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Mercedes 2013-2021 Mileage Blocker Only from SuperKilometerFilter

Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage blocker is an innovative module that manufacturers created specifically for the new generation of Mercedes vehicles. You can now use the speed indicator without any interruption. It goes without saying that this software is only available on SuperKilometerFilter. People sometimes mix it up with the Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage correction tool, but these two aren’t the same.

Below you’ll learn everything that you need to know about this wonderful module.

What is the Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage stopper?

Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage stopper is a brand-new module that manufacturers designed specifically for the modern Mercedes Benz cars. It’s a device that stops counting kilometers in motion. In other words, it’s s programmer that can halt the process of recording additional miles.

We shouldn’t forget that this tool isn’t the same as the Mercedes 2013-2021 odometer correction unit. People mainly utilize the latter for odometer tampering as it can reverse the mileage. However, this module can’t make changes in the internal system of your car. This means that a clocked odometer is quite easy to discover if you access the stored data. Plus, mileage adjustment is an unethical and illegal activity.

Unfortunately, people might use the can freezer for fraudulent reasons as well. You see, it offers untraceable performance. Even if you use an OBD scanner, you still won’t be able to detect its operation. Since it stops recording mileage seamlessly, some people activate it on public roads. They do so to lie about mileage for their insurance, sell their vehicle more profitably, or avoid exceeding mileage limits on auto lease.

Either way, you should remember that the Mercedes 2013-2021 odometer blocker is an ethical device as it’s only meant for testing. We don’t recommend activating it on highways or public roads. Simply use it for testing or tuning purposes in a controlled environment.

What’s so different about the Mercedes 2013-2021 odometer blocker?

SuperKilometerFilter created the Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage freezer specifically for the newer Mercedes cars to make sure the speed indicator would work normally. You see, older versions of this module (and current ones from other retailers) interfered with the operation of the speedometer.

Now it’s possible to stop counting KM without interrupting the performance of the speed indicator. You’ll be able to see the real speed and acceleration of your vehicle. This means that The new module is an updated version that delivers even better results.

Which vehicles does the Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage freezer work with?

This brand-new module is suitable for Mercedes S-class (W222), S-Class (C217), E-Class (W212), and C-Class (W205) models that were released during 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. It enables you to drive safely and use the features of your car at the same time. Unlike the mileage adjustment device, the odometer freezer delivers perfect results each time. Not only does it stop recording mileage, but it also saves the last applied settings.

In other words, you won’t have to tweak the settings each time you activate this module. It will continue where you left off.

The most sophisticated solution for the new generation of Mercedes models

Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage stopper is an advanced tool that provides you with the most sophisticated, yet simple solutions. Here are some of its main features:

The speed indicator and cruise control work without any interruption

The newest mileage blocker doesn’t interfere with the speed indicator. You’ll be able to see the speed on the instrument cluster as you normally would. Moreover, you’ll be able to use cruise control while utilizing this module.

The fuel tank level is always accurate

It also displays the fuel tank level accurately. For example, if it says that the tank is almost empty, then it’s time for you to visit the gas station. To put it simply, you can rely on the information you’ll see when it comes to the fuel tank.

You won’t have to cut cables to install this module

The Mercedes 2013-2021 odometer blocker comes with a plug-and-play module. You won’t have to cut any cables for installation. It will deliver a safe operation every time you decide to use it.

Doesn’t create dashes on the odometer

The mileage freezer doesn’t create the dashes on the odometer. Mileage will be displayed as usual – the tool simply won’t count the newer miles. Don’t forget that you should always use the mileage blocker for ethical purposes.

Offers untraceable performance no matter what

Unlike the Mercedes 2013-2021 odometer rollback tool, the mileage blocker stops counting mileage in all control units. As a result, its performance is impossible to trace even with professional equipment. It’s a real game changer for everyone who wants to test their cars in a safe environment.

Final Takeaway

Purchase the Mercedes 2013-2021 mileage blocker only in our online shop. Its amazing features are available to you for an affordable price. Even though it’s steeped with useful capabilities, it still doesn’t cost much compared to other modules on the market. Buy now to access all of its perks!

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