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Jeep Mileage blocker and other odometer devises

Jeep Mileage blocker device, Speedometer Calibration tool, Can Filter, Odometer Rollback device, etc. Do all those terms seem the same to you? Then keep reading. Most people refer to those terms to each other. Despite the fact that all of them are odometer devices, there is a big difference between them. Sometimes, due to similar terms, individuals mistakenly buy adjustment tools instead of blocker devices, and vice-versa. In order to avoid misunderstanding, it’s better to review and compare them. After the review, you will know what distinguishes Jeep Mileage stopper, from other devices.

Does the Jeep Mileage Stopper reduce mileage data?

This is the first question people ask about the Jeep Meter stopper tool. On the one hand, it doesn’t change existing data on the odometer. However, it avoids counting extra miles while testing its performance. For that reason, we can say that it indirectly reduces the total covered mileage of a vehicle.

The Jeep Odometer stopper was designed specifically for testing and tuning purposes. With the help of the tool, you can stop counting the mileage in a car while testing its performance. Besides the fact that the software is written individually for each model, it has another amazing advantage. No matter whether the digital odometer of your vehicle counts mileage in miles or kilometers, the device works equally efficiently.

Compared to Jeep Mileage correction tools, the odometer stopper device doesn’t change the existing data on the odometer. For some individuals, it seems more convenient to use adjustment tools to reduce the mileage data, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Below we will mention some of them.

Reasons Not to Use Jeep Mileage Adjustment tool

You will hardly find any individual worldwide, who has never dreamed of reducing numbers on the odometer. The will may have many reasons. Everyone knows that manufacturers provide information for each model, for how long they last and how many miles they can cover. Hence, mileage is the indicator of the lifespan of the automobile. For that reason, some drivers who plan to sell a vehicle, use the Jeep Odometer rollback tool to reduce the mileage data. Another, most common reason is to reduce insurance costs.

Remember, no matter the reasons, using adjustment tools for deceitful purposes is illegal. Mileage fraud is prohibited under state laws.

Each automobile has multiple data storage units. When using the Jeep Mileage adjustment tool, you may see reduced numbers on the dashboard. However, it doesn’t mean that the data was changed in all units. For that reason, the rollback is easily detected by a mechanic.

Besides the fact that it’s illegal and easily traceable, correction tools don’t offer a long-term solution. You can decrease mileage data and see desired numbers on the dashboard, however, the numbers might increase spontaneously.

This is just the shortlist of drawbacks that the correction tool may cause. After reading all those details, I guess you want to hear more about the Jeep Mileage blocker.

Specifications of the Jeep Mileage Stopper device

The Jeep Mileage stopper is the best way to avoid counting extra miles. Since you already know what the mileage blocker does, it’s time to dive in a bit deeper and explore further details. Here are the interesting facts that distinguish the tool from others.

User-Friendly – It’s very simple to use for any individual. You can easily plug the module between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster and that’s it.

Legal to use – Since the device is created for tuning purposes, it’s legal to use. You don’t need to worry while using the odometer stopper tool. But remember that using the device is prohibited on the public road.

Untraceable – As you know, it’s totally legal to use the odometer blocker tool. However, many individuals worry about whether it is detectable or not. Since the installation process doesn’t require cutting wires it is impossible to detect. Besides, it doesn’t change any data in the vehicle system, but simply stops counting miles.

Another feature that distinguishes the tool from others is that it maintains the last applied settings. Hence, you don’t have to change the settings before starting a car next time.


All in all, nonetheless there are many different devices on the market, not all of them work properly. Some of them may show desired numbers on the dashboard. However, it may end up creating further headaches and errors. The Jeep Meter stopper is an unchangeable device for avoiding counting extra miles.

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