled environment.

It operates with digital odometers perfectly

Since the SsangYong meter stopper prevents your vehicle from counting additional miles, it’s a perfect tool to use with digital odometers. Manufacturers tailor its components to modern cars to guarantee perfect results.

Moreover, the mileage blocker works without interruption whether your vehicle has a virtual cockpit or not.

SsangYong odometer correction software, on the other hand, can’t erase the data from control units. As a result, even the simplest scanners can trace its performance.

You can install it yourself in little to no time

The mileage stopper comes with a plug-and-play module. In other words, you can install it yourself within an hour. You don’t need professional expertise – even amateurs and novices will easily take care of the task. DIY installation is certainly one of the most useful features of the tool.

The tool is extremely user-friendly

You can activate the mileage blocker with pre-determined key combinations. You’ll be able to turn it on by pressing a button on the steering wheel or pushing a specific lever. Once it’s installed, you can start using it right away.

It’s 100% safe for your car

The kilometer stopper is completely safe to use. It operates flawlessly with vans, sedans, SUVs, etc. But more importantly, it doesn’t damage your vehicle regardless of its style. The important thing is to buy it from an official seller.

Final Takeaway

Knowing how the SsangYong mileage stopper operates is important, as it helps you understand this tool better. It’s a great module that you should use ethically. Make sure to purchase it from a reliable source and keep an eye on discounts. You might get the chance to buy it on sale with a specific coupon code. Don’t forget to review the mileage blocker and let us know what you think. No matter where you are (UK, US, Asia, Europe, etc.), you can still enjoy the benefits of this wonderful module.

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