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How Invasive the Kia Mileage Correction Tool Can Be?

Kia mileage correction tool might seem like innocent software. After all, it’s simply an electronic programmer, right? – yes, it’s possible to put it that way, but as always things aren’t that simple. A speedometer correction device will interfere with the system of your car one way or another, simply because of its nature and the concept behind it. That doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous to use, though. It all depends on the type you get and how you use it. If that’s too much to think about, then you could go for more user-friendly alternatives, such as a mileage blocker. Either way, you should know just how invasive a Kia odometer correction tool can be. Let me explain everything in more detail to make sure you understand what you’re going for.

How to install the Kia odometer correction tool?

In most cases, the Kia mileage correction tool can easily be installed, but all the peculiarities depend on the specific model of your car. For instance, some releases may be compatible with this device, while others may not. For now, we can focus on the general characteristics of this tool to understand how to install it in the majority of cases.

Kia odometer correction tool is equipment that you can plug in the system of your car. If you get a modern version, you might be able to connect it directly to the vehicle. Once you go through that process, you can start installing the speedometer rollback tool. It’s quite easy – you should choose the model of your car from the list of the vehicles, download the software and you’ll be able to start the adjustment of your odometer.

Before we move on any further, let me remind you that rolling back the mileage is unethical. I understand that you can have moral reasons behind such activity, but that doesn’t matter – reprogramming the odometer is still a dishonest thing to do. If you reset the speedometer to sell your cars at a more profitable cost, you might even face legal issues. That’s why it could be a better decision to go for the mileage blocker Kia.

Is it necessary to cut cables to install the Kia mileage correction device?

In the majority of cases you might not need to cut cables to install the Kia mileage correction tool, but once again it depends on the model of your car and the unit itself. Some methods of programming the odometer include messing around with cables.

I don’t mean dismounting the odometer to install the tool. That’s quite an easy process that is required even with a kilometer stopper. You’ll be able to do that in a couple of minutes, so if your odometer changer requires something like that, you’ll have nothing to worry about. The problem is that not all of them are so user-friendly and you might have to be invasive and get to your cables for their installation. In that case, you’ll risk damaging your car. With a km stopper, however, you’re always getting a plug-and-play module.

Is this tool the same as mileage blocker Kia?

Kia mileage correction tool is not the same as the Kia mileage blocker. They do both interfere with the odometers one way or another, however, the concept behind them is quite different. As mentioned above, it might be in your best interest to get the kilometer filter.

Kia odometer correction tool is used to rewind the mileage in your car. It can change the “image” of the vehicle immediately. A car that has traveled the whole country a dozen times will show the mileage of the new one. Such devices can easily reverse the speedometer. A mileage blocker, on the other hand, does not roll back the miles – it stops recording them.

This unit could be employed during the testing process. Tools, such as a km filter work with digital odometers and can’t be detected with diagnostic devices. Let’s say you use it to examine the functionalities of your vehicle. You would not want that information to be detectable as someone might think that you utilized it for other reasons, right? That’s what makes a mileage blocker a better, simpler, and more convenient alternative.


Kia mileage correction devices aren’t always invasive, but some models could require soldering the cables. You might be willing to go through that messy process to achieve your goal, however, you can simply turn to the alternatives and avoid all that trouble. You can check the specs of mileage blockers from SuperKilometerFilter and you’ll notice that they all come with plug-and-play modules. The choice is yours – just keep in mind all the information that we discussed above and you’ll be able to select a perfect tool for your car. Remember to use it ethically and enjoy your experience!

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